Your Complete Guide to Medicinal Readings

Rebecca Wojno
Medicinal Readings
There’s a time and a place for western, eastern, holistic, and spiritual approaches to mental and physical well-being. While shamanic healers and psychics have roots beginning from before the middle ages, more and more people are beginning to experiment with alternative forms of healing.

In these uncertain times, it can help to supplement our established health practices with a spiritual component. If you’re looking to explore a more spiritual path toward mind and body alignment, you might want to seek guidance from healers and spiritual psychics for medical readings. Readers work on everything from energy realignment to depression, and they help patients better cope with pain and recover from illnesses. Below, you'll find our complete guide to medicine readings.

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What Are Medicine Readings?

A medicinal reading is a type of psychic reading in which a “medical intuitive” analyzes your internal states to assess your emotional, spiritual, and physical energies. By tapping into your energy, they can focus on a plan for healing. 

It’s important to note that medicine readings should never be used as a substitute for your established medical practices. Instead, they can be a helpful supplement that adds an energetic component to your physical well-being. In fact, medical intuitives may work alongside physicians to help illuminate problematic areas in your life.

Can We Access Sessions Online?

You don’t need to travel to Bali to access some of the world’s best spiritual psychics. Many offer their services through Skype sessions, online training, or conferences. Keen, which is one of the best psychic websites, for instance, can connect you to thousands of psychics, all of whom specialize in different spiritual areas. Spiritual therapy cannot substitute for medical treatment, but it certainly may help supplement the care you're currently receiving. 

So What Do Healers And Spiritual Psychics Do?

Medical intuitives, healers, and psychics all share one set of skills: they’re able to read a person’s energy, gain insight into potential problem areas, and guide you through the healing process. There's a wide range of different techniques used in energy healing, but they all serve the same purpose. A reputable healer should remove spiritual and energetic blockages to clear and balance your energy. Healers can address and treat a variety of ailments, including stress, infertility, autoimmune disorders, and insomnia. However, patients must be willing to keep an open mind throughout the process. 

While healers can address physical and mental blockages, they focus mainly on matters of the spirit. For example, they might help you tackle the fear of the unknown, heal from depression, improve your personal relationships, and better reach your full potential. Spiritual treatment, while ‘unorthodox’ in western society, may include chakra realignment, spiritual cleansing, and energy movement. 

Healers and spiritual psychics often provide ongoing support for spiritual and physical health. Throughout the sessions, patients may learn tools for stopping negative patterns, reaching new levels of self-empowerment, and uniting the mind, body, and spirit.

Are Healers and Psychics Able to Diagnose Or Treat Mental Illness?

No reliable healer or psychic will suggest foregoing your necessary or pre-established modes of mental health support. What they will do is provide you with different ways to cope with trauma and pain depending on your medical history and diagnosis. Tarot card readings, for example, may help patients reflect on painful memories and bring focus on the present moment. 

Can a Psychic Heal My Anxiety? 

You won’t receive a magic pill to rid you of your symptoms or cure your disease, but you may learn how to better keep your energy and spirit aligned. Studies have only begun to explore the effects of non-traditional medicines on our physical and mental well-being. So the best approach is to follow your health care provider’s instructions while supplementing them with the spiritual or psychic practices, which have great potential to give you more clarity and centeredness. Healers and psychics may offer breathing techniques, energy work, and meditations to help you on your path towards contentment. 

Medicinal Readings: Another Avenue for Wellness and Contentment

Though still considered ‘unconventional’ by many, medicine readings are becoming more and more popular outside of new age circles. During the uncertain days of coronavirus and social distancing, many are integrating spiritual practices into their normal health routines in order to cope and find their center. To find a healer, you'll want to do your research. You should consider asking for a recommendation from a holistic doctor or another trusted source. Once you make an appointment for a reading, keep an open mind and take everything you can from the experience. Finally, don't forget, healers may give you the tools to help you realign your energy, but it’s up to you to be on top of your health and make the necessary changes in your life. 

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