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8x8 vs Nextiva: Which VoIP Provider is Best for Your Business?

Sarah Pritzker
Business VoIP battle: 8x8 vs Nextiva
Every business needs a professional business call service. VoIP business call providers bring you lower phone bills, smoother customer service, and plenty of features that keep communication lines clear and your business running without a hitch.

It can be difficult to choose the best VoIP provider, so we’ve brought you a head to head review of two of the best VoIP business options: 8x8 and Nextiva . It’s a hard-fought battle, so read closely to find out which solution is better for your business’ needs.




-12 data centers, coverage for over 100 countries

- Many extra features

- Customizable plans with multiple integrations

- Excellent customer service

- Extensive features list

- Simple remote call managing


- Queuing service won’t tell customers wait time

- Some basic features don’t come standard

- No BYO phone option

8x8 is a managed, cloud-hosted VoIP business communications solution that offers seamless, easy, and flexible global communication from all devices. You can manage 8x8 from your office or via your smartphone across the world. Setup is simple and fast, and the system can scale quickly between 10 and 10,000 users.

Nextiva is an all-inclusive communications solution for small and medium-sized businesses. The cloud-based system is easy to set up, a highly redundant network of 10 country-wide servers promises 99.999% uptime, and the entire network can be managed and controlled by app from anywhere in the world.

Ease of Use

Both 8x8 and Nextiva are cloud-based systems. All the hardware is online, so you don't have any configuration or setup requirements and no maintenance issues. 8x8 practically sets itself up; simply plug in your IP phone into a LAN port and an Internet jack using the included Ethernet cable. When prompted, enter your activation code, and the phone will then restart and be ready to make calls. The 8x8 system is very intuitive, permitting you to set up and edit user profiles, record personalized greetings and instructions, transfer numbers to the 8x8 system, and manage features and callers from the central dashboard. 8x8 provides extensive video tutorials and a one-on-one training session with a technician to guide you through.

Nextiva offers an intuitive control panel, which is simple to set up online and can be accessed from wherever you are. You simply log in online from anywhere to create user profiles and assign phone numbers, and you’ll be ready to go. You’ll find extensive documentation, FAQs, tutorials, webinars, and training options on the Nextiva website. If you already have a PBX system, Nextiva makes life easy by cooperating with your existing system.

8x8 is compatible with many different types of IP phone. You can use existing phones or buy through its providers, with 8x8 working with Yealink, Spectrum, Cisco, and Polycom. Nextiva also gives you the option of buying phones through its provider or using existing Polycom, Yealink, Panasonic, or Cisco phones. Neither 8x8 nor Nextiva locks you into buying phones that can only be used with their systems.

Winner: 8x8

The setup process of 8x8 is simply too simple to ignore.

8x8 8x8 Visit 8x8


Both 8x8 and Nextiva integrate with dozens of CRM systems. Nextiva works smoothly with SugarCRM, Salesforce, Zendesk, and NetSuite, among others. 8x8 runs up to 30+ integrations that help keep your office workflow running smoothly and productively including Salesforce, SmartOffice, NetSuite, eAgent, Hubspot, and Outlook. You can import your contacts to 8x8 from platforms that include Skype, Gmail, Outlook, and Office365. Meanwhile, Nextiva allows you to import contacts from Skype as well as from CSV files and your own phone’s contacts list.

Winner: 8x8

8x8 offers more integrations, helping you cut back on time spent switching between programs.


Nextiva and 8x8 both offer mobile apps that let you access, manage, and use your business VoIP phone system from your smartphone. You can call from your cellphone with your business number the one that shows up, wherever you are in the world. Nextiva’s mobile app permits you to view call waiting lists, monitor conversations, and make business phone calls from your Android or iOS smartphone. Using the Nextiva dashboard, clients can record both incoming and outgoing calls, enable call redirection, change the hold music options, and manage user profiles remotely.

8x8’s iOS and Android apps give users the ability to make voice and video calls through the business call system, access voicemail, and use the corporate business phone call directory from around the world. You can also use text and live chat from your smartphone with 8x8.

Winner: Nextiva

Nextiva’s mobile app provides more features plus a convenient dashboard.


8x8 and Nextiva are both fully featured business phone offerings. The features they both offer include:

  • Auto dialer
  • Unlimited calls
  • Unlimited fax
  • Number portability
  • Auto attendant
  • High-quality voice calls
  • Receptionist call console
  • Invisible call monitoring
  • Instant messaging and live chat
  • Call queuing
  • Contact management
  • Inbound reporting
  • IVR / voice recognition
  • Outbound reporting

Nextiva’s business phone service adds an HTML snippet to create a ‘call now' button on any webpage, Nextiva Anywhere which permits you to set any other phone to ring along with your office phone, Conference bridge to set up a conference call with up to nine participants, and a free toll-free phone number.

8x8’s business phone option presents all the above options too as well as:

  • Hot desking feature
  • Virtual numbers for customers to call without paying high call charges
  • Extensive analytics tools
  • Virtual paging
  • Predictive, progressive, and preview dialing

Winner: 8x8

The extra features 8x8 provides makes it a more versatile and easy-to-use option.

Value for Money

8x8 and Nextiva Monthly Pricing Options:

Metered/Office Pro
Unlimited/Office Pro Plus
Global/Office Enterprise

8x8’s rather complex pricing plans are named Metered, Unlimited, and Global. As the name suggests, the Metered plan is great for businesses which don’t need to make many calls and does not include any SMS. 250 outbound minutes of calls to the USA and Canada, unlimited incoming calls, and unlimited calls between 8x8 extensions are included in the price. After that, you’ll pay 2.9 cents per minute for calls plus international tolls. The Unlimited plan permits unlimited calls to the US and Canada, France, the UK, Ireland, Spain, and Italy and also offers unlimited worldwide calls with any other 8x8 user, business voicemail, and an inbound direct dial number. Finally, the Global extension offers all the same benefits as the Unlimited plan with the addition of another 29 countries.

Nextiva’s plans are set up slightly differently; every plan offers the same number of minutes and calling options, with the plans varying in the extra services they offer rather than the number of countries or minutes available. Office Pro plan gives unlimited long distance and local calls, unlimited faxes and voicemail to text options as well as free number porting, advanced call management, a free local toll-free number, and music on hold. The Office Pro plan adds a Call Me Now button, team presence, conference bridge, mobile app, and one professionally recorded greeting, while the Office Enterprise option ups the features to three professionally recorded greetings, call recording, and the Nextiva Anywhere app.

Winner: Nextiva

Nextiva is the more cost-effective choice.

Customer Support

Nextiva has award-winning customer support with its unique Amazing Service promise. You’ll get a dedicated account manager to help solve technical issues, and there are 4 levels of customer service plans. Nextiva offers 24/7 support via live chat, phone, or email and aims to answer every call by the second ring. There’s also a full range of information, free eBooks, documentation, and video tutorials on the Nextiva site so that you can troubleshoot for yourself before calling a customer service representative.

8x8 also offers good customer support. There is extensive information on the 8x8 website with plenty of documentation, tutorials, user and setup guides, and a crowd-sourced support forum where you can search for your question and pose it to the online community to see if anyone else can help solve it. There's also phone, email, and live chat support.

Winner: Nextiva

Nextiva is always available via whatever mode of communication you prefer.

Bottom Line: 8x8 Edges Ahead

As you can see, the competition between 8x8 and Nextiva is close. Nextiva offers top-drawer customer service and a competitively-priced offering, but 8x8 just narrowly wins, thanks to the huge range of integrations and features it provides and its easy setup. Both Nextiva and 8x8 are solid, reliable, and easy to use and you can be sure that whichever you choose, your business call bills will be lower than they were before.

Overall winner: 8x8

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