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How a Medium Can Help You Find Closure and Clarity After a Loved One Passes

Alanna Kali
An angel statue sits on the ground in the forest
The death of a loved one is a painful experience that leaves a lasting impact, especially if the passing was sudden with no opportunity to say final farewells.

This is also true if someone passed when your relationship with them was strained with misunderstanding, confusion, and final words left unsaid, contributing to a lingering sense of unease.

Though death is a natural part of life, it’s hard to be fully prepared for it, and there are often feelings that arise from the well of grief one wishes to express to let their loved ones know just how much they cared. 

A session with a psychic medium may bring closure and clarity in a number of ways after a loved one passes on.

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1. They Can Bring Words of Comfort and Peace of Mind About Your Loved One

A session with a psychic medium can deliver news about how your loved one is doing in the afterlife. They will be able to communicate how they feel about their passing and new state of being through the psychic medium.

This is especially helpful if your loved one was in a lot of pain before passing and you still have that image of them suffering. Hearing from your loved one in the afterlife is one of the greatest gifts to receive, bringing peace of mind that they are safe and doing well. 

You can then think of them as happy and in no pain, continuing to let their light shine brightly in the spiritual world.

2. They Can Communicate Final Goodbyes and Words Left Unspoken

Final goodbyes and words left unspoken can leave you feeling unsettled. A session with a psychic medium provides you with an opportunity to share what’s on your mind and in your heart with your departed loved one and then receive a message back from them too. 

All the feelings and thoughts you’ve been ruminating on can be expressed directly to that person, creating an open dialogue for healing.

Whether it’s been months or decades since the passing of your loved one, saying what needs to be said can bring immense relief and a sense of closure that amends have been made. The acknowledgment that your loved one has heard your words will bring clarity and closure to your heart.

3. They Can Receive Counsel and Advice From a Departed Loved One

Just as you sought their counsel while alive, you can still seek the advice of your loved ones in spirit. Your departed loved ones are always looking out for you, ensuring you are protected and well cared for. 

Contacting them through a psychic medium gives them the opportunity to offer advice, suggestions, and guidance on matters in your life.

The guidance they share with you in a reading will likely be more insightful than before because they are no longer constrained by the limited point of view of the physical world. Your loved one in the spiritual realm can help you to understand why things happened the way they did, what the future holds, and see what’s truly important in your life.

4. They Can Tie Up Unfinished Business on Behalf of the Deceased

Sometimes your departed loved one may have something to ask of you to bring them peace in the afterlife. Your psychic medium will relay this information so that you can assure matters are taken care of in the world of the living so that your deceased loved one can be at ease.

This is especially true if your loved one passed quickly. They may have a message to deliver, a personal item they want you to find in their home, or even an opinion on where their remains are placed. 

It is a great service to listen to the longings of the deceased to ensure they can comfortably rest in the afterlife, knowing their affairs have been fully attended to.

5. They Can Heal Lingering Grief, Anguish, and Pain

The knowledge that your loved one is still nearby in the spiritual world can ease the grief within your heart. Speaking with the deceased in the afterlife can both assist you in coming to terms with your loved one’s passing, as well as provide solace that they are still accessible, just in a different way. 

A psychic medium can help you move through the guilt, confusion, or anger you may be feeling about your loved one’s passing.

If you’ve been struggling to accept your loved one is no longer a part of your daily reality, your session with the psychic medium can provide solace by showing you that they are okay, looking out for you, and able to be contacted when needed. 

As you adjust to this new reality, your emotional wounds will begin to heal. You can transform your pain into a spiritual connection with your loved ones that makes them always feel close at hand.

What Exactly is a Medium?

Finding closure is an important part of the grieving process, allowing one to reconcile their pain and acceptance of the loss of a loved one. Psychic mediums provide this service by being a channel between those who have passed and the living.

Their intuitive abilities, often considered a sixth sense, allow for communication between those on both sides of the veil. Serving as a mediator between both, a psychic medium delivers messages between the living and the spirit world.

Psychic mediums relay messages from the spirit world in different ways. Some allow the spirit to enter their body and be controlled by the spirit to communicate directly with those contacting them. This is called physical mediumship. When a spirit world communicator is transitioning and journeying to the spirit world, they usually go into a trance. It can range from a deep one to a light daze as they connect with the specific spirit.

However, most psychic mediums engage in trance mediumship. The trance, which can range from a gentle shift in consciousness to a deep state of relaxation, opens a channel for the medium to the spirit world. Within their trance, they can journey through the spirit world and communicate with the spirits that come to meet the psychic medium in this state.

While in this trance mode, psychic mediums often receive messages through their senses, such as an image in their mind or smell of perfume, which they share with their client to determine whose spirit might be coming through. It’s common for them to get a letter or a first name (or even the full name), images of how the person passed, or insight into the spirit’s personality.

Once the psychic medium has established which spirit they are communicating with, they can deliver messages from the spirit to their loved one. Questions can be asked, sentiments can be shared, and everything that needs to be said is communicated through the psychic medium.

Preparing for a Session with a Psychic Medium

Before booking a reading with a psychic medium, it is important to check in with yourself and be clear on your intentions. Assess your level of grief and your emotional capacity to handle what might come through during the session.

Sometimes, if someone is still too emotional about the passing of their loved one or it is too soon after the passing, a connection cannot be made. If this is hard to accept, it might be too soon to have a reading with the psychic medium. There is no guarantee they will be successful or that the loved one that you wish to speak with will come through.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to brush up on your family history and acquaintances. You might be surprised by which spirits want to communicate with you, such as a recently departed neighbor or great aunt. Try to keep an open heart and open mind, releasing expectations for the session, and trusting that the spirits whom you are meant to connect with will come through.

Since a session often is very emotional, ensure you have a box of tissues available, a notepad to jot down what comes through in your reading, and a list of questions or things you want to communicate. Reconnecting with your deceased loved one can be an overwhelming experience, bringing up a mixture of feelings from grief to joy. Scheduling time to process the reading afterward is wise, as you will most likely need time to integrate the emotional experience.

Finding a Reliable Psychic Medium

A reliable psychic medium is not always accessible locally. Therefore, finding someone online is often the best option.

You can also look through the psychic medium’s website, read reviews and testimonials from clients, as well as see their ratings. Looking at how long they’ve been a psychic medium, what others’ experience has been with them, and their reading style can help you to make a decision about if they are right for you.

The most important thing for a successful reading is ensuring you feel trust and connection with your psychic medium. Before reading, they should make you feel relaxed and at ease. A mediumship reading is an emotional and intimate experience; you want to feel like you can confide your pain, worry, and concerns in your psychic medium.

It can be beneficial to have a conversation with your psychic medium before booking a session. They should be willing to answer any questions you have and explain to you their reading style. By the time you do the reading, a rapport between you and the psychic medium should already be developed, making you feel comfortable during the experience.


While the acceptance of death is a natural part of life, the experience of losing a loved one remains tumultuous, heartbreaking, and painful. A reading with a psychic medium or tarot card reader can bridge the gap between you and your departed loved one to bring healing, acceptance, and clarity. 

Our loved ones are always there for us, just in a different form, and communication with them can provide emotional closure. Read here if you want to understand more about the difference between a psychic and a medium.

Alanna Kali
Other than contributing to Top10.com, Alanna Kali is an astrologer, numerologist, and tarot reader. She currently is editor-in-chief of a psychic book review website called Musing Mystical. Alanna loves reading, spending time in nature, and traveling.