Benefit From Signing up to BetterHelp If You're a Therapist Staff
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Here's How You Can Benefit From Signing up to BetterHelp If You're a Therapist
Online therapy has been surging in recent years, with emerging technologies, remote-tasking trends, and of course the coronavirus all contributing to its increasing popularity. Leading the charge is BetterHelp, the first and arguably most popular online therapy platform, which boasts tens of thousands of users and a built-in infrastructure that provides all of a therapist’s operational needs.

Founded in 2013, BetterHelp anticipated the internet’s ability to bring mental health support to a wider audience and has become one of the best online therapy services around. In the last 7 years, it has attracted thousands of licensed therapists and has been featured in The Atlantic, Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times, the latter of which called it one of the “effective alternatives” to traditional face-to-face therapy. 

While the coronavirus outbreak created a huge surge in online therapy, BetterHelp’s ability to create new avenues for those unable to seek in-person support, helped it gain traction long before the pandemic. And with the benefits of e-therapy so attuned to modern life, it will likely continue to thrive long after the pandemic ends. 

If you’re a therapist looking for supplemental income or a new approach, here are 10 of the benefits to practicing through BetterHelp: 

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1. Be Exposed to a Larger Pool of Clients

With BetterHelp, your potential client base expands far beyond your physical location. Due to its remote nature, you can work with clients across the country and even the world. You’ll be given a full profile on the site to list your credentials, experience, methodologies, and philosophy. This allows clients to find you and seek your services entirely through remote communication, eliminating the need for in-office visits and allowing you to schedule appointments with more flexibility. 

2. Supplement Your Income

Even if you have an in-person practice, you can supplement your income with as many (or as few) online sessions as you want. Online therapy provides counselors the opportunity to take on clients on an as-needed basis while working around their daily schedules. If you’re looking to supplement your income or test the waters of online therapy while still retaining your regular practice, BetterHelp offers a no-commitment opportunity to take on additional work at whatever pace works for you. 

3. Save Money on Office Space 

One of the advantages to remote working is that it eliminates the cost of office spaces and commuting. If you’re finding that office-space rental is eating into your income, online therapy provides a direct avenue to reach clients from your own home. Setting up a space in your home to conduct online therapy can drastically decrease your costs and leave you with more money, time, and energy to put towards your clients. 

4. Tap Into the Remote-Tasking Movement

Technology has given us many opportunities to complete tasks from our computers that once required us leaving home. While this began with streaming and online banking, nowadays we are accustomed to working from home, holding online parties, and yes, even seeking therapy through new, virtual channels.  

Remote therapy is simply more convenient for some, but for others, it’s actually a net-positive. People with limited mobility, or those who live in less-populated areas, are finding themselves drawn to the availability of online therapy. Additionally, it’s become an attractive alternative to those with phobias, anxieties, or a fear of social stigma that might keep them from visiting a therapist in person. 

As more people adapt to working from home and performing other essential tasks remotely, online therapy is sure to become an even more popular alternative to in-person therapy. 

5. Benefit from BetterHelp’s Built-In Platform

BetterHelp offers a fully integrated platform that provides for all of your communication needs. Rather than having to juggle third-party software or run up your own phone bills to speak with clients, you’ll be able to take advantage of the site’s array of billing and communication tools. Everything from the paperwork and billing to video, phone, and chat portals are provided, giving you a seamless centralized hub to conduct therapy without having to juggle the details.

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6. Gain Enormous Exposure 

More than 10,000 new clients sign up to BetterHelp each day. Therapists who join will have enormous exposure, and won’t have to market themselves or wait on referrals to gain new clients. With your full personal profile on site for clients to view, you can expect a huge increase in potential clients and free exposure to the thousands of new users signing up every day.  

7. Get Bonuses for Seeing Clients 

BetterHelp’s compensation can compete with any of the other online therapy sites out there, and since it rates significantly lower than in-person therapy, more people will be drawn to seeking out your services. The site also rewards bonuses to therapists who maintain long-term clients, and occasionally occasionally offers additional bonuses to new practitioners upon signing up. 

8. Say Goodbye to Paperwork 

Every therapist knows that paperwork takes up a significant portion of their time and energy. One of the most attractive features of BetterHelp is its ability to minimize the time therapists spend filling out paperwork. BetterHelp takes care of insurance, billing, and provides a central infrastructure for you to organize notes and manage other organizational needs. With this streamlined system that removes the burden of paperwork and billing, therapists are given more time and freedom to focus on their clients’ needs and schedule more appointments. 

9. Join An Active Community 

The counselor forum is a favorite amongst BetterHelp’s therapists. This is a dedicated space for therapists only where they can chat, communicate and ask and answer questions. Whether you have a technical question, need some advice on a patient, want to talk shop, or simply need to vent with others in your field, the counselor forum provides an active, welcoming space for all of BetterHelp’s practitioners to tap into the larger community. 

10. Gain Valuable Experience 

If you just earned your license and are venturing into therapy, BetterHelp can be a solid launching pad for starting your career. It’s a well-known and respected therapy platform that can boost your resume and provide you plenty of experience working with clients with a variety of needs. Rather than opening your own practice and feeling overwhelmed, BetterHelp counselors can set their own schedule and build up their practice in a way that will gain them valuable experiences early in their career.

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If you are interested in becoming a therapist with BetterHelp you can click on the link above. Additionally, if you have any specific questions you can contact BetterHelp in the following ways:

You can email the support team at or submit an inquiry via the website’s contact form. Usually, a BetterHelp consultant replies within a day. 

You can also write to BetterHelp at the following address:


990 Villa Street,

Mountain View, CA 94041

BetterHelp is a Game Changer in Mental Health Support 

Remote online services have been growing in popularity for years, and the coronavirus outbreak only accelerated the speed in which we’ve embraced them. Nowadays, online work meetings, birthday parties, and therapy sessions are a fact of life, and that’s likely to continue even once the pandemic eases up. 

BetterHelp is leading the charge of remote therapy. It has provided a centralized hub that allows therapists to reach more clients while saving on office space, commuting, or setting up their own online practices. As more and more people embrace online therapy, BetterHelp will continue to be the platform that clients turn to for professional, legitimate mental health support via remote channels. Staff's editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.

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