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Do Soulmates Exist? 10 Powerful Signs to Know if Someone Is Truly Your Soulmate

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"I was lost, and I found myself again, in all of you and all of me"

Soulmates are in our lives to show us meaning. As a psychic, I have realized that soulmates come in all forms as nature presents to us, separately, together, in groups, or individually.

Do you know your soulmate? Here are 10 powerful signs to know if they are.

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1. You Value Each Other’s Independence/Individuality

We come into this world as unique beings with ancient wisdom from the natural world. Trees are just trees, and birds are birds. They accept that and are not trying to be a flower or a lion. We are all different and seek pure love and acceptance.

Authentic and individual, there is no one else like you. Soulmates value each other's independence and uniqueness by being non-judgmental and displaying approval for how one leads their life. 

2. They Meet You in Your Comfort Zone

Just as summer comes and nature gives warmth, peace, and comfort, humans also settle into a nest of security, providing nourishment, healing, routine, and rest. Though beneficial for a while, after some time, this comfort zone can lead to discontentment, boredom, materialism, greed, a poverty mindset, and laziness.

A soulmate shares this time of peace with you but can also appear when you need stimulation and a trigger to push you beyond your comfortable state. You can be sure you've met your soulmate when they share this habitable zone while opening you up and motivating you for more. 

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3. You Share a Deep Friendship

If you find your soul tribe and manifest soulmates that share a deep friendship with you, consider yourself blessed. This soul connection is remarkable as both soulmates share pain, visions, support, and love for one another that is sweet and unconditional.

It often surrounds laughter, honesty, balance, and the magnification of rituals, traditions, habits, and beliefs. These types of soulmates often manifest as sibling support archetypes and, if romantic, share a deep inner child connection. 

4. You Share an Inner Child Connection

Soulmates often manifest into your life to remind you of your inner child. They come with open eyes filled with curiosity. They connect with your playful, innocent, deep longing to disconnect from everyday structure and idealism that puts a damper on fun and creativity.

For this reason, soulmates tend to share the same self-destructive habits of escapism but also have the same, if not similar, interests in sports, activities, creativity, adventure, and play.

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5. You Share Karma From Past Lives

Karma reminds us that our actions have consequences. Whether good or bad, our exchanges with any particular person, situation, or habit create ripple effects throughout the universe.

Soulmates often share good or bad karma from past lives that need to be worked through to learn a specific spiritual lesson. This karma often manifests as a conflict in the mind, tension in the body, and, at times, paralysis when together. This chaos manifests when both soulmates feel the fears of the other, mirroring simultaneously. As both soulmates work through their anxieties, they can manifest greater abundance and prosperity than if alone. 

6. You Share a Spiritual Connection

Soulmates share a strong soul connection that connects them to the depths of their senses. As a result, they are in tune with everyday reality's subtle, lucid energies, seeing beyond what's in the matrix into the hidden realms.

These psychic senses magnify when they are together and can often manifest as synchronicities, such as shared breakthroughs and visions, understanding each other without speaking, angel numbers, connection to birds and nature, and knowing when the other is thinking of them.

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7. You Evolve Together and Change Your Perception

Soulmates often come into your life for a moment, a season, or a lifetime. You can recognize what period your soulmate is in your life by the number of times they meet you after you have transformed. As you evolve, you release an old part of yourself, which sometimes involves soulmates that resonate with your old frequency.

When going through this change, it's normal to isolate as your soul undoes old perceptions and saturates your new truth. As you change your perception and are reborn as the Pheonix, you may find those senior soulmates disappear while others reappear.

8. You Share a Harmonious Partnership

The balance between Yin/Yang, Masculine/Feminine, Fire/Water, and Earth/Air are present in soulmates. This natural balance creates harmony between the two, whether the dynamic is romantic, friendship, family, life partner, or business. Soulmates create perfect alchemy together as they offer each other opposing energies that complement and intertwine, creating harmony.

You can be sure you are connecting with a soulmate when you provide each other with different needs at the right time.

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9. You See Through Illusions Together

It can be challenging to go at it alone, and soulmates share an understanding that provides support, compassion, forgiveness, and strength. 

Soulmates often share similar belief patterns, habits, and stress responses. You know have a soulmate when you both understand and see through the same conceptual illusions as created cultural norms.

10. You Often Meet in the Dream World

As the moon lights up in the midnight sky, it illuminates the elusive realms of our subconscious. We go to sleep and find ourselves waking in a dream reality projecting our deepest emotions, desires, fears, and memories. As we grasp dream yoga, we connect, aware of our vulnerabilities and the naked essence of our souls.

Our soulmates meet us in this lucid realm and touch on the same frequency, sharing each other's deepest fears, longings, and heartfelt emotions. We remember each other here and connect to a knowing that this is our true home; you will find your soul family here.

Do You See Your Soulmate?

Free yourself and face the moment. Your soulmate will come and make you breathe fresh air. This dual balance they bring will be magnetized, filling with laughter, healing, joy, and light as you realize that you are truly blessed to have a soulmate in your life. 

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Head and shoulders photograph of Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
Rozalia is a Holistic Health and Spiritual Writer who writes for Top10.com. In addition, she is a professional Spiritual advisor trained in Tarot Divination, Astrology, Reiki Healing, and Dream Analysis. Her background as a Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer allows her to look at the whole Body, Mind and Spiritual Connection.