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The Fool Tarot Card: A Detailed Guide on Love, Career, Health & More

Donna Murphy - Top 10 writer
Woman reading tarot cards to help with love, career and health.
Often associated with new beginnings, spontaneity, and a sense of adventure, there's more to the Fool tarot card than you may think.

I always sit up a little straighter when the Fool card makes an appearance during my online psychic readings. It's like the universe is signaling the start of a new and exciting journey.

After 40+ years of experience in tarot practice, I know the Fool card is special. It can mean many different things depending on who you ask and when you pull it in a reading. This card is about beginnings and embracing the unknown, but as the wild card of the tarot deck, it's not always straightforward.

If you want guidance from a psychic, I'll show you how this card works in the real world of tarot readings and what it could mean for you.

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What Is the Fool Tarot Card?

The Fool tarot card is often designated as the first or last card of the 22 major arcana. The traditional image of the Fool often depicts a young person standing at the edge of a cliff or precipice, with one foot raised, as if they're about to step into the unknown.

Let's break down a few key tarot symbols and their meanings:

  • Cliff: The precipice of a new beginning and the uncertainties that come with it
  • Small bag or satchel: Lessons learned and preparedness for the journey ahead
  • White rose: Purity and innocence
  • Dog: Instinct, loyalty, and protection that reminds us to trust our intuition
  • Sky: Limitless potential and opportunity
  • Sun: Optimism and enlightenment

The Fool tarot card represents new beginnings, spontaneity, and the spirit of adventure. It's about taking that first step into the unknown with a sense of optimism and without the weight of past burdens.

This card suggests taking risks and trusting your instincts, even when they go against the grain of logic or convention. It's a call to approach life with a childlike wonder, let go of fear and self-doubt, and be open to new experiences.

In readings, the Fool doesn't predict what will happen. Instead, it advises on how to move forward—encouraging you to embrace the journey of life with an open heart and to trust that the universe will guide you.

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What the Fool Tarot Card Says About Your Relationships, Career, and Well-Being

Remember that the Fool card's meaning depends on the other cards in the tarot spread and the specific context of your question. Tarot is a subjective divination tool, and both your own intuition and the reader's interpretation are vital to understanding the message of the cards.

Love and the Fool Card: Throw Caution to the Wind

When the Fool card appears in a tarot spread for love and relationships, it often heralds new beginnings. This could mean the blossoming of a new romance or a fresh, exciting chapter in an ongoing relationship.

The Fool urges an open-minded approach to love, encouraging you to embrace opportunities with an open heart and a willingness to take risks. It also brings a sense of spontaneity, suggesting that letting go of overthinking and embracing the unexpected can invigorate your romantic life.

Your Career and the Fool Card: Open Yourself to New Opportunities

When the Fool card surfaces in a career-oriented tarot spread, it often points to the promise of new professional horizons. It can be seen as a nudge to consider a fresh start or be on the lookout for emerging job prospects.

The card may prompt you to embrace calculated risks that align with your ambitions. The Fool also often encourages you to pursue your passion, hinting that it may be time to chase a career path that excites and provides a deep sense of fulfillment.

Health and the Fool Card: Re-Evaluate Your Lifestyle

The Fool card can indicate a fresh approach to health, hinting at the start of a fitter lifestyle. This may involve changing your diet or starting a new exercise routine.

It encourages openness to alternative healing methods while reminding you to make responsible and balanced health choices. While the Fool advocates for spontaneity, it advises you to be cautious and avoid reckless behavior.

Embrace the Fool's Call to Adventure

The Fool is a reminder that sometimes, you just need to let go, be a little impulsive, and see where life takes you. It's all about embracing your inner free spirit.

Tarot can be used as a tool for self-reflection, often guiding you to profound personal insights. Through my readings, I've seen the Fool encourage my clients to turn their lives around for the better completely. They left dead-end relationships, moved house, and found jobs that suited their true calling.

You can reach out to psychics on Keen or Psychic Source to get a personalized tarot reading. They can help you interpret the Fool card as it appears in your unique circumstance and show you how to leverage it for personal growth and new beginnings.

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Donna Murphy - Top 10 writer
Dona Murphy writes for Top 10 as a committed Tarot practitioner and intuitive coach who transitioned from an HR career to concentrate on self-discovery, improved decision-making, and creating content, including thought leadership, blogs, web copy, and e-books.