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Psychic vs Medium: Are They the Same?

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Those who had a connection to their five senses, saw the future, and connected with spirits have been part of culture since the beginning of human existence. To this day, these types of people are what combine religious faith and psychic knowledge. Mediums can lessen the pain that comes with the understanding that all species will have to face death, and psychics can guide those who are lost.

Psychics and mediums have existed throughout history. Ancient Egyptians started astrological charting in 3,100 BCE, and ancient shamans used psychic abilities to cast spells, foretell events, and heal others. 

What did these ancient supernatural beings have in common? They all had a manifestation of paranormal sensitivity—whether hearing voices or seeing visions—much like modern psychics and mediums.

A psychic? A medium? A psychic medium? These two terms are often misconstrued and used interchangeably. 

However, a psychic is not the same as a medium. Understanding the difference and when to use each term can be tricky, but it helps to understand the definition of each term.

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What Is a Medium?

A medium is a person that brings forth spirits. They can communicate with spirits that are dead or from another dimension. Depending on the medium, the person is highly sensitive to lingering energies that succumb to the 3D plane.

Mediums are said to be a portal between the living and the dead and are able to communicate with beings not typically seen by regular individuals. They can communicate with spirits through rituals and ceremonies such as séances, meditation, and divination tools such as automatic writing. Nonetheless, some mediums see and hear spirits daily in the form of shadows, orbs, or voices in their head.

You can chat to an online medium on platforms such as California Psychics to learn more about what mediums do or to make use of their services.

What Is a Psychic?

A psychic is a person that deals with energy fields that emit from auras. These auras can be found on humans, animals, plants, trees, and all of nature. They connect to the energy of their surroundings by aligning with a higher frequency.

Psychics read circumstances within time reach that are connected to the wavelength of energy that omits from anything alive. Their five senses are enhanced and highly sensitive to their surroundings, and they use their third eye chakra to open up these psychic abilities.

All psychics are different and vary in their abilities. Some use tools such as tarot divination, astrology, automatic writing, and runes, which create a more accurate and precise reading. In contrast, others use no tools and focus solely on their senses and skills of clairvoyance, clairsentience, remote viewing, and astral projection. There are also some who may use both to better connect with their client's situation.

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Psychics and Mediums Have Different Abilities

Psychics are highly sensitive to energy and rely solely on the abilities of sight and intuition. They can travel through time using abilities like remote viewing or clairvoyance to be able to focus on the path in question.

Psychics can also have the ability to manipulate energy using telekinesis and psychokinesis. Depending on the messages that come through, a psychic can feel energy through their chakras as a warm or pressured sensation, or they can transfer energy to another.

In contrast, mediums communicate with spirits to gather information. A medium can receive information about a person's current situation by asking the spirits or ancestors that surround them, but most of the time, a medium focuses on the afterlife. This is usually done by connecting to a spirit that has passed to bring an important message or help those they left behind to deal with their grief. In other words, mediums can provide closure after death.

Psychic Abilities and the Gift of Mediumship Can Intersect

Most mediums are psychics, and psychics that have enhanced abilities or were given an abundant gift by the divine can also connect and communicate with spirits. Both typically go hand in hand, simply because you need to be tuned in to your intuition or five senses to have awareness and connect to spirits.

Most mediums already have psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, and automatic writing. They use these skills to consciously connect with spirits. Although it is possible for psychics not to have the ability to speak to spirits, they can potentially enhance their skills to reach those who have passed. Those with psychic abilities and the gift of mediumship are referred to as psychic mediums.

Psychics and Mediums Are Useful for Different Purposes

It's not easy to be a psychic or a medium. Skeptics often judge their supernatural abilities and misdiagnose these skills as being accompanied by mental illness. Unfortunately, we only know as far as we can understand. Love and support to those that experience this paranormal phenomenon can lead them to embrace their gifts.

You will use a psychic or a medium, depending on the type of reading you need at any given time. If you would like to contact a deceased loved one, you can reach out to a medium. If you would like a psychic reading for guidance, you can reach out to a psychic. Or you could get in touch with a psychic medium to fulfill both purposes.

Head and shoulders photograph of Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
Rozalia is a Holistic Health and Spiritual Writer who writes for Top10.com. In addition, she is a professional Spiritual advisor trained in Tarot Divination, Astrology, Reiki Healing, and Dream Analysis. Her background as a Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer allows her to look at the whole Body, Mind and Spiritual Connection.