Choose from the Best Dream Interpretation Websites StaffJan.10, 2019
The Top 5 Dream Analysis Websites
Perhaps the most mysterious and fascinating time in our lives comes every night , when we slip from our earthly bonds and drift into the kaleidoscope mindscape of our dreams. While there isn’t a clear, rigid science behind dream interpretations, we know that dreams can reveal a great deal about who we are and provide insight about what we’re dealing with in life.
  • Dream analysts are there to try and make sense of it all. While it’s true that we spend a third of our lives asleep and still know very little about dreams and what makes them work, with the best online dream interpretation sites, some answers can be found.

Here are 5 of the top dream interpretation websites:

1. Psychic Source


  • All dream interpreters are certified and screened by the site
  • Video chat, chat, and phone readings available 


  • Satisfaction guarantee only includes refund - no cash back
  • Some specialties are hard to find on the site 

Psychic Source prides itself on being the longest running psychic reading site. Among the hundreds of advisors on the site, are dozens who have experience with dream interpretation.

Like all psychic advisors on the site, those who deal with dream interpretation undergo serious vetting before being approved. On Psychic Source you will be able to speak to dream interpreters by way of video chat, chat, and phone conversations. If you ever have an issue with your dream reading, you can request a refund to your account, which can be used on a later reading.

MinutesIntroductory Offer
30$19.80 - BEST VALUE!

*PLUS get an additional 3 minutes FREE with any package

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2. Keen 

Keen is a highly popular psychic reading site that features pricing that should please the risk-averse. Users start with 3 minutes free, while some readers offer to start you off at 10 minutes for $1.99.

There is no standard overall rate, rather each individual dream interpreter sets their own rate, which ranges from as cheap as $1.99 per minute to a rarefied strata that charges as much as $34 per minute.


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Readings available 24/7 by phone, chat, or on the Keen app


  • No video chat option
  • Can be hard to narrow down results

Specifically for online dream interpretation, there are a little over a dozen advisors available, with rates ranging from $1.99 per minute to over $16.

With all dream readings, you have a satisfaction guarantee that will refund money to your account if you are not happy with a reading. You can easily schedule a dream analysis session and arrange for a reader to call you back when they aren’t busy. One thing to keep in mind with Keen is that the psychics aren’t screened by the site ahead of time. Rather, the site uses customer feedback and ratings as a form of quality control.

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3. California Psychics 


  • Unique 3-tier system arranges advisors by popularity & prices them accordingly
  • Rigorous screening of advisors 


  • Only phone readings available, no chat or video options 
  • Refunds are only given in site credit 

California Psychics has a rather limited assortment of dream analysts - a filter of the site only turned up a dozen who work in dream interpretation. Nonetheless, if you decide to hire an online dream interpreter from California Psychics, you can take comfort in the fact that the site practices some of the strictest approval criteria. According to their own estimate, only 2 out of every 100 applicants is actually approved to work on the site.

That said, if you want a reading by chat or video you'll have to look elsewhere - at the moment California Psychics only offers phone readings. Within that system though you should be able to find readings that suit you.

Introductory PackageMinutesPrice/minuteSavings
$20 - new psychics20$1$80
$40 - preferred psychics20$2$90
$80 - premier psychics20$4$90

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4. Kasamba 


  • More dream analysts listed than any other company (191 at last count)
  • Free minutes whenever users try a new psychic


  • No screening process for dream analysts 
  • Hard to get a good sense of an interpreter from a 3 minute trial 

Kasamba is known for the wide variety of psychic specialties offered, and of all the sites we’ve reviewed, it has by far the most dream analysts listed. Numbering 191 at last count, the dream analysts charge rates ranging from $1.99 per minute to over $27 per minute.You also have the option of having a video reading with any dream analyst, which makes things a bit more intimate.

To sweeten the deal a bit more, with Kasamba you get 3 free minutes whenever you have a first session with a new advisor, so there’s little risk in shopping around on the site. Not only that, but if you are for any reason unhappy with a reading, the site can give you a refund to your account.

Introductory OfferPrice Per Minute
3 minutes FREE + 50% off first sessionVaries based on reader experience

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5. Hollywood Psychics 


  • Dream analysts must demonstrate 2 sample readings before getting approved
  • Money-back guarantee


  • No video chat option 
  • After introductory rate, site charges $5/min, higher than competitors

Hollywood Psychics provides readings in a number of fields , and currently has 32 advisors offering online dream interpretation sessions.

The site has a number of attractive deals for new accounts, and whichever reader you select, you will know that they passed the rigorous and lengthy approval process for the site. The site also maintains a strict code of ethics, part of what sets Hollywood Psychics apart from many competitors.

There are no video chat readings, though phone and online chat options are available. In an especially unique feature of the site, users can actually receive refund in the form of cash, rather than settling on store credit.

Unlimited$5 per minute

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Bottom Line

Dream analysis is a powerful way to try to piece together the meanings of our dreams, one of the most fascinating and beguiling aspects of the human experience. Take the time to look around until you find a dream analyst that is right for you. And finally, try to get a good night’s sleep.