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10 Hollywood Celebrities You Won't Believe Are Consulting Psychics

Alanna Kali
The Hollywood sign on Mount Lee, in the Hollywood Hills.
As glamorous as their lives look, even celebrities need advice from time to time.

The relatively recent resurgence of the intuitive craft has many celebrities seeking insider psychic information. In our information age, celebrities are more often turning to the wisdom of psychic readings to gain guidance on the path ahead and spiritual healing about the past. This article reveals the celebrities who have openly shared the psychic experiences that changed their lives.

1. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has been consulting psychic Ron Bard for nearly 20 years since he met him through ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. During Pitt’s time with Aniston, Bard told him he would meet someone else that would completely change his life; it was later that year he shared with the public his budding relationship with Angelina Jolie and impending divorce to Aniston. Years later, Bard told Pitt in a reading that his relationship with Jolie would not last because he saw another marriage in his future. This devastated Pitt at the time, but he has since divorced Jolie. There's no word yet on who his next wife may be.

2. Princess Diana

Princess Diana turned to psychic Sally Morgan in 1992 for life advice. She was very concerned about whether her son Prince William would become king. Morgan reported feeling an overwhelming sadness within Princess Diana, who also consulted an astrologer about her troubles. During her visits to Morgan, Princess Diana inquired about her deceased father, if she would become queen, and her romantic life, having just divorced Prince Charles. Morgan predicted trouble ahead for Diana. In one of her readings, Morgan saw Diana being pulled from a car and given CPR, as well as a new romance blossoming with a sports star — both of which came true.

3. Jennifer Lopez

Despite her world-renown fame as a singer, Jennifer Lopez had postponed a world tour three times due to conflicts with her acting schedule. Every time a tour was planned, J.Lo received a new acting job that conflicted with the proposed schedule. Over time, she doubted her ability to pull off a tour, until she remembered a reading with a psychic she had in the early 2000s. In this reading, a psychic encouraged her to tour, claiming it would help her grow as a person and bring her to new spiritual heights. Wanting this for herself, J.Lo finally went on her 2012 “Dance Again” tour with much success. In recent years, J.Lo has been consulting psychic Jae Rae, who also works with Stevie Nicks.

4. Lizzo

Famed singer Lizzo was still holding onto grief about the death of her father. She was the last one in her family to find out about his passing because she missed phone calls from her loved ones. Seeking guidance from medium Tyler Henry, Lizzo was overcome with emotion when he mentioned her father regretted the way she found out about his death and was continuing to support her even in his afterlife. According to Lizzo, she still feels his support in all that she does.

5. Chad Michael Murray

When allegations were brought forward against actor Chad Michael Murray’s grandfather for the murder of this wife, the family sought psychic guidance in discerning what happened. Psychic Tyler Henry communicated with Murray’s deceased grandmother, who confirmed her death was her own fault and not that of her husband. This message from beyond was immensely healing to the family and brought the closure they had long sought. Finally, there were no more doubts about the integrity of his grandfather.

6. Kendall Jenner

Not only does Kendall Jenner consult psychics, but she also claims she is one herself. On her website, Jenner describes the uncanny sense of perception she’s had since childhood that has given her access to intuitive information. She even notes that the psychics she’s consulted have verified her claim that she is indeed naturally psychic herself. For Jenner, this psychic insight comes through as gut feelings, which she has learned to follow as she navigates her life.

7. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift had her first encounter with a psychic when she was only twelve years old at a party hosted by her father. During the party, the psychic asserted that the entire world would know her and that she had a bright future ahead of her. Just two years later, Swift signed her first record label, and by 2020 she had won her first of eleven Grammy awards. Swift often credits her success to her intuition, which guides her creative process while song-writing.

8. Bruce Springsteen

At the age of seventeen, Bruce Springsteen was doing street performances on the Asbury Park, New Jersey boardwalk. He often set up right outside the famed Temple of Knowledge, a psychic shop run by Madame Marie, also known as “Gypsy of the Boardwalk.” They developed a relationship and she often performed psychic readings for Springsteen. She proclaimed he’d be successful in his music career, claiming he’d be “the Boss,” a title he took for himself as his fame grew. When she passed in 2008, Springsteen eulogized her and included mention of her in his song “Sandy.”

9. Rebel Wilson

As occasionally happens with psychic readings, the information that came through a reading for Rebel Wilson was intended for her sister. Psychic Tyler Henry picked up that Wilson’s younger sister was going through a rough patch and her struggles would continue for some time. Wilson, who had been concerned about her sister’s well-being, was moved to tears and grateful for the guidance that her sister needed extra love and attention to help her grow beyond her troubles to become who she’s meant to be. Wilson took this reading to heart and has made extra effort to be there for her sister as she overcomes challenges in her life.

10. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is very open about her belief in psychics and eagerly seeks them out for readings. During her pregnancy in 2012, Kim met with psychics for insight into her health in order to have a successful birth. Then in 2016, Kim and her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, had a reading with psychic medium Tyler Henry where they communicated with their deceased father, Robert Kardashian. Kim invited famed psychic Teresa Caputo to her home in 2019 and tweeted about what a wonderful reading she had, though no details were shared. The same year, she also visited a psychic in Bali, who said her fourth child would be a son that was her father reincarnated. More recently, Kim tweeted prophecies from deceased psychic Silvia Brown, which she believes accurately foretold the coronavirus pandemic.


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