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Lipstick Hacks That Will Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

Nikshep Myle
10 Lipstick Hacks That Will Make Your Teeth Look Whiter
Yellowed teeth can bog down your confidence and take away from your radiant smile. Teeth staining commonly occurs due to reasons beyond your control, but with the correct tools and a dedicated dental regime, you can successfully reverse it.

Having a set of pristine-looking chompers has become more sought-after than ever before, making people hop on to the latest trend of whitening their own teeth at home. While this is a much more efficient way of getting whiter teeth, sometimes you need a temporary quick fix.

In that case, don’t underestimate the magic of wearing the perfect lip color. If you've ever visited celebrity gossip sites, you probably know they have many ways of making their teeth appear whiter. And some of these (cheaper) ways involve makeup hacks, such as wearing the right shade of lipstick.

Let’s explore 10 lipstick hacks that will bring out the whiteness of your teeth and ignite your confidence wherever life takes you.

1. Choose a Red Lipstick With Cool Blue Undertones

If you’re looking for a universally-flattering color that gives you an intense, bold pout, you’ll want to try red lipsticks. This color makes for a rich and solid finish every time, and wearing red is intrinsically associated with an upsurge in confidence and looked upon as a symbol of strength. It’s no wonder the iconic Marilyn Monroe pulled off this shade with great panache and dazzled the world with her irresistible charm.

In addition to helping you unleash your bolder self, reds can help counteract the warmer, yellow tones present in your teeth. But you’ll have to choose red lipsticks with a blue base rather than an orange one. The blue undertone contrasts with your teeth, giving them a whiter appearance and boosting your confidence in your smile. 

2. Wear Cool-Toned Shades Over Warm-Toned Ones

If red’s just not your color, go for any other lipstick with blue- or purple-shaded undertones. Your next best options would be raspberry or magenta, but mauve, plum, and even fuchsia tints are well known for their cool-toned hints. 

Since bluer hues sit at the opposite end of yellow shades on the color wheel, they cancel each other out. In the same way, when blue-toned lipsticks come in close contact with the yellow tones of your teeth, they eliminate your teeth’s dullness and make them appear brighter than they actually are. Conversely, yellow-toned lipsticks tend to exacerbate the yellow stains.

3. Steer Clear of Light and Nude Shades

Light-colored lipsticks aren’t the perfect go-to shades for hiding teeth discoloration and staining. And the reason is quite obvious—these tints don’t have prominent dark undertones to contrast against the colors of your teeth. 

It’s safe to go with lighter shades only if you’re truly confident in your pearly whites. If not, you’ll be better off opting for a teeth whitening kit like Snow for a hassle-free, instant brightening solution. You’ll get a quick, long-term fix for your stained teeth that will enable you to rock any lipstick shade and leave a lasting impression with your dazzling smile.  

4. Try Adding Some Shimmer and Gloss

Slapping on a layer of lip gloss over a cool-shaded tint can further accentuate the whiteness of your teeth. The 90s retro beauty trend of lacquering one’s lips with shimmer and gloss is making a huge comeback today. Victoria Beckham, a star personality well known for being a member of the Spice Girls, endorses this trend with her own lineup of shiny gloss. 

Similar to how cooler lipstick shades enhance your teeth’s white shine, the tiny beads of shimmer in your lipgloss make use of the same color rule. In addition to hydrating and moisturizing your lips, shiny lip glosses give off the appearance of whiter and brighter teeth for a more youthful get-up. 

That said, avoid gold or bronze lipgloss shimmers. Based on their positions on the color wheel, these are notorious for bringing out the yellows of your teeth.

5. Use Dark Purple Lipsticks for Darker Skin Tones

Though dark purple lipsticks look amazing with almost all skin tones, this hue particularly stands out on dusky and darker complexions. Plus, the blue undertones found in this shade help to accentuate the whiteness of your teeth. 

Choosing the perfect hue for your skin color can feel overwhelming with countless purple shades, from wines to berries, at your disposal. Thanks to the emergence of technologically-backed makeup apps that use filters, you can now sit at home and virtually try on various lipstick shades in real time. 

6. Make Sure Your Lips Are Moisturized

Chapped and dry lips can make plaque buildup on your teeth more noticeable no matter what color lipstick you wear. For supremely moisturized lips, it’s essential to bring some lip care into your routine. Lip exfoliators work wonders for getting rid of flaky skin, but if you don’t have one, you can always wet your toothbrush with warm water and gently massage your lips. Top that off with an overnight hydrating lip mask for soft and supple lips come morning. 

Additionally, drinking plenty of water will go a long way in ensuring your lips stay moisturized and flake-free. Remember that the smoother your lips, the brighter and whiter your teeth will appear. 

7. Ditch Your Matte Lip Colors

We witnessed regular lipsticks fading into obscurity for a while, only to be replaced by their trendy matte counterparts. While the matte-effect frenzy sprawled across the globe, it didn’t really become the lipstick of choice for many makeup aficionados. This is primarily because it does very little to mask the yellowness of one’s teeth. 

Much like the logic applied to chapped lips, matte finishes make your lips look dry and don’t help reflect the light off of your teeth. If you prefer these lipsticks over a regular glassy finish, it’s essential to tackle the deep-set stains in your teeth. For that, you could invest 10 minutes a day for 6 days and include Hismile—an LED light technology teeth whitening solution—into your routine. 

8. Don’t Opt for Lipsticks With a Frosty Finish

As mentioned above, shine and gloss are great for accentuating your white teeth. But too much of a frosty effect can produce the opposite of the look you’re going for. Since your lips will appear too light and icy, the color contrast between the gloss and your teeth will dip, directly affecting the whiteness of your teeth. 

If you still want to put on a frosted lipstick and help your teeth look brighter at the same time, select one with a lot of shimmer but only a hint of silver. 

Today, the best makeup and beauty sites offer detailed filters based on your skin type, finish, price, and much more. Once you’ve landed on the lipstick product page, make sure to filter out the icy, frosted, and holographic finishes.

9. Be Wary of Brown-Colored Lipsticks

A brown shirt can make your face look sallow by reflecting the brown hues of your skin. Lip colors with brown hints can have the same effect on your teeth. 

If you’re looking to make your teeth appear whiter, cross out those peachy, brown-tinted lipsticks from your shopping list since these shades will only highlight any brown tones in your teeth. 

Instead, you’ll be much better off with purples and deep reds, especially if you’re a fan of dark colors. They offer an underlying blue-based tone that provides high contrast to your teeth, making them look their brightest. 

10. Contour the Curves of Your Mouth

With the help of a concealer, you can make the curve of your lips more prominent so that your lip color stands out. You’ll want to trace the edges of your lip line with a concealer or highlighting pencil, emphasizing the curve of your cupid’s bow. Finish it off by adding a layer of dark-toned lipstick with a blue base. If done correctly, your lips will look fuller, accentuating your teeth’s shine every time you smile. 


Your choice of lipstick often determines how white your teeth appear to others. When you’re out shopping for the perfect lip color, you’ll want to prioritize blue-based and cool-toned lipsticks while consciously avoiding nudes, mattes, and excessive shimmers. Moreover, keeping your lips moisturized and hydrated with the correct lip care products will ensure your skin remains flake-free while rocking your favorite hue.

Of course, lipstick and makeup hacks are only a temporary fix. You must incorporate dental hygiene, regular dental check-ups, and at-home teeth whitening kits in your schedule for bright and white chompers that stand the test of time.

Nikshep Myle
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