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10 Significant Signs When Reading Tea Leaves & Their Meanings

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A woman reads tea leaves, which have numerous interpretations.
Multiple spiritual cultures believe everything is alive and has a vibration, including stems and tea leaves.

Psychics, such as myself, use tasseography as a divination tool that abides by the law of attraction. According to the California Institute of Integral Studies, tea leaf reading shows how the "unconscious communicates through symbolism." Like tarot cards, tea leaves offer a window to the soul and interpret our fortune during psychic readings.

Let's unpack 10 significant signs and symbols from reading tea leaves.

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What You Need to Know Before Reading Tea Leaves

As with any divination tool, you use a teacup or Cup of Destiny to ground intuitive insights and messages. First, enter a meditative state that prepares you to receive these messages through tasseography and connect to your higher self. This state requires you to:

  • Calm your mind
  • Stabilize your emotions
  • Embrace stillness

I'd suggest the Cup of Destiny when first learning tea leaf or coffee grounds reading because it allows you to reference the symbols engraved on the cup and their locations. As you progress, you can try out traditional blank teacups.

Sample Reading

My sample readings will be used as examples to point out some symbols and meanings you can learn from for your own readings.

I used a Cup of Destiny to reference the symbols and an empty cup to rely on my intuition and psychic abilities. Regular readings with a psychic involve their cup of choice, and they ask for client-specific messages.

1. Deep Lines and Their Location

  • Deep lines: represent roads, journeys, paths, and movements taken
  • Clear and straight lines: indicate rewarding trips
  • Multiple lines: suggest a traveling job or several short trips

After drinking loose-leaf tea in my Cup of Destiny, I saw deep, thick lines that journeyed in the Mars quadrant—a symbol of motivation and action—then moved up into the Ace of Spade's upper rim. The Ace of Spades indicates:

  • Legal matters
  • Large companies
  • Serious commitments

So, the combination of deep lines traveling from the Mars symbol to the Ace of Spades suggests strict obligations or agreements that will manifest now or in a few days and relate to travel.

2. Fish

I was in a teaching position when I saw a fish in my tea leaf reading. This symbol highlights substantial wisdom and knowledge in a particular subject.

I knew my intuitive gifts were trying to get my attention in my dreams or waking life. The fish's location by the Mercury symbol (associated with what people around you do for you) on the Cup of Destiny emphasizes communication or telepathic messages.

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3. Lightning

After a midday espresso in my Cup of Destiny, I noticed a natural phenomenon—a lightning symbol.

Created from the coffee grounds, the symbol made me feel an emotional and deep sensation in my heart and body during the reading. I was intuitively aligned with the symbol and trusted I read my fortune correctly. This symbol typically relates to:

  • Sudden insights
  • Inspiration
  • Events that can change your life, such as falling in love, moving overseas, or changing careers

I experienced deep feelings and saw clairvoyant flashes afterward that appeared as visions, foresight, and explicit imagery in my mind's eye.

I noted the visions of the future and breakthroughs in the present, realizing the Divine confirmed upcoming changes and alignment of my path. The sudden flashes of prophecy were a sign that reinforced my intuition.

4. Cloud Shapes

Clouds often indicate illusions and confusion and can be misread depending on perception. In my case, my emotions greatly informed the interpretation.

I saw small fluffy clouds that indicated optimism about a person or situation. In contrast, if I noticed thick dark clouds, they could've suggested that I had problems I couldn't be objective or logical about.

5. Rabbits

I also saw a rabbit in the tea leaves, which symbolizes fertility or success. Jane Lyle's book "The Cup of Destiny" notes that seeing the rabbit means I should experience significant growth in my business, spirituality, and family or have new ideas.

The rabbit was located near the top of the cup on the bell symbol and the Ace of Spades, and it was to the right under the handle. The bell indicates happy news and positive changes.

However, combined with the Ace of Spades, it can suggest a fierce fateful commitment that can impact my future. So, while embracing positive prospects, you should also be wary of signs you're on the wrong path.

6. Symbols of Love

Several symbols of love are on the Cup of Destiny, and numerous coffee grind/tea leaf patterns speak to love dynamics.

The Venus sign, under the cup sign on the Cup of Destiny's rim, pertains to:

  • Love
  • Beautiful art
  • Harmony

A triangle symbol shows the involvement of another person or a romantic relationship and can also signify:

  • Good luck
  • Uplifting fortune from an unexpected source

The combination of the triangle and Venus symbols can indicate a love triangle, according to Jane Lyle's book. However, tasseography is a fortune-telling practice focused on intuition, so it can be interpreted differently. This read made me feel creative and romantic.

7. Horseshoes

A small circle was on the rim of my cup on the horseshoe symbol, so I trusted that fortunate events were coming my way. But I was encouraged to keep an open mind since the event might differ from what I expected.

A horseshoe can indicate:

  • Lucky breaks
  • Meaningful surprises
  • Starts to exciting phases in life
  • A protective symbol to keep negative energies away

8. A Line From the Sun to the Eye

The astrological sun symbol is a circle with a smaller circle in the center. This symbol pertains to:

  • Energy
  • Light
  • Creation that helps you find motivation, joy, inspiration, fame, and power

With the Cup of Destiny, you'll notice this sign under the envelope and eye symbols on the rim. Holding a traditional cup with your right hand, you'll see the sun sign to the left under the handle.

My reading indicates incoming positive news because a straight line runs from the sun up to the eye, which was to the right and under the cup handle. The eye represents protection in several cultures and shows:

  • A change in perception or a different way of seeing things
  • The Third Eye and seeing what is not always visible with the physical eyes
  • A positive omen that signifies strong intuition

You can positively impact others if you have this symbol and location combination.

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9. Symbols of Wealth

I noticed a dragon made up of coffee grounds sitting on my Cup of Destiny's Jupiter. The Jupiter symbol looks like a two with a short vertical line through the middle of its tail.

The dragon faced the diamond symbol with its back to the heart symbol. On a traditional cup with no symbols, the sign of Jupiter is below the cup's rim, opposite the handle. The heart and diamond symbols sit directly above Jupiter on the rim.

  • Dragon: symbolizes seductive, false illusionary energy
  • Jupiter: planet of expansion and wealth
  • Diamond: symbolizes wealth

I knew I was entering a period of abundance in my life. However, the dragon presented itself better than expected. I took precautions as I headed toward my increased self-confidence with the diamond.

10. A Horse

A horse symbol between the celebratory cup and the sun indicates a sense of rebirth.

My new journey should bring positive benefits. A path that should manifest as a successful business deal opened for me, showing appreciation for my well-developed philosophy and inner strength.

Let the Tea Leaves Guide You

When I cleansed my aura for my reading, I was prepared to go on a journey. I felt the following things:

  • Breakthroughs
  • Intuitive insights
  • Flashes
  • Wild emotions
  • Profound grace
  • A connection to the Divine

Embrace self-awareness and open-mindedness when reading tea leaves. This and how symbols or shapes resonate with you are fundamental views of your fortune and future. When paired, various symbols can hold different meanings, so your emotional responses are a bountiful guide.

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Head and shoulders photograph of Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
Rozalia is a Holistic Health and Spiritual Writer who writes for Top10.com. In addition, she is a professional Spiritual advisor trained in Tarot Divination, Astrology, Reiki Healing, and Dream Analysis. Her background as a Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer allows her to look at the whole Body, Mind and Spiritual Connection.