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10 Signs Your Soulmate Might Be Thinking About You

Alanna Kali
Signs Your Soulmate Is Thinking About You
It can be incredibly lonely and emotionally painful to be separated from your soulmate, even if it’s only for a short amount of time. It often feels like a piece of you is missing when you’re apart because you’re only whole when your soulmate is nearby. However, separation doesn’t mean the connection has weakened.

Your spiritual connection with your soulmate is always present, and the bond between soulmates transcends time and space. It’s natural to experience your soulmate’s love and feel their energy from afar. And if you have doubts about this, you can always consult a psychic advisor to learn more about the energetic bond between you and your soulmate.

This list will point out the sure signs you’re on your soulmate’s mind, even when you’re not together, so you can be sure the connection is always there.

1. You often have dreams about them

It’s no wonder your soulmate wants to be with you even when asleep, given that many believe the dream realm is an extension of our physical reality. Studies have shown the frequency someone appears in your dreams is an indicator of the level of intimacy you share. So when your soulmate is appearing in your dreams, you can be sure it’s a sign they’re thinking about you and are feeling a sense of closeness.

The events of your dreams can also give you clues into what your soulmate is thinking about you. The best way to remember your dreams is to write them down as soon as you wake up. Make sure to note where you were, how you felt, and what the two of you were doing. Over time, you might even notice patterns developing, revealing more about the special purpose of your relationship.

2. You see repeating numbers

When your soulmate is thinking of you, you’ll often notice small synchronicities that affirm you’re on their mind. One of the most common is seeing repeating numbers. You might always look at the clock at a certain time or see the number as you go about your daily routine. There’s a good chance your soulmate is also seeing it too, connecting you both.

Each repeating number has a different message. For instance, 3:33 means your soulmate is sending you positive energy, while 11:11 is your soulmate saying “I love you”. A great way to decipher these repeating number messages is to consult a California Psychic advisor that specializes in numerology.

 3. You get goosebumps and shivers

Your body is incredibly perceptive to your soulmate’s energy. When they’re thinking about you, your body will respond with sudden goosebumps or even a small shiver. This is the sensation of your soulmate’s spiritual energy moving through you, and it’s called “spiritual chills.” It happens between two people whose souls are intertwined.

This is an indicator you can share energy with each other because of a soul connection. When you notice this happening, it’s the perfect time to send positive feelings to your soulmate. There’s an open connection between you two in that moment, bonding you across the physical distance. It’s also a sign they will be texting or calling you very soon.

 4. You see or hear their name

When you’re in your soulmate’s mind, you’ll notice their name starts popping up constantly. You might read a book or watch a movie where a character has their name. Or, you end up talking to a person with your soulmate’s name. These small signs are reminders of their affections for you.

Sometimes other details of your soulmate’s life will start coincidently showing up for you, such as meeting a person who grew up in the same town they did or is in the same line of work. The Universe is conspiring for your relationship to thrive, so these connections are intended to show that you can trust things are meant to be.

 5. You feel sensations in your stomach

When you get the classic stomach twirl, often referred to as the butterflies, it’s a sign your soulmate just thought about you. This is your intuitive body responding happily to the energy of their thoughts, literally as a gut feeling! This sinking feeling in your stomach, a mixture of nervous energy and excitement, is your physical response to your soulmate’s energy.

You might also notice changes in your eating habits when your soulmate is thinking about you. People respond differently to this sensation; some feel too excited to eat, while others start to crave certain foods, especially ones that their soulmates love. If this feeling makes you curious about what the future holds for you two, a Tarot Reading can help with that.

 6. You get the hiccups or eye twitches

According to Russian folklore, spontaneously getting the hiccups means that someone is thinking about you and desperately missing you. The only way to cure this case of hiccups is for a friend to say the name of everyone who could be thinking about you. The name that makes you stop hiccupping is the person who has you on their mind.

Another old wives’ tale is that a woman's left eye or a man’s right eye will twitch when someone is romantically thinking about them positively. Because the eyes are the window to the soul, this twitch is a reminder of the connection you and your soulmate share.

 7. Your emotions change for no apparent reason

Your soul is closely linked with your soulmate’s, and therefore it’s a common occurrence to feel their emotions as your own. If you’re in a good mood and suddenly feel a sense of apprehension, sadness, or frustration, it is most likely your soulmate’s emotional experience.

When this happens, on an energetic level, your partner is reaching out to you for support and strength. This is why it’s important to not become panicked, concerned, or fearful. The best thing to do is put your hands on your heart and send back loving, calming energy. Envision your soulmate surrounding in positivity and white light. If the emotions are very strong, you can also see instant psychic guidance from a reader at Kasamba about how to best support your soulmate.

 8. You hear songs that remind you of them

Music is the language of the soul, and it’s one of the easiest ways for spirits to communicate with each other. When you’re apart from your soulmate, songs that remind you of them will come on to let you know they are thinking about you. It might be a song from a special memory with them or one that has lyrics that capture your feelings towards each other.

When your soulmate wants to share a message, you might get a song you haven’t heard for a while stuck in your head. This is definitely the case if you wake up with a song stuck in your head. While you were in a receptive dream state, your soulmate and you connected, leading to the song playing to let you know how they feel.

 9. You are sneezing more often

Your chemistry with your soulmate is not only spiritual, there’s also a strong physical connection that bonds you. Studies have shown that fantasies can trigger sneezing. If you start sneezing out of the blue, it’s most likely because your soulmate is stirring your passion by thinking about you.

There’s also a belief in China that sneezing three times in a row is a sign someone is in love with you, and the time of day you sneeze is also said to be linked with a certain message. Ancient Greeks believed sneezes were affirmation that blessings were received, meaning your sneeze is a sign that your soulmate’s loving thoughts of you were successfully shared.

 10. You feel light-hearted and soothed

When you feel light-hearted and soothed, it’s a sign that your soulmate is wrapping you up in love with their thoughts. Their affectionate thoughts about you naturally create calmness, tranquility, and contentment. Sometimes this might even manifest in feeling like you’re receiving a physical hug, even though it’s just their spiritual energy engulfing you.

This reassurance is intended to brighten your day and infuse your spirit with a burst of positivity. You can relax knowing that you’re always connected to your soulmate, even when you’re not in physical proximity. They’re still looking out for you, offering energetic comfort to keep you centered throughout the day.

 A Special Bond

The connection you share with your soulmate will always be affirmed by the Universe through signs and synchronicities. The special bond the two of you share allows spiritual, emotional, and mental energy to constantly be passed back and forth, uniting you as one.

If you are curious about what the future holds for you and your soulmate, consider a psychic reading. Soulmate relationships often have a very special spiritual purpose that a psychic advisor will help you to discover.

Alanna Kali
Other than contributing to Top10.com, Alanna Kali is an astrologer, numerologist, and tarot reader. She currently is editor-in-chief of a psychic book review website called Musing Mystical. Alanna loves reading, spending time in nature, and traveling.