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Top 5 MyHeritage Alternatives to Help You Find Distant Relatives

Margaret Etudo
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Genealogy and ancestry research has become pretty popular and (thankfully!) more accessible with websites and apps that build family trees. A good one like MyHeritage is known for its accuracy. But if you don’t have access to this particular app or it falls short of what you need, what’s next?

Genealogy tracing with MyHeritage uses autosomal DNA testing to find your closest relatives. It analyzes your genetic makeup and compares it with millions of others in its database. For years, it has provided accurate results, but it is not without fault.

Although MyHeritage gives you access to different data in your ancestry, it is pricey and susceptible to data leaks. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to consider other safer, cheaper options that are just as good as MyHeritage.

A Quick Look at the Best MyHeritage Alternatives

AncestryDNA - Best for finding DNA relatives

LivingDNA - Best for ancestry research in a biogeographical zone

OneGreatFamily - Best for building accurate family trees

Findmypast - Best for finding information about long-lost relatives

Legacy Tree - Best for discovering family histories

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Our Top Picks for the Best MyHeritage Alternatives

1. AncestryDNA

Online genealogical website for finding and connecting with relatives quickly

Best for: Learning about your ethnic heritage and finding unknown relatives

Starting price: Membership from $24.99 per month

Results in: About 6-8 weeks

AncestryDNA is an online genealogy platform that has stood out for its accuracy in connecting DNA and unknown relatives. With a vast database of over 20 million records and more than 10 million members, it provides accurate information if you’re looking to do deep ethnic research about your family.

This app requires you to take a genetic test which will help you learn about your genetic makeup and works with the principle that ancestry is embedded in our genes. Ancestry DNA follows standard genetic testing procedures. So, you’ll need to send a saliva sample, which they will match with millions of records on their database. Afterward, they will return detailed information about you.

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  • Extensive collection of online records
  • Free shipping
  • Vast database
  • Provides easy-to-understand and updated information


  • Assessing family tree library is expensive
  • Unable to upload data from other genealogy websites
  • Matching feature can be overwhelming

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2. LivingDNA

A DNA testing platform that offers biogeographical ancestry tests

Best for: Finding your ancestral roots and information about your family history

Starting price: $79 starter kit

Results in: 6-8 weeks

Geographic ancestry tracing can be one of the most complex forms of genealogical research, but LivingDNA takes it to another level. It sends you into the past and helps you find your ancestral roots by matching your DNA with other family networks on its platform. So, if you’re curious about your roots and wonder if you’re multiracial, LivingDNA provides unrivaled information about your roots.

Like AncestryDNA, LivingDNA also requires you to take a DNA test, and they provide services to help determine how your ancestry affects your health, making it an all-in-one package.

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  • Reasonably priced
  • Broad coverage of 150+ geographic regions
  • Wellbeing test gives tips for a better lifestyle
  • Provides an extensive geographical report


  • It takes about 12 weeks to get a comprehensive DNA profile
  • Wellbeing tests do not report disease risks
  • Does not match with genetic relatives

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3. OneGreatFamily

An online family tree builder for finding information about ancestors

Best for: Building accurate family trees and researching family histories

Starting price: From $14.95 per month

OneGreatFamily is one of the best family tree builders that helps you build your family tree as more people on the platform share details about theirs. It has over 190 million ancestors’ names, including specific information about them in its databases.

For this reason, it is known as “the most technologically-advanced online records management software tool.” Its mission is to create a link between closely related people who share the same ancestors. OneGreatFamily helps to trace your roots by creating an online family tree. In addition, it also helps with relevant historical information about your ancestors.

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  • Amazing tree-matching concept
  • Family tree updates over time
  • Discounts for long-term users
  • Tutorials and guides for easy navigation


  • Old user interface
  • New DNA discoveries can only be added manually

OneGreatFamily OneGreatFamily Get Your Kit

4. Findmypast

A UK-based online genealogy platform used to trace your ancestry

Best for: Finding long-lost relatives

Starting price: Free trial, subscription from $14.95 monthly

Results in: 4 weeks

Findmypast is a genealogical website that helps you trace your ancestry roots, find relevant information about your ancestors, and build a family tree. They use birth records and census data from 1921 to find ancestors and help you get a complete picture of how their lives went.

Findmypast provides all the resources you’ll need to trace your family history. The best part is that you can import search results from other sites through a GEDCOM file, making it perfect for DIY genealogical research.

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  • Vast database of over 8 million records
  • Live support
  • Records date back to the 1900s
  • Extensive documents, newspapers, and articles


  • No tutorials or guides to navigate the platform
  • Limited to British, North American, and Irish families

Findmypast Findmypast Get Your Kit

5. Legacy Tree

A team of genealogists that offer research services into family histories

Best for: Learning about family histories

Starting price: From $1,200

Results in: 4-6 months

As one of the highest-rated research companies, Legacy Tree employs the expertise of genealogy experts to research your family history using DNA test results. In addition, this company has access to the world’s largest family history library and provides a detailed analysis of your roots.

Due to the quality of the researchers on their team, Legacy Tree produces very accurate results and provides a personalized research process to find information about your family. Although expensive, it bases its research on your genetic makeup instead of generalized online information. They also help you build your family tree.

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  • Personalized research by professionals
  • Able to tailor your research goal
  • Simple, easy-to-read reports


  • Very expensive compared to competitors
  • No available DIY tools

Legacy Tree Genealogist Legacy Tree Genealogist Get Your Kit

Why Choose These Alternatives Over MyHeritage?

MyHeritage is great but falls short of important features and benefits. Here are a few reasons you may be better off choosing these alternatives over MyHeritage.

Extensive DNA Records

Although MyHeritage provides great features for genealogical research, most of these alternatives have an extensive DNA record in their database. This means they will likely give more accurate results with a wider range of matches.

Health and Wellness Reports

MyHeritage provides DNA test results but doesn’t interpret these results in terms of health and wellness. You can use LivingDNA to find ways to improve your lifestyle in terms of better nutrition and optimal exercise routines.

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Geographic Coverage

MyHeritage provides less geographic coverage, and you cannot use it for wider genealogical research. Unlike these alternatives, the MyHeritage app cannot be used to trace ancestors who may have traveled between countries. Therefore, you’ll be getting limited results.

The Best MyHeritage Alternatives for Finding Distant Relatives

MyHeritage alternatives have better and distinct benefits at little to no cost. A few of them offer free accounts with better benefits. If you’re looking for a company to help you find distant relatives, AncestryDNA, LivingDNA, Findmypast, and OneGreatFamily would be great choices. Legacy Tree would be even better if you want more personalized results.

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