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Unlocking Precognitive Dreams to Manifest Your Reality: Advice From a Psychic

Deb Sinclair
A psychic doing a palm reading on a client.
The psychic dream state is a direct link to the higher realms because it is an awareness beyond the human ego that links our unconscious and conscious minds to the creation of realities.

Precognitive dreams are connected to potential realities and scenarios that play out in real life and are often reoccurring. There are several reasons for this, and it is not as complicated as you think. A psychic can provide guidance to help you understand your dreams in a psychic reading.

Connection and Oneness

Everything throughout the universe is connected. This human-based illusion manifests in our minds because our consciousness is locked into physical reality.

Our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and interactions are registered within our greater consciousness when going about our day-to-day life. We process, interpret, and experience much like a computer that processes and uploads data, contributing to the creation of an event or circumstance.

It is important to understand that the same thing is happening within our collective subconscious and consciousness so that there is a whole other reality and psychic existence going on beyond what we can physically comprehend.

To psychically connect in a clearer manner, the first step is to understand and accept this as truth and know that you are completely safe in this oneness.

Beyond the Human Ego

When we are asleep, our consciousness literally leaves our body and navigates to the beyond, a plane of higher consciousness and greater awareness. Here, we can look at the bigger picture and become one with all that is. It is like looking at a screen full of psychic and energetic information, moving, changing, and connecting to create different potential realities.

We all do this, connecting with events here and in the afterlife. We connect to the past, the present, and probable future realities.

Beyond the human ego is where your psychic ability exists. To become more fully aware of this, we need to appreciate that ego is an illusion, precognition is linked to the greater truth, and we have the psychic ability to explore many realms and realities. It is the psychic dreams that are the reoccurring ones.

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Energetic Extension

Every interaction, every thought, and every interpretation creates energy. Consider this example. If you can imagine an energetic connection is made between two people, this energy is registered within your consciousness and the greater consciousness or universe, contributing to a potential reality.

Energy doesn’t die; it just changes form. When we understand this, we become psychically connected through this awareness. This energy exists in our psyche, subconscious, and consciousness.

You are psychic energy with access to many more realms than we see daily. Once you appreciate this fact, the freedom and higher psychic awareness it creates can help facilitate your precognition and dreams.

Perception and Interpretation

You can have two people going through the same situation, but their individual experiences or interpretation of it can be very different. From a psychic perspective, the experience in the consciousness is the same. Therefore, our interpretation is not precognitive but based on our emotive responses, past life experiences, and others' influence on the reality of oneness.

In the background of consciousness, the event is played out as one actual truth to which those involved are linked. To become physically aware is to know that your interpretation does not necessarily belong to another person; this greater truth has the highest energy, which is why it is played out in the dream state.

The more energy given to something, the stronger it becomes, and the likelihood of it becoming a reality is amplified. It’s like shining a psychic spotlight on it. This means that the more attention given to the unconscious, the more this reality will manifest.

Past, Present, and Future Realities

We are all creating realities when we consider all of the above and throw it into a big melting pot of universal psychic information. Everyone is linked to this, regardless of where we are on the planet or our humanness and ego.

We all can create our realities through the use of precognitive dreams. The key is to distinguish what is truth and what is illusion. To achieve this and move further forward with it, we need to become more self-aware than ever so that we can use this information rather than having no power at all and finding ourselves in a reoccurring dream state beyond our control.

We Have the Power to Manifest a Higher Reality

In summary, we need to begin to look at the world and our existence as energy that connects us to all that is and know that our precognitive dream state is a direct link to moving beyond our ego into this energy. It is a dream state that takes us into true connectivity and the greater unconscious realms. To remain open to this is a vital step in the right direction for humanity, the planet, and its inhabitants.

The more we learn to understand our universal responsibility for the energy we create, the higher the connectivity that can be brought forward into the physical reality and the greater the likelihood of manifesting a higher and healed reality through the portal of precognition.

Deb Sinclair
Deb is a professional psychic clairvoyant medium and medical intuitive. Aside from writing for Top10.com, Deb is internationally recognized for her proven accuracy in evidential readings with clients spanning three continents.