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MamaSezz Meal Delivery Review 2024

Plant-Based Prepared Meal Delivery Service Delivered to Your Door

Markita Lewis, MS, RD

In a Nutshell

MamaSezz is a meal delivery that provides ready-made, plant-based vegan meals. With an a la carte menu and 25 different meal bundles, you have many options to meet your specific plant-based needs. MamaSezz is also great for people with other dietary restrictions. They don’t have the strongest customer service support, but MamaSezz makes it easy to control your subscription experience.


  • Friendly for many dietary restrictions
  • Great variety in available bundles
  • Cost per serving is reasonable


  • May have to supplement meals with additional foods
  • Limited customer service support

MamaSezz MamaSezz Visit Site

MamaSezz Meal Delivery Review

Best For:

  • People needing meals to meet certain dietary restrictions

  • Planning family meals with little prep work

  • People looking to test out plant-based cooking

MamaSezz Meal Plans

Compared to some other plant-based meal delivery services, MamaSezz has a great number of available meal plans.

MamaSezz offers an a la carte bundle where you can choose your meal favorites, six main curated bundles, and a wide variety of Specialty bundles. The bundles provide enough food to eat at every meal for a week, or foods can be stretched to two weeks if mixed with other ingredients.

2-Week Whole Food Plant-Based Detox and Reboot

This plant-based bundle claims to help you unhook from processed foods, increase your energy, lose weight, and reboot your mojo. In this bundle, you will receive two weeks of prepared whole food plant-based meals with daily meal plans, weekly shopping lists and other plant-based pantry recommendations, daily tips and tricks for a plant-based diet, and access to a private Facebook support group.

Protein Bundle

The Protein Bundle contains plant-based takes on familiar comfort foods. All of these meals are high in protein, filled with fiber, and oil-free. Each bundle contains 8 different ready-made plant-based staples that provide 39 servings. Some foods you may receive include BBQ Protein Strips, Walnut Taco Meat, and the Tuna-ish Salad.

Peak Performance Bundle

The Peak Performance Bundle was developed in collaboration with Dr. Jami Dylaney, a board-certified cardiologist and endurance athlete. These meals are curated to build immunity, enhance your exercise performance, and prevent injury. Your curated box comes with 9 ready-made plant-based staples that provide 35 servings. Foods in this bundle can include Aunt Mary’s Chick’n Salad, Hungarian Mushroom Soup, and Mama’s Baked Beans.

Get Me Started Bundle

This bundle is designed for people who are new to plant-based eating and want easy recipes. The initial bundle contains 8 ready-made plant-based staples that provide 37 servings. Future bundles rotate through three combinations of plant-based staples. Some foods you’ll get in your bundle include Millie’s Chili, Ginger Garlic Protein Strips, and Lazy Lasagna.

Guaranteed Weight Loss Bundle

The MamaSezz Guaranteed Weight Loss Bundle is a plant-based meal plan that does not require any calorie counting. Foods on this meal plan include Corn Chowdah, Jerk Lentils, and Breakfast Scramble.

True Surprise Me Bundle

This bundle is only available for customers living in the Northeast US. You can receive a surprise selection of MamaSezz products that provide 8 or more ready-made plant-based staples and over 21 servings per box.

A La Carte Bundle

The Classic A La Carte bundle comes with 24-28 servings of food and has over 45 products to choose from. You can choose which foods to receive and the number of servings per item, as long as it doesn’t exceed 28 total servings.

Specialty Bundles

MamaSezz has a variety of Specialty bundles that are made in collaboration with a number of professionals. At the time of writing, MamaSezz has 19 additional Specialty bundles including the Immunity Boosting Bundle, Mastering Diabetes Meal Bundle, PETA Vegan Bonanza Bundle, American Institute for Cancer Research Bundle, Back to the Root Bundle, and the Festive and Flavorful Mexican Bundle.

How much does MamaSezz cost?

Each MamaSezz curated or Specialty bundle costs $169/week, except for the True Surprise Me Bundle, which costs $89 per week. The bundles typically come with 8-10 different items that amount to 35-39 servings total. When you do the math, each serving costs between $4.23 to $4.82/serving.

If you choose the A La Carte Bundle, you’ll receive items that amount to 28 servings per week, or approximately $6-7 per serving.

Subscriptions are not required for MamaSezz – you can choose to do a one-time order if you’d like. The default on most Bundles is delivery every two weeks, but this can be changed per your preference.

Because MamaSezz products are often meant to be combined with other vegetables and foods from home, your overall grocery costs for using the meal delivery service may be more expensive.

Price Per Serving
Price Per Week

Most Curated and Specialty Bundles

8-10 items providing 35-39 servings/week




True Surprise Me

8-10 items providing 21+ servings/week




A La Carte Bundle

8-10 items providing 24-28 servings/week




How Does MamaSezz Work?


The sign-up experience for MamaSezz is quite simple. The website allows you to select menu items a la carte or choose a bundle.

Each bundle page will give you an overview of the bundle’s benefits, what’s in your bundle, FAQs, and reviews of the product.

You can choose the frequency of your meals – weekly, every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks, monthly, or a one-time purchase.

Once you’ve chosen your bundle and frequency of delivery, you can place your order then wait for it to arrive.

Personalize your MamaSezz experience by selecting menu items a la carte or by choosing a bundle.

For the a la carte section, you can choose from 45 different plant-based staples and meals to make your bundle. Items can be filtered by servings for easier browsing. There are no special combinations of foods required – you only need not exceed the maximum of 28 servings.

The curated and Specialty bundles offer a great variety of options for flavor and dietary needs. You can choose bundles geared towards athletes, medical conditions, weight loss, SOS-free (salt, oil, sugar-free), chef-created bundles, and more.

MamaSezz does not allow customization of recipes in the dishes they provide, but they do allow up to two substitutions per bundle.

For substitutions, simply write what items you want to be swapped in the “Notes” section of your cart, and the swaps should be made with items that are of the same a la carte price.

You can also contact the MamaSezz support team if you need additional help with making substitutions for a meal.

Cooking instructions/Recipe cards 

Every product you’ll receive from MamaSezz is 100% prepared ahead of time for you. This means no cutting, chopping, or other complicated culinary techniques to prepare your included items.

All foods come with easy instructions and can be reheated in the oven, on a stove-top, or in the microwave.

Some of the products available through MamaSezz are plant-based staples instead of complete meals. You can combine MamaSezz products to make different meals.

MamaSezz includes a shopping list of plant-based foods that can complement the foods in your bundle. In addition to this, your order will come with easy meal-plan suggestions and kitchen tips to make the most out of your meal delivery.


You can add up to three side options to add to your bundle. These options include The All Day (Not-A-Cookie), Mama Nellie’s Rice Pudding, and Cacao Maca Magic Superfood Mix.

Their website is always featuring new bundles that have unique recipes or combinations. MamaSezz even has a Holiday Specialty bundle to make holidays simple. 

MamaSezz Dietary Options

All MamaSezz meals are vegan-friendly, meaning they are meat-free, egg-free, and dairy-free. 

Their meals are made with non-GMO ingredients and are free from oil, refined sugar, and preservatives. Some meals from MamaSezz are even salt-free, which is great for people who need to reduce their salt intake.

For people with allergies, all of their meals are peanut-free, gluten-free, and wheat-free, and are sometimes free of soy and sesame.

MamaSezz Packaging, Shipping and Delivery

MamaSezz is available nationwide and offers free shipping through FedEx delivery. Orders must be made by Sunday at 8 PM Eastern prior to your order shipping to arrive that week.

Deliveries are shipped from their Keene kitchen on Wednesday and delivered to your door on Thursday or Friday. It’s not necessary for you to be at home at the time of delivery.

According to the official website, MamaSezz meals are packaged in eco-friendly materials and packed with ice to keep foods cool and fresh for up to 3 days from shipment. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much additional information about exactly what items were used in their packaging.

To make recycling easier, MamaSezz will do the recycling for you!

When you’re ready to recycle, place all of your empty packaging and shipping materials into the original box. All MamaSezz boxes come with a return shipping label for free FedEx pick-up, so all you have to do is schedule your pick-up and MamaSezz will handle it from there.

MamaSezz App

MamaSezz does not have an app available. All purchases must be made through the official website.

MamaSezz Customer Service

MamaSezz has some limitations in its customer service offerings compared to other meal delivery services.

Hours of Operation

There are no defined hours of operation for MamaSezz on their website.

Methods of Contact

MamaSezz can best be contacted through email at heartbeetgang@mamasezz.com.

The company also has an online chat feature on its website. The live chat feature is stated to be available Monday and Tuesday from 1 PM to 4PM Eastern Time and on Wednesday through Saturday from 12 PM to 8 PM Eastern Time.

While writing this article, however, I checked the chat function during the reported available times and the chat representative was not online. You may be better off emailing MamaSezz if you have any concerns.


Refunds are guaranteed if your products were damaged during shipping. Refunds for other reasons are not guaranteed by MamaSezz.

FAQ & Help Center

MamaSezz has a small FAQ that answers questions about the company, nutritional information, shipping & delivery, subscriptions, food storage, and customer support. Several bundles will have small FAQs to answer common customer questions.

MamaSezz Blog

The MamaSezz website features a blog that covers how-tos, nutrition and health information, recipes, kitchen hacks, and testimonials.

How to Cancel or Pause MamaSezz

You can pause, cancel, or deactivate your subscription online through your MamaSezz account. Cancellations must be made by Sunday at 8 PM EST prior to your order shipping.

It’s not necessary to get a subscription in order to use the MamaSezz meal delivery service. When choosing your bundle, you can select “One-time Purchase” in place of choosing a subscription.

How Does MamaSezz Compare to other Meal Delivery Providers?

MamaSezz is a 100% plant-based meal delivery service that offers great variety and can be enjoyed by households instead of providing only single-serving meals.

Dietary Restrictions Catered To
Vegan, Gluten-Free, Peanut-Free, Oil-Free, Non-GMO, Sesame-Free, Soy-Free, Salt-Free
Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Kosher, Nut-Free
Vegetarian, Carb-Restricted, Diabetes-FriendlyLow-Calorie
Gluten-free, Low-Carb, Low-Calorie, Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy-Free, Allergies
Number of meal plans
Amount of prep work required
Up to 15 minutes reheating in oven
30 min or less in oven
2-3 minutes
10-15 minutes
Eco-friendly boxes and materials can be returned to MamaSezz for recycling
Recyclable carton trays, BPA-free plastic pouches, starch insulation, box w/ dry ice
Styrofoam and recyclable plastic
Go-Green plastic containers
Delivers on promises (e.g., 15 minutes to cook)

MamaSezz vs Veestro

Veestro is another plant-based meal delivery service that has heat-and-serve food, but all meals are frozen and single-serving. It can be a great option for people on the go. MamaSezz is better for families looking for fresh plant-based foods that are quick to cook and add to meals. Veestro meals are also a bit pricier than MamaSezz per serving.

MamaSezz vs Diet-to-Go

Both meal delivery services offer variety in their own way – MamaSezz has many bundles available, while Diet-to-Go has an extensive recipe bank and 5-week rotating menu. Diet-to-Go stands out by having a keto-friendly meal plan and meals that don’t require additions. However, MamaSezz is a clear winner for people looking for fresh, plant-based foods.

MamaSezz vs Freshly

MamaSezz is 100% plant-based and vegan, while Freshly offers both plant-based and meat options. MamaSezz plant-based staples are meant for multiple servings. Freshly, however, only has single-portioned meals. Both meal delivery services offer a variety of foods for different tastes, dietary needs, and lifestyles.

MamaSezz MamaSezz Visit Site

Bottom Line

MamaSezz is best for people who are either already eating plant-based or interested in trying a plant-based diet. With the great variety of items at an affordable price, this plant-based meal delivery service is worth trying.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is MamaSezz Vegan?+-

MamaSezz is 100% vegan and is only made with plant-based whole foods.

Is MamaSezz good for people with allergies?+-

MamaSezz foods are made in a facility that makes items with tree nuts and soy, but their meals exclude many major allergens. All MamaSezz meals are meat-free, egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, and peanut-free. Some meals are free of soy and sesame.

Is MamaSezz organic?+-

MamaSezz is not a 100% organic meal delivery service, but they use certified organic ingredients from their suppliers and local farmers when possible.

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