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Top 10 Best Home Appliance Insurance Companies To Protect Your House

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A home warranty technician fixing a stove in a kitchen.
You've likely been there: Your washing machine broke again despite multiple costly repairs. Now, as you make regular trips to the dry cleaner, you can't help but wonder if a new appliance would've been more economical. But you have another option—a home warranty.

Home system breakdowns are inevitable due to daily use and unforeseen events like power surges. In fact, 95% of American homeowners have experienced a major appliance failure. From sudden refrigerator malfunctions to unexpected HVAC issues, these disruptions can wreak havoc on your lifestyle and budget.

However, home warranty companies give you a safety net against repair costs. With the help of an insurance specialist familiar with the ins and outs of property protection, we'll give you insight into our 10 best home appliance insurance providers. Whether you own or rent, we can help you make an informed decision about guarding your investments.

» Know the difference between home warranties and homeowners insurance.

Our 10 Best Home Appliance Insurance Companies in 2024:

  1. American Home Shield - Best home appliance insurance company overall
  2. Liberty Home Guard - Best for customizable plans 
  3. Select Home Warranty - Best for cover in new and pre-existing homes
  4. First American Home Warranty - Best for discounts on new appliances
  5. Elite Home Warranty - Best for a quick claims process
  6. Home Service Club - Best for round-the-clock customer support
  7. Choice Home Warranty - Best for no long-term contracts
  8. AFC Home Warranty - Best for flexible appliance cover service fees
  9. Home Warranty of America - Best for protecting incorrectly installed appliances
  10. Mike Holmes Protection - Best for unlimited coverage for home systems

A Closer Look at Our Best Home Appliance Insurance Companies in 2024: Our Quick Reviews

1. American Home Shield

Offers numerous add-ons so you can get personalized protection Get Quote

  • Best for - Extensive coverage and customization options
  • Average annual premium - $240–$1,080
  • Contractors - 17,000 vetted contractors
  • Service call fee - $75–$125
  • Service requests - 24/7 online and by phone

With American Home Shield, you can get up to $4,000 cover per item per term. This protects various systems, like your water dispenser, garbage disposal, dishwasher, and refrigerator components, including water leaks and the ice machine.

There are also optional upgrades available for guest units and pool and built-in spa equipment.

Why we chose American Home Shield: The company's Electronics Protection Plan is an add-on covering various household gadgets and devices from workmanship defects, power surges, and failure due to everyday use. It pays to fix or get replacements for items like computers, tablets, wearables, and home theatre systems.

What customers are saying: Rona (58) from Austin said it was a "relief knowing another service charge was not required" when the technician came out for the second assessment of her water heater. She also mentioned that "the service call was handled quickly."


  • No system coverage cap
  • You can choose your contractor
  • Warranties for new and pre-existing appliances


  • Customer service calls occasionally have long hold times
  • No guarantee for restoration times

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2. Liberty Home Guard

Gives you two free months with annual billing for added savings Get Quote

  • Best for - Optional add-ons and customer satisfaction
  • Average annual premium - $600–$750
  • Contractors - 10,000 in-network
  • Service call fee - $65–$125
  • Service requests - 24/7 online and by phone

Liberty Home Guard can repair or replace nine major home appliances, including your ceiling fans and garage door openers.

It also offers free pre-season HVAC tune-ups where a technician checks your heating and cooling system at no extra cost. This proactive maintenance helps prevent system failures and avoids additional service fees.

Why we chose Liberty Home Guard: You can get additional coverage for pro-series appliances with Liberty Home Guard. These warranties may extend beyond the typical duration offered by manufacturers or standard home protection plans. Additionally, all repairs are backed by a 60-day workmanship guarantee.

What customers are saying: Alan (46) from Mesa said that his agent had "excellent customer service skills" and that he was "always prompt and helpful." Also, he said that the firm's "online portal system made the claim process easy."


  • Protects appliances in rental properties
  • Monthly and annual plan options
  • Collaborates exclusively with licensed technicians


  • Occasionally requires proof of maintenance for cover
  • Automatic renewal clauses can delay policy cancellations

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3. Select Home Warranty

Guarantees excellent customer service and appliance repairs with high ratings Get Quote

  • Best for - Quick response times
  • Average annual premium - $432–$765
  • Contractors - 10,000 in-network
  • Service call fee - $60–$75
  • Service requests - 24/7 online and by phone

Select Home Warranty can guard many of your home systems and appliances, such as your air conditioning (AC) unit, heating system, washer, and dryer.

When it comes to your cooktop or oven, the company also pays to replace any essential parts like bake elements and temperature sensors.

Why we chose Select Home Warranty: Select Home Warranty gives you free roof coverage and two months of free system protection when you sign up. You can also get warranties for additional items like well pumps and septic systems that may not be covered under other standard plans.

What customers are saying: Rebecca (68) from Tulsa said she had a "great experience signing up." She mentioned that when her sales agent found out she was over 60, he offered her "a great seniors-only policy which was hundreds less per year." It has the "same benefits and free roof protection."


  • No hidden fees
  • Three all-inclusive plans for systems and appliances
  • Hassle-free cancellation policy


  • Low coverage limits
  • Not available in Nevada, New York, Washington, or Wisconsin

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4. First American Home Warranty

Provides 24/7 access to qualified technicians with decades of industry experience Get Quote

  • Best for - High payout caps
  • Average annual premium - $564–$1,044
  • Contractors - Fully vetted network
  • Service call fee - $75–$125
  • Service requests - 24/7 online and by phone

With First American Home Warranty, you can choose between the Basic Plan, which covers essential appliances such as ovens, or the Premier Plan. This includes major systems like HVAC and plumbing, plus uncommon appliances like wine coolers and spa equipment. Both also protect essential dishwasher parts like sprayer arms and valves.

Why we chose First American Home Warranty: Its upgrades give you perks like coverage for lifting equipment and certain code modifications so your systems align with building safety standards. For example, if your electrical wiring doesn't meet current rules, this add-on pays up to $1,250 to correct any violations.

What customers are saying: Douglas (51) from Wichita said that his technician "knew what the problem was and was able to repair it quickly" after ordering the new part. He also noted that the "repair schedule followed the set times and went well without delays."


  • Covers up to $7,000 per item with the Appliance Plus upgrade
  • No limit on the number of service requests
  • Filing a claim does not increase your rate


  • Only available in 33 states
  • Premium plan is expensive

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5. Elite Home Warranty

Covers your most expensive and necessary systems without doing inspections Get Quote

  • Best for - Customizable coverage limits
  • Average annual premium - $540–$720
  • Contractors - Nationwide technicians network
  • Service call fee - $0–$130
  • Service requests - 24/7 online and by phone

Elite Home Warranty's plans include up to 16 appliances and systems like microwaves, dryers, and dishwashers. There are also premium options that take care of septic tanks and various pumps.

Knowing sump pump maintenance tips is one thing, but getting protection for these items offers additional security for different areas of your home.

Why we chose Elite Home Warranty: Elite Home Warranty's customizable plans can deliver triple the coverage amounts compared to standard home warranties. Also, you don't need a home inspection to start your cover. This makes it convenient if you need protection quickly and don't have time to schedule and wait for an inspector.

What customers are saying: Steve (52) from Tucson said his agent was his "guardian angel" when his fridge stopped working. He continued to say that she "went all out, making sure all bases were covered by getting a third technician's opinion to fix it."


  • 90-day workmanship guarantee
  • Includes sprinkler and water filtration systems
  • Referral program for additional savings


  • Customizable plan details not readily available
  • Doesn't provide coverage cap specifics

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6. Home Service Club

Creates an easy claims process with a user-friendly online interface Get Quote

  • Best for - Optional utility line coverage
  • Average annual premium: $525–$726
  • Contractors: 15,000 in-network technicians
  • Service call fee: $65–$125
  • Service requests: 24/7 online and by phone

Home Service Club offers coverage for 47 systems and appliances ranging from plumbing and electrical to built-in food centers and free-standing ice makers.

With the Standard Plan, you can cater your warranty to your unique needs, like adding a second fridge. And on the Comprehensive Plan, you can add pest control cover.

Why we chose Home Service Club: If you're involved in the middle of a house sale transaction, then the Real Estate Home Warranty Plan might be the unique benefit you're looking for. It includes protection for unknown pre-existing conditions, rust, and improper installations.

What customers are saying: Walter (62) from Detroit said that his service call fee was low and that his "appliance could be replaced if they couldn't fix it." He didn't want to give up his refrigerator and said that he loved that HSC values his "long tradition of using something until it's useless."


  • 90-day labor guarantee
  • Covers accidental damage to appliances
  • Warranty protection for appliances in vacation homes


  • Service isn't BBB accredited
  • Not available in California

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7. Choice Home Warranty

Delivers a variety of budget-friendly plans for unique financial requirements Get Quote

  • Best for - Easy-to-understand plans with clear coverage details
  • Average annual premium - $420–$720
  • Contractors - 15,000 licensed contractors
  • Service call fee - $65–$100
  • Service requests - 24/7 online and by phone

Choice Home Warranty has two main plans. The Basic Plan uniquely combines protection for your household systems and major kitchen appliances like refrigerators in one option, simplifying your coverage selection.

Additionally, the comprehensive Total Plan allows upgrades to cover extras such as central vacuums and septic systems.

Why we chose Choice Home Warranty: The company offers generous coverage limits per item repair or replacement, giving you financial reassurance during emergencies. Also, it sometimes provides appliance discounts for veterans and senior citizens. While not always available, these promotions can further reduce costs.

What customers are saying: Claire (42) from Golden said the "process from the online claim submission till full repairs only took two days." She mentioned that the "contractor set the appointment on day one, arrived quickly, and repaired her heater within 30 minutes."


  • Charges affordable monthly premiums
  • Gives you the first month free
  • Eligibility for pre-date cover with proof of uninterrupted coverage


  • $50 cancellation fee after the first 30 days
  • Limited roof leak coverage

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8. AFC Home Warranty

Charges discounted rates on home maintenance parts for added savings Get Quote

  • Best for - Multi-year warranty options
  • Average annual premium - $540–$660
  • Contractors - Customer selects own local technicians nationwide
  • Service call fee - $75–$125
  • Service requests - 24/7 online and by phone

AFC Home Warranty's Diamond Plan covers 18 systems, appliances, and electronics (including smartphones), plus exterior water and sewer lines. So, your plumbing is protected from the tap to the street.

Additionally, the Platinum Plan includes 20 systems and appliances, balancing essentials, such as your ductwork, and extras, like fans.

Why we chose AFC Home Warranty: With AFC Home Warranty, you can get $200 off the regular plan prices, plus free leak coverage. You can also receive complimentary consumer identity protection with the Gold Plan, which is uncommon in home warranties. This can help you resolve any financial issues that may arise in case of a data breach.

What customers are saying: John (39) from Oklahoma said he's "very happy" with the company and its "efficient repairs." He mentioned the technicians were "quick to respond and address the issue with his failing appliance."


  • Warranty extends to water softener coverage
  • You can submit an unlimited number of service requests
  • Home maintenance records aren't required


  • Service fee differs per issue
  • No customer support over live chat

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9. Home Warranty of America

Assists with transferable warranties to increase the value of your property Get Quote

  • Best for - Covering non-standard home features and appliance
  • Average annual premium - $475–$675
  • Contractors - Local technicians from HWA's private network
  • Service call fee - $75–$100
  • Service requests - 24/7 online and by phone

Home Warranty of America's Diamond Plan goes beyond the usual by offering coverage for unknown poorly maintained and improperly installed systems.

With the Premium add-on, you also get protection for around 30 other issues, like sediment in water heaters and plumbing fixtures.

Why we chose Home Warranty of America: Home Warranty of America provides free coverage for sellers on active listings for up to 180 days, which can be helpful during your home-selling process. Also, you can pick your repair technician or use one of its suggested partners, which is convenient for quick and accurate fixes.

What customers are saying: Amy (58) from Baltimore said her agent was very "professional and knowledgeable." She also mentioned that if she could "request him for all appliance services, he would be her number one" choice.


  • Offers discounts on new appliances for members
  • Extended cover beyond standard 12-months
  • Available nationwide


  • No appliances- or systems-only plans
  • Higher-tier plans don't cover AC units

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10. Mike Holmes Protection

Supplies unlimited coverage for home systems in all plans for inclusive protection Get Quote

  • Best for - Rapid home system and appliance maintenance
  • Average annual premium - $550–$1,050
  • Contractors - 11,500 in-network
  • Service call fee - $58–$85
  • Service requests - 24/7 online and by phone

Mike Holmes Protection's Essential and Complete Plans pay to repair or replace vital home systems and appliances like your HVAC, stove, and dishwasher.

But the Ultimate Plan delivers an uncommon gem—an emergency concierge service. It'll help you arrange accommodations, transportation, and even pet care if you need it urgently.

Why we chose Mike Holmes Protection: One of the company's unique features is its virtual diagnostics and repair tool, which lets you chat with certified technicians via video calls or text. With this technology, a qualified consultant can help you identify problems remotely and walk you through the steps to fix them or send a repairperson to assist.

What customers are saying: Joanne (45) from Atlanta said that her agent "explained all of the costs" and answered all her questions. She said that she had an issue with her garage door system and that "the technician they sent out was spot on and very thorough."


  • Runs background checks on all technicians
  • Covers old and damaged appliances
  • Offers coverage of up to $6,000 for appliances


  • 30-day waiting period
  • No cancelation fee

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Compare the Best Home Appliance Insurance Companies:

Best Home Appliance Insurance Companies
American Home Shield
Liberty Home Guard
Select Home Warranty
First American Home Warranty
Elite Home Warranty
Home Service Club
Choice Home Warranty
AFC Home Warranty
Home Warranty of America
Mike Holmes Protection
Best for
Extensive protection and customization options
Optional add-ons and customer satisfaction
Quick response times
High payout caps
Customizable coverage limits
Optional utility line coverage
Easy-to-understand plans with clear coverage details
Multi-year warranty options
Covering non-standard home features and appliance
Rapid home system and appliance maintenance
Average annual premium
17,000 vetted contractors
10,000 in-network
10,000 in-network
Fully vetted network
Nationwide technicians network
15,000 in-network technicians
15,000 licensed contractors
Customer selects own local technicians nationwide
Local technicians from HWA's private network
11,500 in-network
Service call fee
Service requests
24/7 online and by phone
24/7 online and by phone
24/7 online and by phone
24/7 online and by phone
24/7 online and by phone
24/7 online and by phone
24/7 online and by phone
24/7 online and by phone
24/7 online and by phone
24/7 online and by phone

How We Reviewed the Best Home Appliance Insurance Companies

Our evaluation process involves gathering insights from multiple sources. The team connects with real customers to get first-hand insight into service reliability, responsiveness, claim processing, and satisfaction.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Coverage options and limits: We check what appliances and systems are protected, whether there are any cover caps, and whether the plans include both appliances and systems, just appliances or just systems.
  • Pricing and value: Our team compares plan costs, including premiums, deductibles, and discounts.
  • Service quality and contractor network: We look at how the company selects and vets contractors and the size of its technician network. We also review service quality based on customer reviews, focusing on timeliness and professionalism.
  • Customer service and claims process: Our team evaluates how easy it is to file a claim, the availability of customer service, and the time it takes to resolve claims.
  • Contract transparency and terms: We judge how the company communicates its contract terms, including coverage details, exclusions, limitations, and cancellation process.
  • Consumer reviews and ratings: Our team assesses customer satisfaction ratings from reputable review sites and feedback platforms.

What Is a Home Warranty?

A home warranty is a service contract that covers the repair or replacement costs of major household items, such as refrigerators, ovens, washers, dryers, and dishwashers. Such protection can:

  • Save you from paying out of pocket for unexpected repairs, parts, and labor—which can be particularly costly for newer, high-end appliance models
  • Provide peace of mind, as you can rest assured that if an appliance breaks down, you won't have to worry about the financial burden of repairing or replacing it
  • Help extend your appliances' lifespan since covered maintenance and repairs can keep them in working condition for longer

» Want to know more? Find out what a home warranty is and what it covers.

Who Benefits Most From a Home Appliance Warranty?

Appliance warranties can be useful for anyone who owns a property, but there are many reasons why first-time home buyers need a home warranty more than the rest—such as lowering your financial risk and guarding your new investment. Others who can benefit from this type of protection include:

  • Homeowners with older appliances: You can benefit from warranties if your appliances are older since they'll probably need more frequent and costly repairs or even replacements.
  • Households with several major appliances: You may find comprehensive warranties more cost-effective than paying for individual repairs or replacements if you own multiple major appliances.
  • Individuals with limited budgets: You can use a home warranty as a safety net if you have limited financial resources but need to fix broken appliances or systems.
  • Renters: With a warranty, you can protect your personal appliances like washers and dryers despite living in rented spaces.
  • Rental property owners: If you own another house, you should also get a home warranty for your rental property. Tenants don't always care for properties with the same level of detail as owners, so breakdowns can occur more frequently.

How Much Do Appliance Repairs Cost?

Most appliance repairs typically fall between $100 and $450 depending on the appliance type, severity of the repair, where you live, and how much it costs to replace parts. Here's what you can expect to pay when you need to repair common appliances in your home:

Repair Cost
$200 to $400
$100 to $450
$100 to $650
$160 to $300
$125 to $425
$50 to $400
Garbage Disposal
$70 to $250

How Much Does Home Appliance Insurance Typically Cost?

Basic plans generally include monthly rates of $25 to $50, while more extensive options can have premiums of $55 to $100. If you add this up, you're paying an average annual amount of between $300 and $1,200. Additionally, you can pay a service fee of $60-$125 per appointment.

These costs vary based on the provider, level of coverage, your home's age, and your location. Variables like add-ons, covered appliances, and the size of the house also influence prices.

What Determines the Price of Appliance Warranties?

Here are a few additional factors that could affect the price of your home appliance warranty:

  • Number of appliances: The more things your insurance covers, the higher your premium will be. Basic plans that only include essentials are usually cheaper.
  • Where you live: Prices can change depending on where you are. Repair costs and living expenses in your area can affect your premium.
  • Service fees vs. premiums: Sometimes, paying more monthly means paying less when you need repairs. Or you might pay less monthly but more when something breaks.
  • Age and condition: Older homes or appliances might cost more to insure because they could be at risk of needing frequent repairs.
  • Company reputation: Some well-known companies might charge more, but you might feel better about paying if you know they'll do a good job fixing things.

How to Choose the Best Home Warranty Company

When looking for appliance coverage or any insurance protection, the point is to feel safe and secure about your prized and essential possessions. The only way to get that assurance is to acquire cover from a company you can depend on. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a home warranty service:

  • Ease of making claims: Check if the provider has an easy-to-use website for submitting claims and if the process is straightforward for faster results.
  • Response time: Find out how quickly the team responds to service requests, especially during emergencies.
  • Customer reviews: Look for reviews from other homeowners on customer forums, social media, and sites like the Better Business Bureau.
  • Reputation: Contact your local or state consumer protection office for any available information on the company.
  • Consistency: Pay attention to whether the feedback about the company is consistently positive or negative, as it reflects its reliability.
  • Annual charges: Consider the yearly premium and compare prices from different companies to find a balance between coverage and affordability.
  • Service call fees: Understand the costs associated with service calls, including whether there are fixed or varied rates depending on the repair needed.

Home Appliance Warranty Cover and Exclusions

Home warranty companies offer diverse plans that cover various appliances and systems, but they also exclude certain items for different reasons. Here's a list of standard inclusions and exclusions you can expect to find when you're looking for appliance insurance:

Covered Appliances and Systems:

  • Garbage compactors
  • Washing machines
  • Dryers
  • Microwaves
  • Stoves
  • Refrigerators
  • Plumbing systems
  • Electrical components
  • HVAC systems
  • Air conditioners
  • Furnaces
  • Heating systems

Common Limitations and Exclusions:

  • Damage from natural disasters like hurricanes
  • Power surges
  • Product faults pre-defined by the warranty company
  • Wear and tear
  • Neglectful handling of the item

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How to Maximize Your Home Appliance Warranty's Value

If you want to make the most out of your home appliance insurance, follow these simple tips:

  • Understand the contract: Make sure you know what your insurance covers, how much to pay, and how to claim if something goes wrong. This can save you valuable time and unexpected payouts while remaining covered.
  • Know your appliances: Keep track of the age, brand, and model of your appliances. This helps technicians improve the repairs and lets you know if you need more or less coverage.
  • Do seasonal checks: Before the season changes, check your appliances to ensure they work well and prevent surprises and breakdowns.
  • Report problems quickly: Tell your insurance provider immediately if something isn't working correctly. This helps to prevent further damage. You can take pictures or videos to show what's wrong for clarity and to repair it faster.
  • Take care of your appliances: Clean any filters regularly, check for leaks, and follow your manufacturer's instructions for maintenance. This lowers the chances of things breaking down.

Get a Protection Plan That Covers Your Valuables

Homeowners spent close to $6,000 on home repairs and maintenance in 2022. Appliance cover gives you a safety net against the unavoidable costs of fixing essential household items and systems. The reasons you should have a home warranty plan don't get simpler than that.

With coverage from reputable companies like American Home Shield and many other American Home Shield alternatives, you can lessen the financial impact and help extend the life of your household items. Whether you own or rent, a protection plan is a wise investment to safeguard your most valuable assets.

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How quickly can I expect a technician to be dispatched for a service request?

Most home warranty companies try to dispatch a technician within 48 hours after you file a claim. However, response times can differ due to your location and the nature of your issue.

Do home warranties offer coverage for appliances?

Yes, most home warranties cover essential appliances and systems in their plans. But always check that your items are functioning properly before applying for protection in case there are restrictions on items with pre-existing conditions.

What are some common reasons for claim denials?

Damages that occurred before buying the warranty or those caused by mishandling might result in denied coverage. To avoid this, keep up with regular maintenance requirements as stipulated in your contract. Additionally, ensure proper installation and follow safety codes, as overlooking these can result in unapproved claims.

How is home appliance insurance different from homeowners insurance?

Appliance insurance covers specific appliances and systems within your residence. On the other hand, homeowners insurance looks at broader risks, including property damage, theft, and personal liability.

Is insurance for home appliances worth it?

Appliance insurance can be helpful, particularly for new homeowners who might not be ready for sudden repair costs. It's also useful if you have older or additional appliances, like an extra refrigerator, as it can help avoid large expenses when your appliances break down.

What appliance components do home warranties cover?

Home warranties usually cover the repair or replacement of crucial working parts of covered appliances, including motors and compressors (like those in refrigerators and air conditioners), heating elements and thermostats (found in ovens and dryers), drain pumps and hoses (in washing machines), circuit boards and control panels (in various appliances), and sealed systems (in refrigerators and dishwashers).

Sunday Odudu Bio
Sunday Odudu, a top 10 writer and an expert in home warranties, has over a decade of experience in sales and public administration. As a seasoned insurance producer and former lead renovation specialist, he has collaborated with start-ups, global corporations, and governmental bodies.