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SmartSites Review

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

With more than 175 Google Review customers calling them a perfect client, and a stellar top place rating on Best Firms, Smart Sites’ marketing sets the bar of expectations pretty high. And when it comes to delivering work to clients, they really don’t disappoint. The team develops lighting fast websites and providers users with the analytics firepower they need to make intelligent optimizations.


  • Top Hubspot and Google partner
  • Analytics on all website builds
  • More than 100 testimonials available


  • Optimizations require lots of budget
  • No international offices

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Smart Sites at a Glance

Price: Information websites from $10,000

Service type: Website design, PPC, SEO

Turnaround time: From 60 days

Customization level: Users provide a full spec and request edits

Mobile responsive sites: Yes, responsive sites

Smart Sites Web Design Examples

Smart Sites has built up an impressive portfolio of website design projects spanning the following categories:

  • Home services
  • Medical
  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Industrial
  • Local Businesses

Users can browse through their online selection to see the type of designs that they have perfected for clients.

Smart Sites website designs
Smart Sites website designs
Smart Sites website designs

What Services and Features Does Smart Sites Offer 

Smart Sites has certain design priorities when it comes to designing customer websites. 

Responsive Themes 

Smart Sites specializes in designing responsive websites that have the same look and feel whether the user is accessing them from desktop, tablet, or mobile. Designing responsive websites is a sure fire way to ensure that customers receive a consistent browsing experience irrespective of whether they're accessing the site on the road or in their office or at home.

Lightning Fast Loading Times

Nothing is more likely to turn users off the idea of coming back to your site than slow loading times. Smart Sites’ design team optimizes all websites for speed and makes sure that websites achieve a good score in the Google Page Speed metric.

The CMS Of Your Choice

These days setting up a web presence does not require that you need to learn a single line of coding. Smart Sites can design websites with the content management system (CMS) of users’ choosing. The team has experience in building WordPress sites for blogging and regular commercial websites and Magento sites for those that require Ecommerce capabilities. 

Track Your Visitors

Not quite sure who's coming and going to your website? Accurate measurement is the bedrock of achieving growth. Smart Sites’ team can integrate a tracking script such as Google Analytics throughout a user's website thereby allowing them to receive real-time accurate information about visitor engagement and unique traffic throughput.

Search Optimized

In order to help clients’ websites rank on Google, Smart Sites’ design team bleeds its SEO expertise into every project that it works on. Smart Sites designs are optimized for ranking and search performance on Google and other search engines 

Prices, Plans and Value for Money 

Smart Sites design plans all include unlimited revisions until the beginning of the coding phase allowing customers the ability to work with the team until they are satisfied with the finished product. Additionally, users that want to retain the agency’s services for more than design work can look at the agency’s SEO and PPC plans which are designed to help webmasters who want to dedicate long term attention to both, to achieve the best possible results.

Additionally the team includes 3 months of site maintenance after the site is launched into its pricing structure. Once clients have paid for a designed website, they assume full ownership of it.

Site Type
Approximate Build Time
Price (starting from)
Informational (general sites)
Often Wordpress
60 to 90 days
Ecommerce sites
4 to 6 months

Ease of Use 

Signing up as a Smart Sites customer is a straightforward process. The agency’s design team is used to working with prospective website owners to take their design visions and make them into pixel perfect realities. Additionally, the team allows users to have unlimited revisions up until the commencing of the coding phase. This allows teams that want to spend extra time wireframing and working on design concepts the luxury of knowing that time hasn’t started ticking on their projects yet. 

The Smart Sites team is also used to building websites that run on popular and user-friendly CMSs like Wordpress and Magento. As these website management tools are widely adopted, it’s easy for users to obtain the knowledge necessary to manage their websites effectively on their own. But if they don’t, the agency offers an additional long term support package. 

What People Say About Smart Sites

“Smartsites has been incredibly responsive and really cares about the final product. Most companies take a while to respond after you pay them. SmartSites has continually responded to me quickly and delivers on timelines and budget, too.”

Zachary W. Lezberg, CEO

The Small Business Expo

“SmartSites is knowledge, understanding of your market and exceeds expectations. They are more than just a website company, let them show you how they can drive you more business!”

Alexander Rubinov, Dentist / Owner

“SmartSites just completed work on our new site and I quite literally could not be happier about the entire experience. From the first phone call through our continued work together they’ve exceeded my expectations..”

Ilan Fulop, Manager, Rockville Interiors

SmartSites SmartSites Visit Site

Smart Sites FAQs

Can the Smart Sites team help with content writing?

Yes, the team can help with content writing for those that don’t have the capability in house.

How many websites has the Smart Sites team worked on?

To date, more than 900 websites.

Are there any statistics about how much revenue Smart Sites has made for its clients?

Smart Sites says that the websites it has built have generated more than $100M in revenue for its clients. 

Bottom Line

Smart Sites is an agile website design agency that also has competencies in PPC, SEO and content writing. Users get unlimited revisions up until the coding phase begins, and those looking to have informational sites developed can expect to get a finished production on the internet within 90 days.

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