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PhonePower Review StaffMar. 12, 2019

In a Nutshell

Phone Power’s services range from provisions for a single residential line all the way through to hosted PBX systems for large enterprises and corporations. This makes Phone Power a diverse and wide-reaching provider of VoIP, with a truly well-rounded approach to any of your business or home communication needs.


  • Call transferring and call return
  • Call logs for phone traffic analysis
  • Find me / follow me for call forwarding


  • Cancelation fee for opting out of multi-month contracts
  • Setup can be slightly difficult

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Company Overview

The Residential and Small Business packages offer options from low-cost metered calls to virtual numbers and additional lines added at no extra cost. The Business and Cloud PBX packages are flexible and can be tailored to your business size and needs. Phone Power recently made the acquisition of communications company, 


Phone Power offers an extensive array of both standard and advanced features for the residential and business plans.

Call features include the now-expected options such as:

  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Speed Dial
  • Call transferring and call return
  • Call logs for phone traffic analysis
  • Find me / follow me for call forwarding options

The really exciting thing that Phone Power offers is a service called e911, or enhanced 911. This allows you to make a call to 911, as you would with a normal phone line, but also automatically sends your name and address to the dispatcher. This means that in any emergency situation, if you were unable to communicate such important information, they would automatically have your details on file. This could quite literally be a lifesaving feature.

Also offered are features such as:

  • Toll-free numbers
  • Virtual phone number
  • Keep existing number
  • Mobile app (also compatible with a tablet)
  • Free second phone line—ideal for large families with high phone usage or people who work from home and don’t want work calls coming in to the family home line.

VoIP Packages/Plans

Phone Power has 2 basic plans, both including unlimited minutes. As with most services, the annual or 24 month contracts work out cheaper than paying a rolling monthly contract—the downside of this is that you’re tied into it and if you’re not happy with the service, you have to pay a high cancellation fee.

Unlimited US and Canada call plan:

  • $99.95 to pay upfront for 1 year (which works out as $8.33 / month)
  • $9.95 / month for a 12-month contract
  • $19.95 / month for a rolling monthly contract

World Plus call plan:

  • $24.95 / month for a rolling monthly contract

The unlimited plans offer an outbound calling limit of 5000 minutes or an average of 3 hours of phone calls (outbound) per day. Plans come with 60 minutes of free international calls per month. Inbound calls are completely unlimited.

Phone Power Phone Power Visit Site

Customer Support / Ease of Setup

Phone Power is simple to install and use. The customer support is outstanding—it is detailed and clear, describing all aspects of the services offered from setup right through to using every feature. There is a section of FAQs and a knowledge base which you can search, filtering by topic or by using keywords. You can contact Phone Power by email, on the phone or through the live chat support on the website.

Bottom Line

Phone Power is a great VoIP provider with a really clear approach to its services: simple instructions, easy to use, lots of features and great customer service. The only downside is the high cancelation fee (that will set you back $99) but perhaps it is an indication of Phone Power’s confidence in the high quality of its service. Its different packages and flexibility of options make Phone Power suitable for homes and businesses. StaffJun. 18, 2019
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