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10 Signs Your Deceased Dog Is Still With You

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10 Signs Your Deceased Dog Is Still With You
Grieving your dog involves complex and challenging emotions. You loved your dog unconditionally, and you feel that no living thing will ever understand you the way they did. Your dog came without conflict, and their presence made you feel calm, relaxed, and at peace. You feel unfulfilled without him, and you find yourself daydreaming, wishing to reconnect to your pet.

Dogs are a mirror, a reflection of their owner. Just as humans have auras, dogs have an energetic field surrounding them. By opening your third eye or receiving a psychic reading, you'll notice the signs that your deceased dog is still with you.

Dogs tend to pick up on the emotions and behaviors of their owners. Thus, our auras have the ability to influence our dogs and vice versa. A dog's aura is an energetic field that can remain around you long after their passing.

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1. Meaningful Signs From Nature

When grieving a pet, we often need time away from the hustle and bustle to be alone. We may take walks outside, surround ourselves with nature, and feel the nourishment of the elements.

Nature hears our prayers and energetically connects us to what we need. Floating through the wind, a butterfly lands on your hand, and you feel a breeze caress your skin. You can trust that your deceased dog is still with you.

2. Dreams

When we dream, our mind becomes still, and our spirits become light. We enter an altered state of consciousness that enhances our sensitivity to other energetic frequencies, including the other side.

If you dream of your dog often after his passing, you can trust that your deceased dog is still with you, visiting you while you sleep.

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3. Dog Eyes in Human Form

They say the eyes are the window to the soul and stay when a soul fragment jumps into another living thing.

If your eyes meet with a person or animal with undeniable similarities to the eyes of your deceased dog, you can trust your dog is still with you. This is a sign that your dog wants to protect and be around you.

4. Hearing Barking When No Dogs Are Around

You leave home, go out, and perform your usual routine. Stunned, you hear a dog barking clear as day, but you look around and see no dog, dog park, or other animals in sight. If a sudden memory of your dog accompanies the bark, you can trust that your deceased dog is still with you.

5. Their Scent Lingers

You just had a good cry. You take a deep breath, trying to calm your nerves, and catch a familiar smell. Your dog's scent, which you know all too well, lingers around you.

If you notice your dog's scent sometime throughout your day, this is a reliable sign that your dog is still with you.

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6. Being Pulled to a Shared Location

You are trying to process your emotions. You take a walk or a drive, and your mind empties. You find yourself in a familiar place, allowing the universe to take you where you need to go. You stumble across your dog's favorite location once again.

You feel calm and at peace, and all judgment is released. Your deceased dog is still with you.

7. Craving Their Favorite Human Foods

If you're grieving and suddenly crave the food that your dog considered a treat, this is a sign your dog is still with you and trying to get your attention. They are reminding you of the bond you shared and the happiness you gave them when you shared your food.

8. Reincarnation

It can be hard to deal with the emotions of a dog's passing. There is a void, and you feel alone. You may not feel ready, but the universe attracts us to the right place at the right time.

You might be thrown into a situation where you look into another dog's soul and find your dog there. You can rest assured that your deceased dog has been reincarnated to find you.

9. Feeling Their Fur on Your Skin

When you're doing an activity you and your dog might have enjoyed, such as watching a movie or cuddling on a cold night, you may feel the sensation of their fur on your skin or their weight next to you. This dense energetic presence, accompanied by a deep sense of safety, is a sign your deceased dog is still with you.

10. Seeing Their Aura

Dogs reflect their owners. Their aura varies in colors but often resembles that of their owner. If you shared a strong psychic link with your dog, you could assume that you would still be able to see their aura.

Auras can be seen when you close your eyes or in the corner of your eye. It takes practice, but if you notice a specific auric color around you, you can trust that your deceased dog is still with you.

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Is Your Deceased Dog Still With You?

Grieving your pet is complex, and the time it takes you to heal is up to you. Allowing yourself to experience all the emotions that come with this loss can open you up spiritually and bring you closer to the divine. If you imagine signs that your dog is still with you, speak to a pet psychic with experience communicating with animals.

If you want to communicate with your deceased pet, reach out to an online pet psychic from popular psychic websites like Kasamba and California Psychics.

Head and shoulders photograph of Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
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