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Psychic Predictions: Will These 10 Celebrity Relationships Last or Bomb?

Alanna Kali
Will These Celeb Couples Stay Together
Celebrity couples shine in the spotlight, but what’s going on behind the scenes? Which couples have what it takes to make it last? And which are bound to fall apart? Tabloids reveal the present status of these relationships, but it’s even better to know what’s in store for the future of these 10 celebrity couples.

Since the beginning of time, psychics have made predictions about the future, that in some cases ended up being surprisingly accurate. More often than not, psychic mediums can have insights that most people don't, even when it comes to celebrities we all know. In this article, top-rated psychics weigh in on which couples are headed down the aisle and which are moving in their own direction. Read on to find out which 10 celebrity relationships will last or bomb so you can be in the know before everyone else.

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1. Christ Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger

Psychic Nikki predicts Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger will be lasting and thriving this year. They are natural complements to each other, and both seem to have their own psychic abilities, bonding them spiritually.

Schwarzenegger had an intuitive hunch about her relationship with Pratt a year before she met him. And Pratt predicted he would star in Jurassic World years before he got the leading role. In this funny behind-the-scenes video of Parks and Recreation, Pratt pretends he’s texting Steven Spielberg to say he’s too busy filming and Spielberg will need to wait for his answer about acting in Jurassic Park 4.

2. Prince Harry and Megan Markle

Psychic Deborah Davies does not see Prince Harry and Megan Markle lasting in the long run. She senses Prince Harry is missing his family in the UK and Megan’s refusal to engage with them will ultimately lead to a separation. However, this split won’t be immediate. The couple is still riding a wave of enthusiasm from their break with the royal family.

This upcoming year will hold new beginnings as the couple finds their public identity. Psychic Sarah Yip sees Megan continuing to find her own independence. She also predicts Prince Henry will continue to follow his own path. It appears that as the couple turns towards pursuing individual paths, a marriage will no longer be suitable or have the foundation to succeed.

3. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Psychic Nikki predicts Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are on their way to divorce, even if they are continuing to present a united front for now. Timberlake has revealed himself to be an unfaithful partner, apparently cheating on Biel, during her second pregnancy, with co-star Alisha Wainwright in 2019.

The couple has tried to smooth over their troubles by escaping the toxicity of Hollywood and retreating to their Montana estate, but it’s not predicted their efforts will be enough to keep them together. Infidelity makes it hard to patch up a relationship. If you’re ever in Biel’s situation, speaking with an advisor at Psychic Source can confirm your partner’s infidelity and offer guidance on how to move forward.

4. Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker

Psychic Thomas Kyle believes that Kourtney Kardashian has finally found her forever-man with Travis Barker. Confident in their feelings for each other, Kardashian and Barker got engaged in October 2021 after just one year of dating. Kyle notes they both enjoy the hot and heaviness of their relationship, filled with passion, and they are not afraid of a bit of drama, making them compatible both in public and behind the scenes.

Kyle also believes the pair blends well on both an emotional and physical level, making for the type of intimacy that lasts a lifetime. Spiritual intuitive Samantha Jayne also predicts a very happy future for this couple. According to her, Kardashian has learned to keep her plans to herself until she’s ready to share them with the world. This spiritual lesson has the secret to creating the life of her dreams and finding her ideal partner.

5. Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

Psychic Kimberly Stewart doesn’t think Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are a long-term item. She claims Davidson is nothing but a feel-good fling for Kardashian as she navigates her divorce with rapper Kanye West. Kardashian filed for divorce from West in 2021, but it has yet to be made official, and West is fighting against moving forward with the proceedings.

It’s not surprising that Kardashian has already moved on to her new relationship with Davidson. One large-scale study revealed 65% of women start dating within the first year of being separated or divorced. Spiritual intuitive Samantha Jayne echoes Stewart’s prediction, claiming this year Kardashian will be mostly focused on reigniting her career, which has been in a slump recently. It appears Davidson is simply a fun distraction as Kardashian rediscovers her mojo and gets her life back on track.

6. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Psychics are confident that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively will continue to be an inspiration for us all through their generous charity donations. This couple is passionate about donating to hospitals, indigenous communities, NAACP, orphanages, homeless shelters, and food banks.

Reynolds and Lively have truly found their purpose as philanthropists. They are bonded by their commitment to improving the lives of those in need. Having a strong sense of the purpose within their relationship ensures Reynolds and Lively will be sticking together for the long haul. If you’re interested in discovering your relationship’s purpose, consider speaking with a love psychic at Keen.

7. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Despite their 25-year marriage, Psychic Nikki sees a divorce for country star couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. The duo has been together since 1994 when they met in Nashville, marrying in 1996. Together they have three daughters, aged 24, 23, and 20. While they recently filmed 1883 together, a prequel to Yellowstone, acting as a married couple, there are predictions McGraw’s and Hill’s careers are heading in opposite directions.

For years, the couple had shared the dream of touring together and then returning to their Las Vegas residency. But in March 2021, McGraw left Sony records, surprising Hill and disrupting their future plans. McGraw wants to do a solo tour, which has been hard on his relationship with Hill in the past. These two seem to be a juncture that doesn’t have a promising future. Whenever a relationship is at a crossroads, it’s a good time for psychic love advice, which can decide if it’s better to get things back on track or call it quits.

8. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s engagement

Psychic Nikki predicts a second engagement for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, which will actually lead to marriage, unlike last time. Affleck and Lopez met in 2001 on the set of the movie Gigli. Affleck proposed in November 2002, and the wedding was planned for September 2003. But just days before, the couple decided to postpone the wedding, ultimately separating in January 2004. Both went on to marry other people.

After nearly 20 years apart, Affleck and Lopez reunited in 2021. Studies show nearly 50% of couples get back into a relationship after breaking up. The draw is the familiarity with each other. However, oftentimes what leads to the first break-up sets the stage for future problems. Astrologer Kyle Thomas predicts Affleck will be maturing a lot this year and is ready to make a serious commitment, setting the stage to make it down the aisle this time.

9. Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling

Psychic Nikki predicts Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling will not remain together much longer. This couple is known for their ultra-private lifestyle. Mendez refuses to post photographs of Gosling and their two children, aged 5 and 6. While rumors have circulated in the past about a secret marriage, they are not legally bound, despite being together since 2011.

According to Gosling’s horoscope, this year looks promising and filled with honors and fame, but 2023 holds sudden financial losses and enemies that try to tarnish his good image. A scandal could certainly put a strain on this elusive couple. Because this pair keeps so much concealed from the public, there’s a good chance that if they separate it will also be hidden from the public eye.

10. Justin and Hailey Bieber

Psychic Nikki warns that Justin and Hailey Bieber may have a child together, but they need to watch their marriage. Astrologer Kyle Thomas agrees, seeing a possibility of fatherhood for Justin, but also that he will be feeling frustrated and triggered by his home and family life.

The overall consensus points to the start of a family with a rocky future ahead for the Biebers. As it stands now, Justin will be struggling too much with his own inner demons to truly devote the energy needed to make his marriage work. The only hope for this couple is that the transformations that come with fatherhood might help Bieber to better regulate his emotions.

What’s in Store for This Year?

This year will certainly be a whirlwind for all our favorite stars. From new beginnings to bitter endings, these celebrities will be making headlines. As much fun as it is predicting the future of beloved celebrity couples, you can personally benefit from psychic advice too. It’s always good to stay one step ahead and check in with a psychic advisor about the future in store, especially if you find yourself in similar romantic circumstances as the couples in this article.

Alanna Kali
Other than contributing to Top10.com, Alanna Kali is an astrologer, numerologist, and tarot reader. She currently is editor-in-chief of a psychic book review website called Musing Mystical. Alanna loves reading, spending time in nature, and traveling.