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Best AI Prompt Examples to Build Websites

Luis Santiago Saldivar - Writer for Top10
Woman creating a website with AI prompts.
AI is the newest weapon in your web design arsenal. I'll share the best prompts for everything from color palettes and typography to UX.

Thanks to website builders, web creation is becoming all the more accessible. Add AI to the mix, and you basically have a self-running web-designing machine. And with 59% of users preferring a beautiful design over something plain and simple, you can set up the website your visitors so desperately desire.

Whether you're a seasoned web designer or just starting, these AI prompts can help speed up and streamline your website creation process. No coding skills necessary.

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5 Benefits of Using AI Prompts in Web Design

With AI prompts, you can enhance every aspect of your overall design process, resulting in an impactful and visually compelling website. Here are five ways I think you can benefit from using AI prompts in web design:

  1. Efficiency and time savings: Instead of racking your brain for design ideas, AI prompts give instant suggestions. It frees up your schedule to perfect those creative concepts without the usual time crunch.
  2. Enhanced creativity and inspiration: AI tools can throw around cool ideas that might not have crossed your mind. It's like having a brainstorming session with your digital sidekick.
  3. Consistency in design elements: AI can suggest design elements and layouts that just click together, helping you create a polished and professional website.
  4. Optimized user experience: AI tools can enhance user experience by analyzing user data to tailor web interfaces to their preferences and needs.
  5. Data-driven decision-making: By interpreting complex user data, AI can propose effective layouts, content placement, and design elements that drive user interaction and conversions.

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Streamline Your Web Design Process With These AI-Driven Prompts

Website Copy

Crafting compelling website copy engages visitors and guides them through your site. AI tools can help create cohesive and persuasive copy for various website sections, including landing pages, "Contact Us" pages, and Calls-to-Action (CTAs).

AI prompt examples:

  • "Develop an inspiring landing page copy for a renewable energy company, focusing on their commitment to sustainability and innovation."
  • "Generate friendly and inviting 'Contact Us' page content for a local bakery, motivating customers to get in touch for custom orders."
  • "Create an enticing CTA for a digital marketing webinar, encouraging sign-ups with a promise of expert insights and strategies."
  • "Compose captivating landing page copy for a travel agency, highlighting exotic destinations and personalized travel planning services."
  • "Write a persuasive CTA for an online course platform, offering a free trial to showcase the range of educational resources available."

Pro tip: Add all the necessary details about your business or product, such as pricing, features, or value propositions, to your prompt to get the most accurate results.

Home Page Design

The home page serves as the digital front door of a business, setting the tone for the entire website experience. AI tools can offer innovative design suggestions and layout ideas that align with your brand's identity and goals.

AI prompt examples:

  • "Suggest a modern and user-friendly home page layout for an online bookstore, with a focus on showcasing bestsellers and new releases."
  • "Provide design ideas for a home page that effectively represents a gourmet coffee shop, highlighting its unique brews and cozy atmosphere."
  • "Propose a clean and minimalist home page design for a professional consulting firm, emphasizing clarity, trustworthiness, and expertise."
  • "Create a visually rich and interactive home page design for a travel blog, featuring stunning imagery and easy navigation to various travel guides."
  • "Develop a home page layout for a tech startup that balances innovative design with clear messaging about its cutting-edge products."

SEO Optimization

Consistently creating engaging content and optimizing it for search engines are key strategies for maintaining a dynamic online presence. AI can provide SEO optimization tips to enhance your website's visibility and engagement.

AI prompt examples:

  • "Provide SEO tips for a local restaurant's website to enhance its online visibility and attract more customers."
  • "Suggest key SEO strategies for an online clothing retailer to improve rankings for competitive fashion keywords."
  • "Recommend effective SEO techniques for a photography portfolio website, focusing on image optimization and content visibility."
  • "Offer SEO guidance for a small business website to strengthen local search presence and attract regional customers."
  • "Advise on SEO best practices for a nonprofit organization's website to increase awareness and support for their cause."

Product Descriptions

Writing captivating product descriptions is crucial for e-commerce platforms, as it helps customers understand the value and features of the products. AI can assist in generating detailed, persuasive, and SEO-friendly descriptions that enhance the appeal of your products.

AI prompt examples:

  • "Craft an engaging product description for a new range of wireless earbuds, emphasizing their superior sound quality and battery life."
  • "Generate a compelling description for a line of organic skincare products, highlighting their natural ingredients and benefits for sensitive skin."
  • "Compose a product description for an innovative smartwatch, focusing on its health tracking features and sleek design."
  • "Write an attractive product description for a designer handbag collection, showcasing the craftsmanship, material quality, and style versatility."
  • "Create a persuasive description for an eco-friendly home cleaning products range, underscoring their effectiveness and environmental benefits."

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Responsive Design Tips

With almost 60% of website traffic coming from mobile, ensuring your website is desktop- and mobile-friendly is non-negotiable. AI can provide valuable insights and best practices for responsive design, leading to a seamless user experience on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

AI prompt examples:

  • "Offer guidelines for designing a responsive e-commerce site that maintains a consistent user experience across various screen sizes."
  • "Suggest best practices for optimizing images and multimedia content for responsive web design, ensuring fast load times and visual appeal."
  • "Provide tips for implementing flexible grid layouts in responsive design to ensure content adapts smoothly to different screen resolutions."
  • "Advise on the best use of media queries in CSS for a news portal website to enhance readability and navigation on mobile devices."
  • "Give recommendations for creating touch-friendly navigation menus and buttons in responsive design, catering to the needs of mobile users."

Your Vision, AI's Assistance

AI tools offer many amazing benefits for web design, but remember that these instruments are facilitators—not replacements—for your creative input. The true uniqueness and appeal of your site come from your vision.

AI can guide, suggest, and streamline the process, but your brand, audience, and personal touch will make your website stand out. Embrace AI as a powerful ally in your web design journey, but always keep your unique perspective and creative flair at the forefront.

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Luis Santiago Saldivar - Writer for Top10
Luis Saldivar is a technical writer specializing in web development, e-commerce, and SEO. He's contributed to business newspapers and web development blogs in the US and Paraguay. He aims to simplify the latest in technology, AI, web development, and digital marketing.