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10 Best Zyro E-Commerce Templates

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You’ve got your Zyro website builder ready for your e-commerce store and now, you need the right template. Luckily, there are plenty of high-quality and customizable options, but choosing one can seem daunting. With so many templates available, it's almost impossible to choose especially if you're new to website design.

It's time-consuming to select and personalize a website template to suit your online store's needs. As with most website builders, you can't easily switch between themes in Zyro, meaning you'll have to redesign your template from scratch if you change your mind.

This means it’s important to make the right choice from the start, saving you time, money, and effort. Let's have a look at the 10 best Zyro e-commerce themes to help you get started without having to backtrack.

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1. Munk

Best for: Businesses that want to make a statement

Say you've got your products that you know have unique value compared to your competitors. You'll certainly want them to stand out to your customers, without being too in-your-face.

Munk may just be the theme for you.

It radiates quality, professionalism, and confidence, with a selection of fonts and colors to make products stand out. This template is also ideal for image-heavy sites, and will portray your business as unique and modern. It’s the ideal theme to attract a base of loyal customers who care about quality and style.

2. Augustine

Best for: Fashion brands (clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, etc.)

Need a no-nonsense, sleek-looking website template that directs customers straight to your products? Augustine does just that. It's a stylish, fashion-centric theme that's suited to clothing brands of all kinds, and accessories such as bags, shoes, jewelry, and watches.

As with other Zyro themes, it's quite minimalistic, helping your products stand out — and works best if you have professional photos that show your merchandise in use.

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3. Mina

Best for: Wall art, ceramics, and hand-made decorative products

Mina is a great Zyro website template for decorative pieces that you want grouped according to style, design, artist, etc. Customers can quickly navigate, find what they're looking for, and make that final purchase.

It's bold yet not overpowering in its design, making your website and product catalog more memorable.

4. Haven

Best for: Cosmetics and supplements

Haven is a simple pink-and-white theme that's ideal for selling cosmetics, supplements, or other lifestyle products. Its polished design is meant to help your store stand out and be easy to navigate at the same time.

This is an image-heavy theme so if you pick it, make sure you have high-quality, professional product photos.

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5. Hobart

Best for: Designer items

Hobart is a clean template that comes with a white background, large photos, and simple product pages, making it easy to customize. Its minimalistic design lends itself well to online stores selling designer or luxury products.

Black and white themes are perfect if you want your brand to be seen as stylish, classical, and timeless. This selection of 30 websites by Awwwards, one of the most influential voices in web design, showcases that exactly.

6. Marlow

Best for: Timeless, durable products 

Marlow is another black-and-white (but predominantly black) theme that's sober and toned down. This makes it ideal for products with little or no seasonal variation that will last a long time. That includes anything from books to high-quality electronics.

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7. Nyx

Best for: A younger audience

Nyx is a colorful template that speaks best to a younger demographic. Its ideal for selling cosmetics, jewelry, or accessories, with white, blue, and coral as its default colors. Its horizontal menu and simple product pages make navigation easy and intuitive.

8. Aurora

Best for: Image-heavy websites

Aurora is a theme you’ll definitely need high-quality images for. You can use it for anything from fashion to jewelry to home decoration.

Its default colors are red, black, and white, and it makes generous use of white space, which is key for letting your design breathe.

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9. Gaon

Best for: Boutique online stores

Gaon is elegant and simple, which makes it ideal for boutique stores with small, bespoke collections of designer items. Its functional look makes it extremely easy to navigate, while its down-to-earth colors (beige, white, black, grey) help inspire trust and build loyalty.

10. Joyner

Best for: Businesses who want to tell a story

As with all other Zyro templates, Joyner is simple and functional. This means it caters to a wide range of businesses and audiences.

Its creative use of images can help you create a fresh and unusual look: photos aren't all aligned to the same margins and grids. Instead, the theme prompts you to place them in a way that helps tell the story of your business, products, creative process, or something else entirely.

Click and Pick

Zyro is ideal if you want to build an online store fast - and the themes showcased above are among the best to help you get started. Plus, it's very beginner-friendly, which makes it perfect if you're just starting out with your ecomm presence.

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