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What a Crock Meal Delivery Review 2024

Convenient slow cooker and crockpot meals delivered nationwide

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

What a Crock caters to busy people who value healthy, home-cooked dishes without the hassle of meal planning and prep. It delivers pre-cut ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes right to your door. The menu is also consistently delicious, with a solid assortment of options. However, it may be pricier than cooking from scratch. Despite this minor drawback, the time savings, variety, and quality make What a Crock a worthwhile investment.


  • No recurring subscription required
  • Free and discounted shipping rates available
  • Meals designed by chefs


  • Meals may need extra time to thaw and cook
  • No breakfast options available

What A Crock at a Glance

Editorial Score


Moderate to high affordability with meals priced from $9.89 to $19.98.

Dietary Options

They offer a range of dietary accommodations including gluten-free and low-sodium options.


High flexibility is evident in their order and subscription options. Customers can buy meals a la carte or subscribe with the option to cancel anytime.


The meals seem appealing and varied, which should satisfy a broad customer base.


While they mention packaging, there is limited information about the sustainability of their materials or whether they have any specific environmental initiatives.

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What a Crock at a Glance

What Is What a Crock?

What a Crock is a meal delivery service that provides pre-prepared ingredients and simple recipes for tasty slow cooker and crockpot meals. This company helps save the time spent on grocery shopping and meal planning, which is about 46 minutes per store visit for the average American. It offers a variety of 50+ meal options, including vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, low-cal, and gluten-free, that rotate seasonally and increase monthly.

Simply choose a plan that suits your household size or customize your recipes using the Build Your Own Meal Plan feature. And if you don't know how much food to order, the handy portion calculator can help you figure it out.

The service is popular among people recovering from surgery, moving into a new home, and elderly or disabled individuals who have difficulty cooking. Gift cards are also available from $10 to $500. Additionally, bundles and gift sets, which include multiple dinners and an appetizer or dessert, can feed between one and six people. 

What a Crock Meal Plans

You can choose from four meal plans. The company has considered factors like portion sizes and delivery frequency.

What a Crock's plans are designed to be flexible and convenient, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your lifestyle and dietary preferences. Whether you’re feeding a hungry family or simply looking for an easy way to eat well on your own, there’s a plan to suit your needs.

1-Person Meal Plan

This option gives you three to four mouthwatering dishes each week, carefully crafted to satisfy even the heartiest appetites. These generous portions are perfect for solo diners but can also accommodate two light eaters, like young children. Get ready to transform your regular meals into a restaurant experience with options like “Philly Roast Pork and Broccoli Rabe,” “Beef Stroganoff,” and “White Cheddar Broccoli Mac and Cheese.” 

2-3-Person Meal Plan

The 2-3-Person Meal Plan is perfect for couples looking for romantic dinners at home or small households, offering ample portions to feed two to three individuals. This plan allows you to select the number of weekly delivery days, ranging from two to four, based on your preferences and schedule.

4-6-Person Meal Plan

If you have a larger family or enjoy entertaining guests, the 4-6-Person option is perfect. You can get deliveries ranging from one to four days per week. Whether you're a busy mom looking for gluten-free recipes or throwing a dinner party, this plan has it all. 

Build A Box Meal Plan

This flexible meal plan lets you customize everything to your liking. Choose your portions (anywhere from six to 30), pick your favorite recipes, and decide how often you want them delivered—weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly. It's ideal for busy schedules, specific dietary needs, or a Thanksgiving feast. If you prefer once-off purchases, you can choose anything you want from the menu and select your desired portion size. 

What a Crock Dietary Options and Programs

Whether you're in the mood for beef, chicken, pork, seafood, or even air fryer recipes—there’s something for everyone. Plus, the service has vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, and gluten-free dinners, like “Cheese Ravioli,” “Roasted Red Pepper Florentine,” “Broccoli Alfredo,” and “Au Jus Buttermilk Steak.” You’ll also find hearty soups, sides, dips, and delicious desserts. Some of my favorites include:

  • Homemade Chicken Soup
  • Loaded Potato Soup
  • Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Crabby Mac and Cheese
  • Dirty Rice
  • Parma Rosa Sauce
  • Chocolate Molten Cake

What a Crock provides budget-friendly weekly meal bundles that serve up to six people, including five dinners and an appetizer. Additionally, it offers a nutrition and allergens fact chart that you can download from the website. This gives you an easy way to count calories when you're cooking at home

The menus vary depending on whether you order online or pick up at a store. To explore all your options, check out the shipping section and the selection of dishes available at each branch.

How What a Crock Works

Like most Freshly Alternatives, What a Crock simplifies dinnertime by providing chef-prepared slow cooker recipes. The meals you receive are made from ground zero and only from fresh ingredients. To order, visit the website, choose your desired dishes, and place an order. While there's no minimum purchase, I’d recommend spending at least $50 to receive discounted shipping rates.

What a Crock sends its frozen meals nationwide, carefully packed with dry ice and insulation. Although primarily designed for slow cookers, many of its dishes can also be prepared using an instant pot, air fryer, stovetop, or simply boiling the food in a bag. 

How to Get Started With What a Crock

Place an Order Without a Subscription

  1. Visit the company website and navigate to the “Order Now” page. 
  2. Click on the “Place an order/Shop Now” button. 
  3. Use the left side panel to choose any meal or bundle, like the Crocks Classic or Customer Favorites. You can choose by category or filter your options. For example, Spring Seasonal Menu (category) or no gluten/low sodium (filters). 
  4. Choose your extras, like additional white rice or chicken. 
  5. Add the items to the cart and create an optional account, providing your email address. 
  6. Provide your shipping and payment details.
  7. Complete your order.

Start a Recurring Subscription

  1. Visit the company website and navigate to the “Order Now” page. 
  2. Click on the “Start a recurring subscription/Shop Now” button. 
  3. Choose how many portions you'd like to receive per shipment. You can use the calculator to help you decide. 
  4. Select how often you'd like to receive shipments (weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly shipments). You can also skip a shipment or pause your subscription at any time. 
  5. Pick your dishes. 
  6. Place your order.

Once you’ve submitted an order, the team will prepare and deliver your first shipment within four business days. Subscribers save up to 15% on each delivery compared to one-time orders. Upon signing up, you'll gain access to your personal Customer Portal, where you can modify your meal selections, skip deliveries, apply discount codes, or cancel your subscription.

What a Crock Customer Service

What a Crock's customer service team is there to help you figure out what meals are right for you. You can reach them by phone at 484-474-0451, Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm (EST) and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm (EST). For email support, send inquiries to help@whatacrockmeals.com anytime.

Live chat support is also available directly on the website from 9 am to 5 pm (EST) Monday to Saturday, or you can complete a form on the Contact Us page. Plus, you can access an extensive FAQ section covering topics like Portions/Cooking, Meal Plans, Shipping, Gift Cards, and Pickups. Additional resources include recommended slow cooker sizes, shipping rates and delivery times, and a downloadable menu.

How to Cancel or Pause a What a Crock Subscription

  1. Ensure you have a What a Crock account. If you can't find the emailed invitation, create a new account or log in.
  2. Once logged in, click on "Manage Subscriptions."
  3. Choose "Edit" next to the meal plan you want to cancel.
  4. At the bottom of the page, click the "Cancel Subscription" button.

To resume a canceled meal plan:

  1. Log in to your What a Crock account.
  2. Select "Re-activate" next to the inactive meal plan you want to restart.

Is There a What a Crock App?

Yes, What a Crock offers a mobile app available only on the Google Play Store for Android devices. You can browse the menu, search for meals, view special offers, place orders, select a delivery address, and make payments. 

Some users have reported login issues and want the app to recognize their existing accounts and keep them logged in. Despite these concerns, it provides a convenient way to order meals for various occasions from your phone. 

How Much Does What a Crock Cost?

Meals Per Week
One-Person plan
2-3 Person Plan
4-6 Person Plan
1 Meal
2 Meals
3 Meals
4 Meals

Single Meal Prices

Prices for a single meal range from $3.99 to $12.99. Bundle prices vary based on the number of people being served. A bundle for one person costs $7.85, while bundles for three to six people cost $5.88-$5.44/serving. 

Build A Box Prices

This option starts at $58.99 for a single week. Ordering more dishes reduces the price per meal, making it more affordable to feed a larger family or host a party. Plus, you can get $10 off your first order with the promo code NATINT


What a Crock ships its meals frozen in insulated containers, packaged with sufficient dry ice to keep your food frozen for up to 12 hours after delivery under normal weather conditions. Due to an increased risk of thawing, What a Crock can’t ship orders containing only a single portion of a dish or grill item.

Here’s a breakdown of the company’s shipping rates and delivery times: 

Order Date and Time
Green Areas
Red Areas
All Other States
Monday before 2 pm (EST)
1-2 days
2-3 days
3-5 days
Tuesday before 2 pm (EST)
1-2 days
2-3 days
3-5 days
Wednesday before 2 pm (EST)
1-2 days
2-3 days
3-6 days (between Saturday and Thursday of the following week)
Thursday before 2 pm (EST)
1-4 days (between Friday and Tuesday of the following week)
2-5 days (between Saturday and Wednesday of the following week)
7 days (Thursday of the following week)
Friday, Saturday, or Sunday
Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week
Wednesday or Thursday of the following week
Thursday or Friday of the following week

Optional Add-Ons

Start a Fundraiser 

What a Crock's fundraising program provides a unique opportunity for you to generate ongoing revenue while offering your supporters a convenient way to enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals. The initiative features a rotating menu of chef-crafted dishes shipped directly to supporters' homes. 

You can earn a base profit of 20% on all purchased items, with bonus items earning 30%. The process is simple: you promote the website and encourage supporters to sign up. What a Crock handles the rest, from shipping to promotions. The program is designed to be hassle-free, with no registration, startup, or ongoing fees. Plus, you have 24/7 access to a profit portal to track orders and earnings. 

What A Crock What A Crock Visit Site

Bottom Line

If you're tired of the daily grind of cooking, What a Crock is the meal delivery service for you. A recent survey found that over a third of people feel burnt out by cooking, so it's no wonder folks are looking for an easier way. With its wide selection of tasty, nutritious dishes that cater to all sorts of diets, you're sure to find something you love

The best part? Everything comes pre-prepped and ready to go, so all you have to do is toss it in your slow cooker or crockpot and let it work its magic. No more stressing over meal planning or spending hours in the kitchen. 

Sure, it might cost more than cooking from scratch, but the time you save and the food quality make it worth it. Plus, with flexible plans and delivery options, finding a setup that works for your lifestyle and budget is easy. So, if you're tired of the same old dinner routine and want to simplify your life without sacrificing taste, give What a Crock a try. 

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What A Crock

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