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Top 5 AncestryDNA Alternatives to Learn More About Your Genealogy

Margaret Etudo
Man using swab test for DNA testing.
Since its launch in 2012, AncestryDNA has become one of the top DNA testing companies in the US and the world, providing specific and never-before-seen information about people's roots. However, if you want to account for cost and accurate family trees, you may want to consider other options.

AncestryDNA has a powerful matching feature, making it sometimes a bit overwhelming to sort through all the information it offers.

So, in this article, we discuss 5 of these AncestryDNA alternatives to help you learn more about your genealogy, highlighting their features and who they are best for.

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A Quick Look at Our Top AncestryDNA Alternatives in 2024

MyHeritage DNA - Best for finding distant relatives

LivingDNA - Best for deep ancestry research

OneGreatFamily - Best for tracing ancestral trees

Findmypast - Best for researching ancestors

Legacy Tree - Best for uncovering information about family genealogy

Breaking Down Our Top Picks for the Best AncestryDNA Alternatives

MyHeritage DNA

A genealogical platform for research on ethnicity and ancestry

Best for: Finding distant relatives and revealing ethnic background

Starting price: 14-day free trial, ~$7.42 p/m charged at $89 annually

MyHeritage DNA is a genealogical platform that helps you find distant relatives and stands out for its ability to trace a family's roots through autosomal DNA tests. It works based on proofs that show that you can determine your ancestry using DNA samples.

Most African-Americans wonder about their roots because they likely have ancestors from different parts of Africa. If this sounds like you, you can use MyHeritage DNA to accurately research your African American roots and help you connect with distant relatives worldwide with the results. If finding distant relatives is most important to you in a DNA test kit, then you should try these MyHeritage alternatives.


  • Simple and easy-to-understand results
  • Extensive family tree software and resources
  • Import functionality from other DNA services
  • Online genealogical tools


  • Complicated sample collection process
  • Expensive services after the first year
  • Primary focus on Asian and African heritage

MyHeritage DNA MyHeritage DNA Get Your Kit


A DNA testing company that focuses on DNA analysis and ancestral research

Best for: Finding information about your family's history and well-being

Starting price: No free trial, from $119 for a starter kit

As one of the cheapest DNA testing kits, LivingDNA conducts laser-focused and tailored research into your ancestry, using autosomal DNA testing for genealogical research.

In addition to offering ancestral reports in different biogeographical zones, LivingDNA also provides family tree-building features to help you connect with DNA relatives. This process takes on average about 6-8 weeks (at most, 12 weeks), after which you can track your results online through your LivingDNA account.


  • Simple and easy-to-follow instructions
  • Information about your ancestors' biogeographical migrations
  • Wide biogeographical zone coverage
  • Reasonably priced


  • No trial period
  • Up to 12-week DNA profiling period
  • Vague DNA data-sharing policy

Living DNA Living DNA Get Your Kit

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An online family tree builder for organizing family history

Best for: Building accurate family tree builders and tracing ancestry trees

Starting price: 7-day free trial, from $14.95 monthly

With over 190 million ancestors' names in its database, OneGreatFamily is one of the best family tree builders. It is also the world's largest family tree. With OneGreatFamily, you'll get accurate results when tracing your ancestral roots.

Although they only give you genealogical information about your ancestral roots, it's still a reliable family tree guide to genetic genealogy. It creates a giant family tree by merging yours with other existing family trees on the platform. DNA matching is the primary basis for this process. This way, you can connect with DNA relatives on the platform.


  • Millions of extensive records on its database
  • Online family tree builder
  • Helpful video tutorials for navigating the platform
  • Simple yet unique tree-matching concept


  • Waiting times for updates to family trees to reflect
  • Manual adding of new research information
  • Old user interface

OneGreatFamily OneGreatFamily Get Your Kit


UK-based online genealogy service for tracing ancestry

Best for: Conducting ancestral research and finding long-lost relatives

Starting price: 14-day free trial, from $14.95 monthly

Findmypast is an online genealogy research platform that centers on the British and Irish populations. It has over 2 billion digitized ancestral records and is one the best platforms for researching ancestors and long-lost relatives. It uses the 1921 census report and the birth, death, and marriage index to provide information about past relatives.

Findmypast is perfect for DIY genealogical research, and if you're interested in tracing your genealogy using the census, they provide all the necessary resources. The best part is that you can also build a family tree using free resources on the site while you research.


  • Over 8 million records available on the database
  • Provides lifetime support
  • Records date back over a century (the 1900s)
  • Newspapers, articles, and documents for further research


  • Centers only on British, American, and Irish families
  • No genetic testing
  • Confusing to navigate the platform

Findmypast Findmypast Get Your Kit

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Legacy Tree

A team of genealogical researchers focusing on family histories

Best for: Uncovering information about family history

Starting price: $1,200-$10,800

Unlike the others, Legacy Tree is a team of expert genealogists researching your family history using your DNA test results. Due to the quality of service they provide, they own the record of being one of the highest-rated research companies around.

They have access to the world's largest family history library. So they match your DNA test results with existing data in this library to uncover your family's past. In addition, Legacy Tree personalizes and tailors the research process to your family, improving the results' accuracy.


  • Tailored research for best results
  • Simple reports


  • Not reasonably priced
  • No available DIY tool

Legacy Tree Genealogist Legacy Tree Genealogist Get Your Kit

Why Choose These Alternatives Over AncestryDNA?

Aside from its complex database and overwhelming matching features, there are a few other reasons to choose these alternatives over AncestryDNA.

For Enhanced Family Tree Builders

Although AncestryDNA's family tree builder is free, you can only add ancestors you know, making it limited for genealogical research. Whereas with alternatives like OneGreatFamily, you can better build a family tree connecting you with DNA relatives.

For In-Depth Ethnicity Research

AncestryDNA offers extensive family-matching features. However, AncestryDNA only conducts autosomal DNA tests, so you cannot use it for in-depth ethnicity research. Other companies like LivingDNA take it further with autosomal mtDNA and Y-DNA tests, which are resourceful for ethnicity research.

For Finding Past Relatives

Although AncestryDNA has features to help you find ancestors, sometimes results are vague. Alternatives like Findmypast help you find past relatives down to their addresses instead of limiting your search to towns.

Bottom Line: Our Best Ancestry Alternatives

AncestryDNA is resourceful and one of the market's best DNA tests for genealogical research. However, you may want to seek other alternatives for better and more streamlined results.

So, Legacy Tree is your best bet if you want more personalized results. Also, choosing MyHeritage DNA is advisable if you're African American, while LivingDNA works great for the British population.

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