The Top 10 Lists to Find the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Staff
Online Shopping for Valentine's Day Gifts
Finding the right Valentine’s Day gift has a lot to do with knowing what stage of the relationship you’re in. What might be appropriate for your husband of 5 years, might not work for a girl you’ve been dating for a month.

There are the traditional gift choices, like flowers, chocolate and jewelry, but: 

A) You can’t give your significant other the same thing every year

B) An original gift will win you much more appreciation

C) If you both agree to go crazy on gifts, it'll be a lot more fun

We’ve compiled a list of ten lists that can help you find original gifts that will make this Valentine’s Day different. We considered breaking this list up by gender, but it’s 2019. Enjoy.

1. Top Online Stores for Price-Conscious Lovers

These are all sites that specialize in gifts, from the quirky to the one-of-a-kind, in a wide array of searchable categories, with lots of ideas thrown in that you might not have thought of yourself. Best of all, you can search by price range, because you can’t buy love, and you shouldn’t try to. Top 10 Places to Shop for Gifts Online

2. Top DNA Kits to Get to Know Who You Are Together

Being in a relationship is about basking in someone else’s identity and discovering things about your own identity through how your mate sees you. If you want to take this tandem journey of self-discovery to another level, DNA testing kits are a cool and interesting way to do so. This is not a gift for a brand new love interest—unless you’re dealing with somebody who’s really intellectually curious and appreciates an original idea. This is about having fun learning who you are, not testing to see if your prospective mate’s DNA makes them good procreation material. So, make sure your mate knows you well enough not to get freaked out by an out-there gift like this. Best DNA Testing Kits of 2019

Meal Delivery Services for Cooking Together
Meal delivery kits can make great Valentine's Day gifts.

3. Top Meal Delivery Kits for Staying in to Eat

Some of your best times with your partner are probably spent sharing a nice meal together out at a trendy restaurant. But staying home to cook together can be even nicer, especially if you have all the fresh ingredients delivered to your house and the recipes are doable no matter how much experience you have in the kitchen. Meal Delivery Kits offer you just that—the opportunity to cook together at home without the hassle of shopping for groceries, or the expense of eating out at a fancy restaurant. Whether your significant other is a foodie who wants to try cooking with exotic new ingredients, or a newbie who would love to learn how to cook, this is a cool way to open new horizons that you can ride toward together. Best Meal Delivery Services 2019

4. Top Shops to Impress the Nerd in Your Life

While they may not seem intrinsically romantic, some people just get turned on by gadgets (not that kind of gadget, perv. Get your head out of the gutter). Whether it’s computer gear, a new game, a camera or a phone accessory, there are plenty of online gadget stores that offer great selection and prices. If your partner is a superfan, you can also find gear and paraphernalia for just about any game, TV show, or movie.  Top 10 Shopping Sites for Gadgets

5. Top Jewelry Stores for Those Who Insist on Being Old-Fashioned

Okay, so we panned traditional gifts like jewelry above. But sometimes, it’s just the right thing to do. If you are in that stage of a relationship where jewelry seems appropriate, do us a favor: don’t go to a store and feel pressured to buy something from the minuscule selection on hand just in order to get jewelry; instead, browse the much greater selection of an online jewelry store at your leisure and only make a purchase if you see something that you think is specifically right for your significant other. If it’s going to be something mundane like jewelry, at least let it be an inspired choice. Top 10 Online Jewelry Stores

6. Top Concert Ticket Sites for an Unforgettable Night Out

If you want to make this Valentine’s Day extra memorable, forget about the restaurant with the mariachi band that comes to serenade you at your table. Go and see a real band together that you both love—unless you're the type of couple who has very different music tastes. It happens. 

But if there is a band that you both like which is playing either on V-Day or soon after, tickets to the show are sure to be a winning date. It doesn’t have to be an arena rock show. Something smaller and more intimate can be perfect for a romantic night together. Top 10 Concert Ticket Sites

7. Top Sites for Lovers that are Art Lovers

Giving somebody else art as a gift is no task for the faint of heart. Taste in art is very individual, and if you screw up it can be uncomfortable. However, if you think you know your partner well enough to nail their taste, the rewards can be huge. And, contrary to popular belief, good art doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find paintings, photography, original works, or prints for cheaper than you think. Top 10 Affordable Art Sites

8. Top Subscription Boxes for a Gift that Keeps on Giving

Clothes, makeup, gourmet food and books are just some of the cool things you can have sent to your partner’s house every month in a subscription box. Nowadays there are subscription boxes for just about anything under the sun. And they’re an awesome gift to get. Every month your significant other will receive a nice little surprise package of goodies to open up. How fun. This is not a gift for someone who’s unsure if their relationship is going to last. It would be pretty awkward to have your ex keep getting gift packages from you months after you were broken up. Top 10 Of the Month Subscriptions

Online Travel Sites for Trips Together
Taking a trip to somewhere special can spice up Valentine's Day.

9. Top Travel Sites for Booking a Romantic Getaway 

Want to make your Valentine’s Day special this year? Try spending it together somewhere else. You don’t have to go far for a refreshing change of scenery that can really help you detach from your day-to-day and focus solely on each other in a new and interesting place. A trip to the Bahamas to get away from the cold would be nice, but so would a drive to a secluded bed & breakfast that’s only an hour away. Of course, taking a trip together is traditionally considered a bad idea for new and untested couples. But you should be okay if you stick to the 1:1 ratio approach: go away for 1 night if you’ve been together one month, 2 nights if you’ve been together 2 months, and so on. Top 10 Travel Sites

10. Top Dating Sites for Your Single Friends 

Valentine’s Day is all well and good if you’re in a relationship, but what about your single friends? Or perhaps you’re reading this article to find a gift, before you’ve found a date? If you, or someone you know, is still looking for a date for February 14, they should know that they have options. There are many different types of dating sites nowadays for all kinds of people, and not just the ineffective apps of the past. Would it be overstepping your bounds to sign your friend up for a dating site? Yes, it most certainly would be. But, you can send them a link to a list of the best dating sites. Best Dating Sites 2019

Try something different this Valentine’s Day and get an original gift that your significant other will really appreciate. Don’t have the time? It’s all good, because shopping for a gift online not only gives you way more options, it’s also quicker and more convenient. There can be a lot of pressure to get Valentine’s Day right, but if you have fun with your gift, you’ll probably have an amazing time on the most romantic day of the year as well. Staff's editorial staff is a professional team of editors, writers and experts with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.