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June Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

Alanna Kali
June 2022 Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign
By the end of June, the year will be halfway over! The astrology for this month prompts a check-in to see how we’re coming along with our resolutions for this year.

Whether you’ve drifted from your original plans towards more aligned pursuits or are steadily making progress in the intentions you’ve set, this is a time to acknowledge how 2022 has panned out so far and calibrate what you hope to achieve in the next six months.

The Sagittarius Full Moon on June 14th will reveal the big picture for the future and bring a boost of optimism about what comes next. Then the Cancer New Moon on June 28th will help to fine-tune your emotional sensitivity to ensure you are making decisions based on the connection between heart and head, combining your feelings and logic. 

Overall, June will help to soothe the chaotic energy unleashed during the eclipse season in May, but if you’re still feeling a bit jolted by sudden changes and unforeseen circumstances, consider consulting a top-rated online psychic for insight about your best course of action.


June is a turning point for you, Aries. The entire month you have Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and blessings, and Mars, your ruling planet that provides you with stamina and drive, moving through Aries. 

This is a time to assert yourself and move forward in your pursuits with gusto! Your boundless energy will enable you to overcome any obstacles in your path and blaze a trail for others to follow. Studies show that innovators are confident, creative, open to new experiences, motivated by change, and resilient. Set yourself up for success by adopting these traits.

Mercury and Venus in your 2nd house of earned income the first half of the month will help you to review your financial foundation and ensure you are properly using your resources for success. It’s worth taking the time to create a budget and do some financial planning for the months to come. 

The Cancer New Moon on June 28th will also reveal inner resources you can call upon — faith, courage, and determination — to stay motivated as you forge ahead with your goals. Remember, your tenacity is strengthened when you can openly embrace your emotions.


Feeling like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, Taurus? You should be by now, after the radical eclipse in your sign last month and Mercury Retrograde in your 1st house reshaping your images. The changes might be subtle, but slowly you’re starting to notice a difference in how you relate to others now that you’re more sure of who you are and what you want. 

With Venus in your sign through June 22nd, you’re feeling confident and assured about what you deserve in your love life. As the Sagittarius Full Moon lights up the sky on June 14th, you’ll be focused on deepening your intimate connection with that special someone. This is a potent time for romance, so you might want to speak with a psychic love advisor to make the most of it.

Although you’re usually happy to move at an organic pace, recently it may feel like things in your life are sped up. Take a deep breath when you feel overwhelmed and remember you’re in control! 

Chances are you’ve over-extended yourself by making too many commitments. Scale back your schedule and get back to the basics to restore ease in your life. If you’re moving too fast or your energy is scattered, you might miss the opportunity to dive deeper into what’s truly meant for you.


It’s time to mingle, Gemini! June will be a very social month for you between group events and catching up with friends, not to mention birthday celebrations. Mars and Jupiter moving through your 11th house of tribe and community this month indicates it’s a good time to branch out and meet new people who share your interests. 

You’ll feel revived as you spark new connections through stimulating conversation and having fun as a group. Studies show socialization bolsters health, helps you to learn, reduces stress, and increases happiness, all of which will benefit you immensely this month.

Recently, you may have been re-examining your relationships, noticing who brings out the best in you and who seems to keep you stuck in an identity that no longer fits. The Sagittarius Full Moon on June 14th will reveal what relationships have the potential for growth, offering you the opportunity to put more focus on these relationships while giving other ones some time to breathe. 

If you are hoping to revive a relationship, try doing something out of the ordinary together, such as an overnight get-away or learning a new skill. This might bring back the spark that was lost — both within yourself and in your relationship — and help you to start fresh again.


You’re blessed with both beauty and strength this month, Cancer. Venus in your 11th house of communities and groups indicates that you’ll be a nurturing, loving presence for many friends this month. Your gentle presence brings harmony to social events, and you’ll certainly be invited to many celebrations like weddings, graduations, and parties. 

But you may need extra time to recharge with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in your 12th house of rest and renewal throughout the month. This is your time of annual hibernation, allowing you to gather strength for Cancer season, which begins on June 21st.

The Cancer New Moon on June 28th will be a fresh start for you. It’s your annual time to shine, opening new doorways for emotional fulfillment and success. Enjoy the stream of good fortune that comes your way and remember to make a special birthday wish. 

This coming year is the opportune time for professional success with Jupiter in your 10th house of career. There’s a lot of potential being unleashed this month, so brush up your resume and put in the work to set yourself up for growth in this area of your life.


Express yourself, Leo! This month is your opportunity to show the world who you truly are as the Sagittarius Full Moon lights up your 5th house of passion, creativity, and fun. You aren’t happy sitting back and watching others live their dreams any longer; it’s your time to stand in the spotlight. 

There’s a strong call to adventure this month, and deep within you know ignoring it is only suppressing your spirit. It’s time to let your spirit soar by taking the leap into the unknown and setting out to make your mark.

Jupiter, the planet of blessings, and Mars, bringer of drive and energy, are moving through your 9th house of travel, publishing, and teaching. It’s a potent time to think about what you’ve mastered, how you can teach this skill to others in a way that brings new income streams for you — or to find opportunities to visit new places or simply receive recognition of being an expert in your field. 

When the Sun moves into your 12th house of psychic knowing on June 21st, your intuition will be strong. Visualizing what you want to achieve will help you to manifest it. This is also a great time to speak with a psychic advisor because you’re more open and receptive to spiritual energy than usual.


You have a wave of good financial fortune this month, Virgo, especially when it comes to real estate. Jupiter and Mars in your 8th house of other people’s resources indicate you could greatly increase your wealth by selling a property or asset, as well as obtain a loan to make a purchase, if needed. 

The Sagittarius Full Moon on June 14th will focus on your 4th house of home, making it an advantageous time to buy or sell a property, remodel your home, or add an addition. This is also a good time to do some healing around what “home” means for you. By doing this inner work, you will release energy that is blocking success in domestic matters.

This month you might also be re-thinking your career path. You have many skill sets, and it might be time to switch which one you use for your professional life. Don’t feel pressured to figure it out all at once though. 

You can gradually make the change, especially because you’re good at multitasking and can handle doing two different things at once. By the end of the month, you’ll notice an increase in invitations to socialize. Take the time to recharge by socializing and having some fun. This will boost your creativity and give you the stamina for other areas of life that require more concentration.


Table for two, Libra! This month is all about partnerships. With Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and blessings, moving through your 7th house of relationships for the next year, your personal growth will come through your synergy with others. 

Recently, you’ve been feeling motivated to assert yourself more and create boundaries, this sets the stage for the right relationships to take center stage in your life. Now it’s time to explore and enjoy these partnerships, embracing the parts of you they bring out.

This month you may also feel like you’re on a quest for knowledge. Mercury moving through your 9th house of religion and philosophy, along with the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 14th in your 3rd house of communication, has you seeking out information. Believe it or not, challenging yourself to learn and grow is a scientifically proven pathway to happiness

You tend to learn best through conversation, so consider visiting lectures, webinars, or book clubs to expand your understanding of the topics that most interest you. This will greatly enhance your mental well-being and spark plenty of new, creative ideas.


It’s time to focus on health and wealth, Scorpio. Jupiter and Mars moving through your 6th house of daily routine and fitness indicate you’ll be go-go-go this month. Your productivity levels will be greatly enhanced, although your motivation might be wavering as you’re more enticed to put off the hard work until later in favor of a good time. 

Creating a routine that brings you pleasure helps to ensure you meet your deadlines and fulfill your tasks before you move on to more leisurely pursuits. The Sagittarius Full Moon on June 14th will put a spotlight on your finances, so take the time to review your budget, ensure accounts are up to date, and consider downloading one of these best personal finance apps.

Venus, the planet of romance, is bringing good fortune to your relationships, offering the perfect mix of sweet and savory to keep you enticed and satisfied. 

You might have recently worked through a misunderstanding with Mercury retrograde in your house of intimacy, but this month will be smooth sailing now that everything is resolved. It’s completely okay to hang up the “Do Not Disturb” sign and exclusively focus on your passion this month, whether it’s a person or project.


Go have some fun, Sagittarius, before you burn out! Jupiter and Mars moving through your 5th house of creativity, hobbies, and art invites you to make time for imagination and playfulness. This will break you out of stagnant routines that you’ve been stuck in recently, which are draining your creative life force. 

Following your bliss is the antidote needed to revive your spirit and reconnect you with a deeper sense of purpose. Studies show creativity boosts your mental well-being. With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus moving through your 7th house of partnerships, inviting a friend or partner to join you in your creative endeavor will boost your enjoyment.

The Full Moon in your sign on June 14th will be a moment of triumph, where you can sit back and take stock of all that you’ve achieved this past 6 months. You’ve made more progress towards your goals than you realize, which is another reason that you deserve some time to cut loose and celebrate. 

Towards the end of the month, you’ll be thinking about your legacy and what you want to pass on. Take the time to go inward and reflect on what is most valuable to you in life. Notice how you’re holding yourself back, then give yourself permission to live your life to the fullest, no matter what others might think.


June is a soulful month for you, Capricorn. Jupiter and Mars are bringing growth and expansion to your 4th house of home, family, and roots. You are on a quest to spruce up your home, perhaps even in order to sell it for a bigger one. 

You want luxury and a place where you feel at ease. You might notice styles of other cultures inspire your home improvements, such as items related to your ancestor’s homeland or the architecture of other lands. The key is creating an atmosphere where your soul feels at peace.

The Sagittarius Full Moon on June 14th in your 12th house of spirituality and the subconscious will reveal potent insight about how you can be more aligned with your spiritual calling. Create space for rest and meditation during this time because you will be especially sensitive to the energies of others. 

Meaningful messages may come through dreams, intuition, or even consulting a trusted psychic advisor. With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus moving through your 6th house of health and fitness, it’s also important to tend to your body’s needs. Ensure you’re eating healthy this month and getting plenty of exercise; these help you to ground all the spiritual energy.


You’ve got a way with words this month, Aquarius. Jupiter and Mars moving through your 3rd house of communication and writing indicate it’s time to share what’s been on your mind. 

With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus moving through your 5th house of creativity and fun, you’ll enjoy adding a customized, unique flair to your communication style. Hand-written notes, funny memes, and comic sketches will enable you to express yourself in outside-of-the-box ways.

All month long, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to share what’s been going on with you at group activities and local events. This is the time to let yourself embrace your inner child, catch up with friends, and have some fun. 

You’ll be quite happy feeling part of a community as you thrive within your tribe, even if this means you have to do a bit of travel to spend time in person together. The Cancer New Moon on June 28th is a time for you to reconnect with the wisdom of your body. Nurture yourself with gentle exercise, intuitive eating, and plenty of rest.


You’re poised for major career growth this month, Pisces. On June 14th, the Sagittarius Full Moon lights up your 10th house of career and professional reputation, putting a spotlight on all the hard work you’ve done over the past 6 months. 

You deserve this recognition for what you’ve accomplished! With Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, and assertive Mars moving through your 2nd house of earned income, it’s the prime time to ask for a raise, inquire about a promotion, or increase your rate. For the next year, you will have amazing opportunities to increase your wealth, but it’s best to take advantage of this right away.

Your other focus this month will be on family. You might notice an upswing of phone calls and video chats with loved ones who want to check in with you. Plus, you’ll get a lot of enjoyment from hosting others at your home. 

You might want to consider inviting family from out of town to come and stay with you or even make a visit to see them. By the end of the month, it’s time for some leisure and relaxation. The Cancer New Moon on June 28th is the perfect time to schedule a vacation and take some time to enjoy yourself.

Need more guidance?

Learning how the planets affect your life is just one of the many tools for personal and spiritual growth. Speaking with a psychic reader can offer more insight into your unique situation. If these horoscopes make you curious or raise questions about what the future holds, you can always check out these best online psychics for further guidance about what to expect this June.

Alanna Kali
Other than contributing to Top10.com, Alanna Kali is an astrologer, numerologist, and tarot reader. She currently is editor-in-chief of a psychic book review website called Musing Mystical. Alanna loves reading, spending time in nature, and traveling.