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10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Into Numerology

Alanna Kali
10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Into Numerology
Numerology, the art of finding meaning in numbers, can provide great insight into one’s route to success.

It’s no surprise then that many celebrities believe in the power of numbers as a tool to discover their strengths, gain career focus, and manifest their vision. As this sacred science becomes more popular, more stars are openly sharing the role numerology plays in guiding their lives.

Read on to discover 10 celebrities that are known to dabble in numerology, along with their life path and what it reveals about their career. You’ll even be able to calculate your life path to learn more about your natural skills and guiding motivation for your career

1. Walt Disney

Walt Disney discussed numerology in Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land, which debuted in 1959. Clearly, he was interested in the topic and shared it with his audience. His 1 Life Path led him to be a pioneer of American animation. He single-handedly created the whole new industry and oversaw its success. So many classic movies bear his name and demonstrate his remarkable legacy as an entrepreneur, leader, and out-of-the-box thinker.

Other Celebrity 1 Life Paths: George Lucas, Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, Steve Jobs 

2. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan had one of the most epic NBA careers, and he intentionally used the energy of 23 to bolster his performance. After winning three championships with the Bulls in his number 23 Jersey, he retired. Later, he returned to play with number 45. After just one loss, he switched it back to his lucky 23. His 2 Life Path has given him the ability to be a real team player on the court. He is attuned to the moves of both his teammates and opponents to get himself in the perfect position to score. His all-around talent comes from his willingness to cooperate in order to win for everyone.

Other Celebrity 2 Life Paths: Jennifer Aniston, Emma Watson, Kevin Bacon, Gwyneth Paltrow

3. Madonna

Madonna's journey to fame has been coupled with her serious spiritual study, revealing to her the influence of the master number 11 that guides her path. Her 11 Life Path has given her the ability to be fiercely independent in her expression, while also emotionally attuned to her audience. This gift brings awareness to a new level, as her breakout album and rebellious behavior raised social awareness about a woman’s role in society. She brought balance between men and women by empowering them to break from social expectations and follow their own calling.

Other Celebrity 11 Life Paths: Barack Obama, Tony Blair 

4. David Bowie

David Bowie is rumored to have changed his name from David Robert Jones in order to be more numerologically aligned. His 3 Life Path paved the way for his iconic self-expression and creativity to emerge. Considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, he truly owned his style and dared to express what felt true to him through his music and fashion. He will always be fondly remembered for his dramatic performances and unforgettable charisma.

Other Celebrity 3 Life Paths: John Travolta, Christina Aguilera, Channing Tatum, Kevin Spacey 

5. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is well aware of her numerological destiny to be a master builder, as indicated by her spiritual pursuits and production of Super Soul Sunday on OWN. Her destiny as a 4 Life Path means she knows the value of hard work and has maintained a tenacity to see her vision come to life. She began at the bottom and meticulously made her way to the top through determination and long-term thinking. In time, she’s created an entire empire with her own television network and magazine. She will continue to expand on her well-made foundation for the rest of her life, ranking her as one of America’s richest self-made women.

Other Celebrity 4 Life Paths: Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Kim Kardashian, Frank Sinatra 

6. Beyonce

Beyonce is obsessed with the numerology of the number 4. It is the day both her and her husband Jay-Z were born, and it’s tattooed on both their hands. Plus, she gave her daughter the middle name Ivy, which is the Roman numeral for 4. Her 5 Life Path is one of creativity, change, originality, and freedom. Her career will always be transitioning, and it’s unlikely she’ll ever repeat the same act twice. Beyonce is always craving something new and fresh to dazzle her audiences.

Other Celebrity 5 Life Paths: Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, Angelina Jolie, Stephan Spielberg 

7. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was superstitious and always preferred the number 1 and 7. It is theorized that this is because there are 7 letters in both his first and last name. As a Life Path 6, he used his creative imagination to bring people together in harmony. This life path is all about balance, and he achieved this for others through his pop music that lifted people’s spirits, healing them with sound.

Other Celebrity 6 Life Paths: John Lennon, Stevie Wonder, Goldie Hawn, Bruce Willis 

8. Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher has used numerology to embrace his destiny as a researcher, advocate, and deep thinker. As a Life Path 7, he committed to use his stardom to raise awareness on social problems and change the public consciousness. He’s also a very serious philanthropist and entrepreneur who uses his fame from acting to gain support for his meaningful pursuits intended to create a better world.

Other Celebrity 7 Life Paths: Princess Diana, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe 

9. 50 Cent

Curtis James Jackson III, better known as 50 Cent, has used numerology to create a successful music career and clothing line that reflect creativity, freedom, and variety. His number 8 life path makes him a natural businessman with a vision who is intent on creating an empire. Finances will always be a major focal point in his career. From his stardom to bankruptcy, he’s here to learn how to build and manage his wealth with determination and focus.

Other Celebrity 8 Life Paths: Whoopi Goldberg, Matt Damon, Sandra Bullock, Barbara Streisand 

10. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has openly spoken about her belief in Kabbalah, which has a unique form of numerology. Her number 9 life path drives her spiritual and altruistic pursuits. Her career will always be focused on humanitarian pursuits. She’s not in it for personal glory, but in order to use her fortune to be charitable and improve the lives of others. She hopes to heal the world through her music and charitable influence.

Other Celebrity 9 Life Paths: Bob Marley, Cher, Jim Carrey, Elvis Presley 

How To Calculate Your Life Path

  1. To calculate your life path, first, write out your birthday in digit format. For example, a birthday of June 18th, 1985 would have the following numbers: 06/17/1985
  2. Then add all of those numbers together to get a sum: 0 + 6 + 1 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 5 = 37
  3. Then add those two numbers together: 3 + 7 = 10. 
  4. Then add: 1 + 0 = 1. This person would be a 1 life path.

What Your Life Path Number Means

Life Path 1: Innovator, risk-taker, pioneer, leader

Life Path 2: Connector, harmonizer, peacemaker, mediator, supporter

Life Path 3: Creator, entertainer, communicator, artist, enthusiast

Life Path 4: Hard worker, builder, stabilizer, developer

Life Path 5: Adventurer, explorer, change-maker, freedom-seeker

Life Path 6: Nurturer, justice-seeker, caregiver, visionary

Life Path 7: Truth-seeker, researcher, intellectual, philosopher

Life Path 8: Can-do attitude, financier, business person, authority

Life Path 9: Spiritual seeker, humanitarian, open-hearted, generous 


For those who believe in numerology, it can certainly provide insight into your career path and spiritual purpose. If you want to learn more, consider consulting a professional. This list provides the top online psychic services. Decoding your personal numerological signature is sure to reveal practical insights that can bolster your success.

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Alanna Kali
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