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Your April Horoscope — What the Stars Have in Store for You

Alanna Kali
Your April Horoscope - What the Stars Have in Store for You
After a period of transitions, it’s time to embrace a fresh start. March just closed out the zodiac year of 2021, so if things have been feeling heavy, confusing — or maybe even lightened up — this is why. On the first day of April is the Aries New Moon, the start of the annual zodiac cycle, and a whole new chapter begins for you.

This initiatory period is a potent time to think about intentions for the coming zodiac year and start to lay a foundation for what you’d like to achieve. Patience is key, but action is still required to get things moving forward, as are dedication and sacrifice. One door must close for another one to open. Read on to learn what this month has in store for you, and remember you can always consult a top-rated online psychic to figure out the best way to embrace your path forward.


This month ushers in a fresh start for you, Aries, with your annual New Moon happening on the first day of April. You’re the zodiac’s go-getter, confident in taking the lead. Don’t let this momentum go to waste the first half of the month. Put your plans into action and take a leap of faith. Around the Libra Full Moon on April 16th, you’ll find the perfect collaborator to execute your vision.

Venus and Mars are moving through your 12th house of dreams and intuition, so your instincts are spot-on right now; it’s important to trust your gut when making decisions. Just remember alignment doesn’t come through rushing. The Sun and Mercury in your 2nd house prompt you to slow down and weigh your options to ensure your path forward is in alignment with your values and sense of integrity to create win-win outcomes for all.


Don’t worry, Taurus, the tumultuous energy of the past few weeks is almost behind you. You’ve been dealing with abrupt changes, the tension of switched schedules, and unexpected circumstances requiring your attention. Mid-April will finally be a time of smooth sailing for you as the Sun and Mercury move into your sign, ushering a new beginning for you.

You’ll be in the mood to mingle, especially after all the progress you’ve made with career goals recently. Taking things to the next level will happen by joining with others who share your hopes, dreams, and vision. Spend the first half of the month tuning into the path your soul feels called to follow, perhaps speaking with a psychic advisor at Keen for guidance. When the Libra Full Moon arrives on April 16th in your 6th house of daily routines, you’ll be ready to make lifestyle changes, including creating healthier habits and cultivating a positive mindset, to achieve the needed balance for your ultimate success.


It’s time to dedicate yourself to a higher mission through sharing your skills with a new group, Gemini. The start of April brings a chance to contribute to a meaningful cause that connects you with people who share your values. Join a meet-up, launch your own book club, or consider volunteer work. The sense of camaraderie and kinship your new group provides will keep you centered when life starts to get busy.

And life is certainly getting busy for you! By April 14th, Venus and Mars will be supporting you in making advances in your career. You might feel the need to review your branding and change the way you market yourself to others. You have a lot of offers, and making some changes to the way you present yourself can be a catalyst for new opportunities. Make sure to display your best assets this month. You’ll have a lot on your plate, but resting, meditating, journaling, and pursuing creative hobbies will restore your energy.


Career and family are your focus this month, Cancer. You’re going through karmic lessons about shared resources with Saturn in your 8th house of debt, inheritance, and other people’s money. When facing restrictions, obstacles, or challenges in this area, remember this is part of your soul’s journey of scarcity and abundance. Don’t be afraid to address concerns of wealth with those who you are bound to financially; standing up for yourself will ensure balance for all.

You are driven by a deep need to nurture those around you on all levels: materially, emotionally, and spiritually. This month offers a learning opportunity that adds another talent to your skillset. There’s a good chance this will be related to your current career, but it might also be a meaningful life skill, such as gardening, cooking, or relationship-building technique. Sharing what you learn with your family and community brings you meaningful fulfillment this month because you will feel your best through enriching the lives of others with your wisdom and care.


Are you ready for your next adventure, Leo? The Aries New Moon in your 9th house of travel and discovery might have you itching to hit the road and explore. If you’ve been feeling cooped up recently, it’s the perfect time to plan a trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit. This might even be a romantic getaway as Venus and Mars moving through your 7th and 8th house of relationships and intimacy will have you seeking to go a bit deeper and bond through a passionate shared experience.

By April 16th, you’ll be receiving attention and acknowledgment for recent accomplishments. People are noticing your work, and this is a good opportunity to capitalize on your success. There’s nothing wrong with pride in a job well done! Showcasing what you can do enhances your reputation and lets people know you’re their go-to person in your field of expertise.


It’s time to dance with the mystery of life, Virgo. April will be a time of deep transformation for you. The New Moon will be a cathartic release, where falsehoods are revealed and truths grow stronger. If things feel like they’re falling apart, know it’s so they can be pieced together better than before. Even if it seems like not much is changing on the surface, you’ll be doing the inner work of shedding outdated beliefs and roles about yourself to live more in alignment with your personal values, which are highlighted during the Libra Full Moon on April 16th. The choices you must make will become clear then, and you’ll know how to move through the challenges with poise and grace.

The best way to move through obstacles is to turn to spirituality, religion, or philosophy for wisdom. You might also rely on your relationships more than usual to see you through. Usually, you’re the caretaker, but this month is all about receiving. Because you’ll be integrating so many emotions this month, especially in relationships, make sure to check your horoscope at Keen for daily updates.


You’ve been in the midst of an artistic awakening Libra. Venus and Mars moving through your 5th house of creativity and 6th house of daily routines are teaching you how to set an intention to make, build, or enact something — from dinner to a poem – to heal yourself. Your daily choices make you the designer of your life, and bringing in more pleasure is the best pathway to optimal health. Always remember that by sharing what’s within through what you produce, you are letting your essence shine for the benefit of all.

The Full Moon in your sign on April 16th will be the culminating moment where you’ll need to decide whether you’re going to keep clinging to the past or ready to step into something new. This will most likely be related to whether a certain relationship is still right for you. Listening to your body’s wisdom is the best way to feel what’s right for you. To gain more clarity, you might also want to look into the best online fortune tellers for additional guidance.


Expect your day-to-day routine to feel action-packed this month, Scorpio. The Aries New Moon in your 6th house of health and habits will add energy and drive to your schedule. You know what needs to be done and have the motivation to do it. Just be sure to create space for rest and relaxation during the Libra Full Moon on April 16th in your 12th house of introspection. Valuable personal insight will come through at this time, revealing the root cause of what’s been holding you back and offering emotional healing to move forward.

You’ll be lucky in love this month too, as Venus, Mars, and Jupiter journey through your 5th house of pleasure and romance. Although it might not be your usual style, wearing your heart on your sleeve will be quite rewarding, as the affection you crave is mutually reciprocated.


You have the passion of a bona fide explorer this month, Sagittarius. As the zodiac sign most known for wanderlust and a quest for knowledge, the Aries New Moon will be amplifying this desire to enjoy the good life. If you’ve been suppressing your desires for the sake of responsibility, it’s time to let loose a bit and give yourself room to delight in what lights you up. Seeking out new challenges and finding innovative ways to overcome them is your creative pathway to self-fulfillment.

It’s especially important to have these outlets this month, as both Venus and Mars will be taking you on a journey of inner investigation. Find out more about yourself through active participation in groups and communities that share a mission that is deeply resonant for you. Dedicating yourself to a cause will illuminate what you value most about yourself and shine a light on the meaningful contributions you’re meant to make towards a big-picture goal or vision.


Are you ready to rediscover what’s been lost, Capricorn? The Aries New Moon will be prompting you to delve into your innermost self and explore how your upbringing and past have shaped you. By examining how you were or were not given permission to be the fullest expression of yourself, you’ll be able to reclaim pieces of yourself that were lost to a desire to fit in and conform. You’re being called to re-parent yourself and become the protector and nurturer that your inner child needs to thrive.

You have special inner gifts that make you who you are, and it’s time to focus on this treasure rather than keep it hidden away out of fear of being different. With Venus and Mars moving through your 3rd house of communication, neighborhood, and siblings, it’s most likely you’ll be a pillar of support for those around you. Expect people to be reaching out with their concerns and troubles. They are looking to you for your wisdom and consistent emotional support. Remember, the best medicine is laughter; relaxation and enjoyment is the best thing you can offer yourself and others.


Have you strayed too far from your core, Aquarius? You’re seeking to create a more soulful alignment within your domestic and daily life this month, which means questioning how you’ve been living recently. There’s a good chance you’ve lost your sense of purpose and have been letting the life philosophies of others guide you, rather than turning into your own true north to guide your actions.

The Libra Full Moon on April 16th will be a time to change your perspective and cultivate a new point of view. You’ll be seeking an alternative spiritual, philosophical, or cultural pathway that feels right for you. Don’t be afraid to walk on your own during this quest for higher truth and beauty. Regaining your independence throughout the month will help to clarify your personal values and enhance your self-esteem.


It’s easy for you to forget the material world, Pisces, as you’re much more attuned to the spiritual realm. This Aries New Moon will bring a renewed drive for creating a secure financial foundation as it highlights your 2nd house of assets and income. You’re awakening to what you truly need to feel sustained on a physical level, from taking good care of your body to building an emergency savings account. Even if it feels a bit tedious, tending to these practicalities will be very nourishing for you this month. Having your finances in order gives you the grounding to enjoy your creative and social hobbies and hangouts, which will be ramping up as the month goes on; you’re in demand and people want to spend time with you!

You’ve done a lot of inner work the past 6 months, and during the Libra Full Moon on April 16th, you’ll truly notice how far you’ve come. You’re not who you were before, and for the first time in a while, you’re okay with this. Even though you enjoyed aspects of your former self, which you’ve released recently, you’re seeing the beauty and value of who you are now — and why you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. Celebrate this success, as you’ve truly done the inner work to reach this pinnacle.

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Alanna Kali
Other than contributing to Top10.com, Alanna Kali is an astrologer, numerologist, and tarot reader. She currently is editor-in-chief of a psychic book review website called Musing Mystical. Alanna loves reading, spending time in nature, and traveling.