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What Is a Crystal Ball? Its Origin & 10 Amazing Uses for It

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Woman holding a crystal ball.
Crystal balls are powerful divination tools that have been used for thousands of years to foretell the future. But they can be used for so much more. Crystal balls hold many different benefits for your life. And the great news is, you don't need to be a psychic or seer to use them.

Made of glass, crystal, stone, or lead, these crafted balls disclose the mysteries and secrets of the future.

They act as a medium for psychic experts to communicate with angels, spirits, and souls that have passed. And they provide seers with universal knowledge from the subconscious mind, acting as a perfect divination tool in psychic readings.

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The Origins of the Crystal Ball

During the time of ancient druids, elite classes of healers, spiritual leaders, and teachers believed that gazing into a reflective surface would foretell their future. These elite leaders crafted crystals, mirrors, and pools of water into orbs of glass, gemstones, and crystal balls to use as divination tools.

When the druids were long gone, Christianity condemned the idea of gazing because they believed the user was communicating with demons who were impersonating angels.

Later, during the Renaissance, the Arab people studied these fortune telling methods and saw that scrying (gazing into a crystal ball) was a legitimate branch of science.

But between the 9th and 14th centuries, stereotypical portrayals of fortune tellers—who practiced scrying for money—led to controversial views and negative attitudes towards psychics.

Even so, crystal balls are magical energy exchangers that have provided advice to influential leaders, presidents, and monarchs for thousands of years.

Here are 10 amazing uses for a crystal ball.

1. Scrying

Scrying, also called crystallomancy, is a psychic ability that allows you to read symbols by looking at a smooth, transparent shape such as a crystal ball. This amazing use enables the reader to interpret the shapes and colors of the transparent clouds manifesting within the enchanting tool.

White clouds with breaks through them indicate great fortune, good physical health, and favorable financial circumstances.

Likewise, green, blue, or violet colors are auspicious omens that foretell loving, supportive connections which favor educational and spiritual pursuits.

2. Feng Shui

Crystal balls are lovely to have around the house or any environment that requires more light, harmony, or fresh energy. This energy flow through space attracts vitality and abundance by enhancing the water element in your environment.

As a common Feng Shui practice, using a crystal ball is a wonderful way to calm and neutralize emotions by eliminating worries about the future.

Crystal balls can be used in business environments to soothe wild, chaotic, and competitive energies. While rose quartz crystal balls are great for at-home use, specifically in bedrooms, to create soothing, nourishing, and loving energy.

3. Meditation

When you soothe your mind and relax, meditation creates time to recharge, inviting peace and serenity into your life. By adding a crystal ball to your meditation practice, you'll be able to reach a state of hypnosis.

It's easy to hold the spherical shape in your hands so that it can protect you as you travel on your meditative journey. A shungite crystal ball has neutralizing and protective energies. And a charoite crystal ball will help connect you to your higher self fluidly.

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4. Crystal Healing

In healing practices such as Reiki and chakra healing, you can use a crystal ball to open up the energies of the chakra center and create a grid around someone's aura. This amazing use can absorb negativity to create an energetic flow that heals and revitalizes an individual.

If you're grieving—going through a breakup or a loss—you can use a rose quartz crystal to open up the gateways of love. Placing this crystal on your heart chakra center will provide you with healing and nourishment.

And if you need courage and confidence, you can place a red jasper crystal on your solar plexus chakra to empower you to act and create healthy boundaries.

5. Enhancement of Psychic Abilities

For thousands of years, crystal balls have been used for divination purposes to seek visions through clairvoyance and see one's future through fortune telling.

This magnificent tool can enhance a diviner's psychic abilities because it can display psychokinetic energy transmitted by the individual's mind. But, the instrument is only as good as its user.

By trusting in your psyche, you can gaze into the crystal ball as if looking into a mirror and watch how your mind manipulates molecules to show you the truth of the soul.

6. Shamanic Traveling

This ancient religious ecstasy is a technique used by mystics to travel in the spiritual realm—to either receive higher knowledge or to help another soul reach a broader understanding of their connection to the source.

A shaman needs guidance or a set location for their soul to know where to travel to. And a crystal ball can be used to show the shaman—through remote viewing or astral projection—where the soul needs to go.

7. Seasonal Rituals

In several traditions, people used crystal balls in rituals and magical spells to tap into the power of the seasons. If the weather was responsible for life and death, the deities associated with the seasons could be called upon with a crystal ball to invoke the right energy to improve the life and journey of the people.

December is a time for celebration and a period of the winter solstice that magical spells invoke to restore order in our world with integrity and purpose. Using a turquoise crystal ball will create happiness, harmony, and joy for all involved in your energy.

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8. Criminal Investigations

Crystal balls are excellent tools that can be used to help solve police investigations such as kidnappings, lost or stolen property, and even murders.

Psychic investigators can trace the source of these criminal activities within a crystal ball. They can also utilize their clairvoyant and telepathic skills and allow the Divine to work through them to reveal the journey of the investigation.

9. Photography Prism

Crystal balls have a beautifully reflective surface that bounces off light, creating different colors and distortions. Lens ball photography is a widespread practice that uses crystal balls to take illusive and unique pictures.

By understanding the refraction of light rays, you can take phenomenal pictures of natural environments such as mountains, forests, beaches, lakes, and streams.

10. Crystal Magic

Each crystal carries a substantial property associated with a planet and a zodiac sign. By utilizing the power of crystals, you can enhance the strength and powerful attributes of each zodiac and planet through magic.

The Herkimer diamond enhances your originality and spontaneity. It is associated with the zodiac sign Taurus, ruled by the planet Venus and will help you deal with chaos, provide stability, and authentically progress your ideas.

Peek into Your Future.

Good fortune, positive vibes, and healing might be in your future today. Through belief, concentration, and patience, you can unlock the many benefits that a crystal ball holds.

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Head and shoulders photograph of Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
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