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Google Voice Alternatives: 5 Best VoIP Services to Try in 2024

Cameron Coward
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Looking for a reliable Google Voice substitute? I've found five VoIP alternatives you should try.

Google Voice is a versatile VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service that you can use instead of conventional landline or mobile plans. It's ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs who prefer not to share their personal contact details with clients but don't need a high-end enterprise VoIP solution.

VoIP services are so popular that they should reach $102.5 billion by 2026, with a growth rate of 3.8%. So, there are other options besides Google Voice. Some may be cheaper or offer extra features. Others may be better for making calls to other countries. Here are my top picks for the best Google Voice alternatives.

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Our 5 Best Google Voice Alternatives in 2024:

  • RingCentral MVP - Best Google Voice alternative overall
  • Zoom Phone - Best for seamless voice, video, and messaging integrations
  • Vonage - Best for organizations looking for APIs and customization
  • GoTo Connect - Best for an integrated cloud phone system
  • Grasshopper - Best for entrepreneurs

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A Closer Look at the Best Google Voice Alternatives in 2024

1. RingCentral MVP

A calling solution that consolidates communication tools into a single application

  • Best for - Businesses looking for a unified communication (UC) platform
  • Starting price - From $20/user/month
  • No. of users - Unlimited
  • Toll-free numbers - Yes

RingCentral MVP is my top Google Voice alternative because it has plans optimized for small businesses and larger enterprises. It provides a variety of phone number options, cloud PBX (private branch exchange), call management, collaboration tools, voicemail, and greetings.

RingCentral's app is available on mobile, desktop, and the web. With it, you can instantly interact with your team through various mediums like group chats, VoIP, and conferencing. It also offers administrative tools, like call monitoring and analytics, so you can gain insights into your call data and observe the quality and content of calls.

What Makes RingCentral MVP a Good Alternative to Google Voice?

I like that RingCentral MVP supports over 200 integrations, including tools like Slack, for streamlined workflows. Google Voice, however, mainly syncs with Google's own suite of products. To me, RingCentral MVP feels more feature-rich, while Google Voice is a cost-effective option.


  • Multi-site admin for scaling communications across departments
  • Role-based access control
  • Unlimited voice calls, messaging, and video conferencing


  • High per-user cost
  • Some users experience lags and echoes during calls

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2. Zoom Phone

A cloud-based VoIP system that seamlessly integrates with Zoom video conferencing

  • Best for - Businesses looking for an advanced phone-only solution
  • Starting price - From $10/month/user
  • No. of users - Unlimited
  • Toll-free numbers - Yes

Zoom Phone provides organizations with a unified communication solution that includes voice calling, video calling, messaging, and collaboration features, all within a single platform. Zoom Phone can also integrate with 1,000+ other apps and can work with existing VoIP hardware.

It doesn't have analytics, but it does offer call-center monitoring features and includes chat and video options. With Zoom Phone, you can also start on a voice call and seamlessly switch to a video meeting.

What Makes Zoom Phone a Good Alternative to Google Voice?

Zoom Phone gives me a toll-free number, and I can even add more numbers—be it toll-free, local, or international. On the other hand, Google Voice doesn't include any toll-free options. I also appreciate Zoom Phone's extensive integrations. But Google Voice works well if you're already in Google's ecosystem and just need an affordable professional number.


  • Easy to add and remove users
  • Transcribes voicemails
  • Excellent pre and post-installation support


  • Does not have a faxing feature
  • No analytics

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3. Vonage

A cloud-based unified communications platform that grows with your business

  • Best for - Remote companies seeking mobility
  • Starting price - From $19.99/month/user
  • No. of users - Unlimited
  • Toll-free numbers - Yes

Vonage stands out with its user-centric mobile interface and boasts a range of features, such as UC, contact centers, and communication APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

Vonage's platform seamlessly integrates with third-party CRMs and other software so you can centralize and streamline your communication processes. This can also help you achieve more efficient data sharing, improved customer relationship management, and enhanced workflow automation.

What Makes Vonage a Good Alternative to Google Voice?

Vonage truly shines when it comes to scalability; it's easier to add more users on Vonage than on Google Voice. I specifically appreciate Vonage's Business Inbox, video conferencing feature, and voicemail-to-email tool. Compared to Google Voice, I've also noticed consistent cost savings when making international calls through Vonage.


  • Offers a reliable service with minimal downtime
  • Users report having clear audio without much lag
  • Provides a variety of features, including call forwarding and voicemail


  • Some software integrations carry an additional charge
  • Features like call recording and auto attendant require more expensive plans

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4. GoTo Connect

An all-in-one solution that combines voice, video, and chat capabilities

  • Best for - Call center monitoring
  • Starting price - From $27/month/user
  • No. of users - Unlimited
  • Toll-free numbers - Yes

GoTo Connect caters to mid-sized and large businesses with VoIP, video conferencing, and team messaging. It does more than just replace traditional phones; it provides a multi-channel communication platform for team meetings and engaging with customers.

With GoTo Connect, you can easily customize call routes using its Dial Plan Editor and set call schedules with recorded greetings to inform callers of your business hours. Plus, it provides instant customer data on incoming calls and includes convenient features like click-to-call and automatic call logging.

What Makes Goto Connect a Good Alternative to Google Voice?

GoTo Connect is especially useful for businesses wanting both VoIP and video conferencing. Its real-time screen sharing feature is notably smoother than what I've seen with Google Voice. If your business often calls internationally, I recommend GoTo Connect. The unlimited calls to 50+ countries could save you a fortune in the long run.


  • User-friendly video conferencing tools
  • Good security and privacy
  • Integrates well with other software and tools


  • Relatively pricey plans
  • Limited digital fax feature

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5. Grasshopper

A virtual phone system designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs

  • Best for - Teams that share phone numbers among multiple users and extensions
  • Starting price - From $28/month/account
  • No. of users - Unlimited
  • Toll-free numbers - Yes

Grasshopper includes the most important features an entrepreneur should look for in a VoIP service. The platform offers a virtual phone system that adds a business number to your personal phone so you can keep your personal and business calls separate. Its voicemail transcription also ensures that you never miss out on important messages.

However, it may not have some of the refined functionalities that growing businesses need, such as integrations or advanced analytics. Still, I'd recommend Grasshopper to entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to leverage the flexibility that VoIP offers at a low cost.

What Makes Grasshopper a Good Alternative to Google Voice?

In my experience, Grasshopper offers more flexibility than Google Voice, especially with multiple phone number options, including toll-free, local, and vanity. Google Voice only lets me have a single local phone number, no matter which plan I choose.


  • Features can be tailored to fit specific business needs
  • Provides consistent performance and uptime
  • User-friendly and intuitive desktop and mobile apps


  • Requires a separate landline or mobile phone plan
  • Limited features for outbound calls and call monitoring

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Google Voice Alternatives: Choose the Best VoIP Service for You

Whether you're looking for a VoIP service for your personal chats, to make remote work easier, or to supercharge your business communications, there's a perfect alternative out there for you. While most come with unique perks, they may not all fit every situation.

Reliability stands as a cornerstone in this industry. In fact, 69.5% of businesses rank reliability first when choosing a provider. So, as you delve into these options, prioritize what matters most to ensure you select a solution that aligns with your needs.

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Cameron Coward
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