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10 Important Things to Know When Dating a Pisces

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Pisces are compassionate creatures, and I've spent a lot of time getting know people attached to this Zodiac sign. From my experience, there are certain things you should know if you want to make the most of your relationship with a Pisces.

Be sure your first date with your Pisces is a Friday, as this is their lucky day. Show up at their door wearing Pale Green or Turquoise to catch their eye and surprise them with their Magical Birthstone, Aquamarine jewelry. This subtle gesture will magnify their natural occult powers and bring them peace in their minds when they naturally tune in and give you a psychic reading.

When dating a Pisces, you can experience mystical, spiritual, and supernatural relationships. In addition, they are fascinated by books and artistic pursuits and are great listeners that enjoy laughter over harsh negatives.

It is essential always to compliment them on their appearance and remain thoughtful and kind as they will never forget this, and be sure to believe you are Soulmates in no time!

Pisces are compassionate creatures that enjoy romance, good times, and creative thinking. You can surely experience a sensual and charismatic connection while dating a Pisces, if you know these 10 important things.

1. Deep, Profound Emotions

Pisces create a special kind of magic that stems from their ability to absorb images and emotions from their reality and filter these impressions in one dramatic, gorgeous romantic movie. They experience the utmost joy as they imagine happy endings with the best intentions. However, they can often be disappointed when they discover that life is harsher than the sweet story they tell themselves and suffer from depths of sadness more extraordinary than most.

My rising sign and moon placement in the Twelve House of Pisces had me experience deep, profound emotions as I worked to undo past experiences during my Saturn Return. My romantic flame, at the time, knew how to spiritually caress my wounds so that I felt loved when I did not love myself. This experience showed me that Pisces needs an empathetic nurturing partner that is strong and conscious with integrity.

2. Sensitive Feet

The sign of Pisces rules feet, and as a result, they have beautifully shaped feet that are also sensitive and prone to bunions and aches. When dating a Pisces, it would be a plus if you had a little foot fetish, as they will appreciate and reward you massively with their romantic and empathetic love if you massage their feet. They also enjoy stylish, comfortable shoes that show off their newly done pedicure.

Luckily, I never had to massage one of my Pisces friend's feet; however, I have provided a love horoscope for a client dating a Pisces, reassuring him that his Spiritual Partner's uncomfortable shoe collection was the least of their problems. Instead, he should focus on massaging her feet regularly to keep her happy and in love with him.

3. Artistic Storytellers

Imaginative and addicted to fantasies and make-believe, Pisces are intense yet magnetic Artistic Storytellers. You might be in a relationship with a Writer, Poet, musician, or Artist. They can create a world that might initially be delusional to others.

My Pisces Rising Sign has served me well in Astrology and Relationships because I live lucidly and have unrealistic societal visions for my life and future. As a result, I often not only surprise my clients with my Psychic interpretations, but I have also shocked many of my past connections with the life I have created for myself, which seemed impossible to them initially.

4. Sensitive and Vulnerable

Understanding your Pisces partner's sensitivities to external physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual factors can strengthen your bond as you learn to be supportive in their most vulnerable state. For example, they are highly susceptible to alcohol and drugs and can be drawn to unpredictable situations or toxic imbalanced people.

I experienced my Pisces friend go through a challenging time when she was dealing with a misdiagnosed mental illness that only escalated and worsened due to the continuous prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. Everyone was against her, and she needed emotional support and compassion to see her situation through.

5. Gift of Prophecy

Subtle and intuitive, Pisces are born with a gift of prophecy and often are involved in the occult. In this intimate connection with celestial beings, you may often experience your Pisces partner seeing things before they transpire.

My Pisces friend often bumps into me when I am outside of my home. We laugh as our Pisces compatibility connects us because we communicate that we will always encounter each other. His Clairvoyant gifts tell me that he often has a vision of me or a feeling that he will see me today, and so he does.

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6. Incredibly Romantic

Natural swimmers of the Ocean, their ability to flow lucidly in the most exquisite pleasures of their emotions makes them incredibly Romantic. Therefore, Pisces understand first with their hearts and thus require their senses to be touched before forming a committed relationship.

Champagne dinner dates and sunsets to sunrise beach settings will catch these fishies on your fish rod.

My Pisces friend often designs dinners, movie nights or spiritual hikes in the forests and mountains to inspire and reinvigorate our senses and nurture our souls, connecting our hearts and deepening our bond.

7. Illusionists

Magicians and powerful manifesters, Pisces can mirror several illusions projected by your heart's desire. Negative or Positive, they can unveil a confusion within you that stirs deep subconscious emotions until you speak the truth of your soul into existence.

When I was younger, I had a negative dating experience with a Pisces Personality Moon sign that manipulated my subconscious fears and brought them to the surface. However, I admit that the experience awakened my past life limitations and made me stronger and more confident in my voice, inner knowledge, and most genuine expression.

8. Knows How to Keep Secrets

The High Priestess of the zodiac, Pisces, carry divine knowledge inside their soul, which they know how to keep secret if necessary for their protection or self-preservation. Thus, be prepared to talk less and feel more when in a relationship with a Pisces; however, trust your secrets are forever safe with them.

I performed Reiki Healing on a Pisces zodiac sign I had known for several years; we even worked briefly together. I would have never guessed that he had held several deep traumatic childhood wounds until I witnessed it in the Reiki Meditation between us. When I asked him about it, he agreed and mentioned that he tucked it deep inside himself due to shame and grief.

9. Natural Psychic Mediums

Connected to the ethereal realm, Pisces naturally reside between the veils. They have Medium Psychic gifts that are a part of their life and need to be surrounded by relationships that accept them for being able to see shadows and light figures in their vicinity.

One of my spiritual business partners is a Pisces, and she sees blue lights, shadows and orbs in her environment, people, and clients. She tells me that they naturally come and help heal her clients but never communicate with her. They hang out. As a Psychic, this does not affect me, but it does offer me a new perspective on sharing energetic space with her. - Home.

10. Wise Beyond Their Years

Pisces is the Twelve Zodiac, the last of the cycle, and thus the oldest. Therefore, their soul is wise beyond their years, as they have undergone several lifetimes of reincarnations. As a result, a relationship with Pisces can open you to perspectives you may not have thought of and have expansive, enlightening conversations.

My Pisces Compatibility with my Reiki teacher is open-minded. She is eccentric and wise beyond her years, with knowledge and education in Alternative Health, Biochemistry, Medicine, and Spiritual Healing. I trust her guidance and am never disappointed by her opinions on several topics.

Are You Getting Ready to Date a Pisces?

Dating a Pisces can be your life's most sensual, vibrant, turbulent, and emotional experience. Therefore, you must be ready to confront all your deep sensitivities when dating a Pisces, as they will surely bring it out of you.

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What a Psychic reading can reveal about your love life will guide you to be the best partner for the Pisces you care for, and be sure to give you clarity on any magical experience you share with them.

Head and shoulders photograph of Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
Rozalia is a Holistic Health and Spiritual Writer who writes for Top10.com. In addition, she is a professional Spiritual advisor trained in Tarot Divination, Astrology, Reiki Healing, and Dream Analysis. Her background as a Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer allows her to look at the whole Body, Mind and Spiritual Connection.