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CO. by Colgate Teeth Whitening Review 2023

Innovative and effective at-home teeth whitening with

Paul Arnold

In a Nutshell

CO. by Colgate is an oral beauty collection of innovative products aimed mainly at Generation Z. One of its leading offerings is the SuperNova Rechargeable At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit. It uses a combination of LED light and hydrogen peroxide-based serum to whiten teeth and is ideal for those who want quick and efficient whitening from a long-serving and trusted brand.


  • Results typically last for several months
  • Rechargeable LED device
  • Safe and easy to use with step by step instructions


  • LED device can be uncomfortable for some
  • Less affordable than whitening strips

Co. by Colgate Co. by Colgate Visit Site

CO. by Colgate At A Glance

Best For: Effective, hassle-free teeth whitening from a trusted brand.  

Starting Price: $129

Treatment Duration: Ten consecutive days

Estimated Length of Results: Four to six months

LED Technology: Yes

Money-Back Guarantee: Yes

What Is CO. By Colgate?

CO. by Colgate is part of the multinational Colgate-Palmolive Company. CO. by Colgate's oral beauty range is designed to appeal to the younger generation by offering innovative, fresh, and exciting products.

What sets CO. apart from the rest is its patented blue LED device, which comes with its flagship product, the SuperNova teeth whitening kit. The device contains around 700 LEDs that give off a 400-420 nm wavelength of light, making teeth more susceptible to hydrogen peroxide's bleaching power. According to CO. by Colgate's website, the device has been thoroughly tested and is 100% safe for consumers.

Among the other whitening products on offer are a brushing kit, a brightening kit, an enzyme-powered toothpaste, and an overnight whitening wand. All of the whitening products have been formulated to minimize the risk of sensitivity.

CO. by Colgate also has excellent customer service through live chat, text, or telephone from Sun - Fri between 8 am to 8 pm ET. Alternatively, you can email them any time.

How Much Does CO. by Colgate Cost?

CO. by Colgate sells a variety of products that range in price from $15 for an enzyme-powered teeth whitening toothpaste to $152 for their teeth-whitening kit.

CO. by Colgate Products


CO. by Colgate SuperNova Rechargeable At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit


CO. by Colgate Teeth Whitening Kit


CO. by Colgate Brushing Kit


CO. by Colgate Brightening Kit


CO. by Colgate Starter Kit


CO. by Colgate It's Lit (overnight teeth whitening wand)


CO. by Colgate Oh So Dazzling (teeth whitening toothpaste)


CO. by Colgate periodically offers discounts on its website and social media channels. There's free shipping on orders of $25 and over, and students receive a 20% discount. The brand also has a Referral Rewards Program allowing you to get deals when you refer a friend who places an order. 

When compared to the industry average for similar whitening kits, CO. by Colgate is competitively priced - pitching itself in the mid-range price bracket.

CO. by Colgate At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit Review

This review looks at CO. by Colgate's popular SuperNova Rechargeable At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit. We'll focus on what you get for your money and how the kit works.

What Comes in the CO. by Colgate Whitening Kit?

CO. by Colgate Teeth Whitening Review Kit

When you purchase the SuperNova teeth whitening kit, you will receive the following.

  • A rechargeable LED teeth-whitening device

  • A charging case for the device

  • A whitening wand, which contains whitening serum (0.08 fl oz/2.5 ml)

  • A USB cord

CO. by Colgate Teeth Whitening Kit Ingredients

The whitening wand contains CO.’s teeth-whitening serum, a gel which is made of the following ingredients.

  • Alcohol (solvent)

  • Water (solvent)

  • Acrylates/Octylacrylamide Copolymer (polymer film former)

  • Hydrogen Peroxide (whitening agent)

How Does CO. by Colgate's Whitening Kit Work?

The SuperNova At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit comes with an LED teeth-whitening mouthpiece and a whitening wand containing a 3% hydrogen peroxide serum. Hydrogen peroxide is a whitening agent that can safely eliminate stains in teeth. 

When the LED teeth-whitening device is turned on, LEDs give off a specific wavelength of light, making tooth stains more receptive to the hydrogen peroxide. 

According to a study published in the Journal of Conservative Dentistry, laser, halogen, and LED-light activation produces increased lightening of tooth shade and longer-lasting results than non-light-activated teeth whitening.

How To Use CO. by Colgate's Whitening Kit

The rechargeable at-home teeth whitening kit is straightforward to use.

  1. Make sure the device is fully charged before brushing your teeth. 

  1. Pat teeth dry and apply the whitening wand to the top row of teeth. Wait ten to 15 seconds to let the serum dry. Repeat on the bottom teeth.

  1. Insert the teeth-whitening device into your mouth and turn it on to activate the serum.

  1. Wait ten minutes while the device is working.

  1. After five minutes, the device will beep once to indicate it’s halfway done.

  1. After ten minutes, two beeps indicate the process has finished.

  1. Don't eat or drink anything for four hours after the treatment. Once this time has elapsed, brush your teeth.

CO. by Colgate Teeth Whitening Review How To Use

Use the teeth whitening kit for ten minutes every day for ten consecutive days. The typical time between treatment cycles is three months, so you can use the SuperNova device up to four times a year to maintain a radiant smile. A good time to use the kit is in the morning after breakfast. Results could last up to six months.

Some people may experience gum discomfort or tooth sensitivity when using whitening products. However, CO. by Colgate assures that any discomfort you experience is temporary and not harmful.

Is CO. by Colgate Safe to Use?

CO. by Colgate says their SuperNova teeth whitening device has been rigorously tested and is 100% safe for consumer use. It won't harm gums or tooth enamel. Likewise, the whitening serum is safe to use.

The formula has a low peroxide concentration to minimize the risk of sensitivity. Contact with gums should be avoided to reduce irritation.

Does the CO. by Colgate Actually Work?

Based on reviews we’ve read on websites such as Amazon and Home Tester Club, customers are impressed by how well SuperNova works, even on teeth that have been stained from years of tea and coffee drinking. Others have commented that the wand whitened teeth without causing sensitivity.

Colgate doesn’t offer a guarantee with the SuperNova, however, they state that you can expect the results to last four to six months. This varies depending on how frequently you smoke, drink coffee, or consume other things that might stain your teeth.

How Does CO. by Colgate Compare to Other Whitening Kits?

This is how CO. by Colgate compares to other whitening kits on the market:

CO. by Colgate



Colgate ® Optic White

Starting Price





Treatment Type

LED Teeth Whitening

LED + Whitening Strips

LED device + whitening serum + extra-strength whitening serum

LED Teeth Whitening

Treatment Duration

Ten minutes per day for ten consecutive days

Two weeks

Daily for 21 days

Ten minutes per day for ten days


May last four to six months

Can last for up to six months

Can last up to six months

May last up to six months 






CO. by Colgate vs Zimba

Both brands offer a teeth-whitening kit that uses LED technology, although, at $50, Zimba's offering is considerably more affordable. Zimba's treatment cycle is slightly longer at two weeks, and both companies offer a guarantee. Results last a similar amount of time.

CO. by Colgate vs Snow

Like, CO. by Colgate's SuperNova, Snow's teeth whitening kit also uses LED technology to eliminate tooth stains. Snow’s kit costs $20 more, and the treatment time is 11 days longer. However, the long-term results are similar at up to six months.

CO. by Colgate vs. Colgate Optic White 

Colgate Optic White's Pro Series LED Teeth Whitening Kit costs considerably less than the SuperNova and has a similar technology—an LED device with around 700 diodes. The treatment length of ten days is the same, and the long-term results are broadly the same.

Other CO. by Colgate Products

Oh So Dazzling

A whitening toothpaste powered by enzymes

Starting Price - $15

Treatment duration – Use daily

Results - You should see whiter teeth after brushing twice daily for four weeks.

Oh So Dazzling claims to be the first enzyme-boosted whitening toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide in the United States. 

The product is designed for no tooth sensitivity and is suitable for adults and children two years of age and older. 

Colgate recommends brushing twice daily with their toothpaste. According to studies mentioned on the website, teeth should be two shades whiter after four weeks.


  • Naturally-derived enzyme boosts the whitening effect

  • Enamel-safe

  • Designed for no tooth sensitivity


  • Can cost more than regular toothpaste

  • Some users complain the taste is too sweet

CO. by Colgate Teeth Whitening Review Other Products

CO. by Colgate’s overnight teeth-whitening wand

Starting Price - $25

Treatment duration - Use nightly, one week at a time.

Results – Claims to lighten by three shades after two weeks.

It's Lit is an overnight teeth-whitening wand. Just click and brush the whitening serum on your teeth every night before bed and let it work its magic while you sleep. Each wand has enough serum for 35 treatments. 

Once you've finished with the wand, you can continue using a new wand without a waiting period. You can use the wand daily or now and again, according to your needs. 


  • Whitens while you sleep

  • Designed for no tooth sensitivity

  • Sugar-free and vegan


  • Some users complain that the serum doesn't come out easily

  • Some people dislike the serum on their teeth overnight

CO. by Colgate Teeth Whitening Review Other Products

Is CO. by Colgate's Teeth Whitening Kit Worth It?

If you're looking to improve the radiance of your smile, then the SuperNova teeth whitening kit is likely to help you out. It may be a little expensive for some, but it costs less than professional whitening and offers similar results. 

While results differ from one person to another, most people should notice a difference after ten consecutive days of treatment. The product is backed by modern light-activated technology that has been shown to deliver results. Plus, treatment can be repeated every three months.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does the Colgate Whitening Wand work?+-

Yes, it does. Customer reviews were positive, with most people claiming to notice a difference.

What are the benefits of toothpaste tablets?+-

CO. by Colgate's toothpaste tablets contain the same amount of fluoride as the normal amount of toothpaste used for brushing. Therefore, it has the same benefits, such as helping to prevent cavities.

Do I need to use mouthwash after brushing with the tablets?+-

The tablets provide the same anticavity, cleaning, and freshness benefits as toothpaste. If you want an extra freshness burst, you can use mouthwash as well, but it is not required.

Will the brush tell me if I'm brushing too hard?+-

CO. by Colgate's rechargeable electric toothbrush will let you know if you apply too much pressure. The Intensity Wave on the back of the brush handle turns red when there's excessive pressure. Just loosen your grip, and the red light becomes white again.

Paul Arnold is a former BBC producer who worked on news, science and medical programmes for national and international audiences, travelling the world to interview Nobel Prize winners, politicians and celebrities. While at the BBC, he co-wrote and produced numerous documentaries and features covering dental health issues and dental technology. Since becoming a freelance writer, he has written articles and blogs for dental practices and publications in several countries.

The author of this article has been paid by Natural Intelligence to write this article. Neither the author nor Natural Intelligence provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or your local emergency number immediately.

Co. by Colgate customer reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

9 months ago

This is a great teeth whitening system. It's easy and safe enough for me and my entire family to use regularly.

9 months ago

Co is a great product for whitening your teeth. It is so easy to use and I love that it can make your teeth whiter in less than 1 month.

9 months ago

My teeth have gotten whiter in just 3 weeks. It's easy to use and more comfortable than most whitening strips. I use it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, and my teeth feel so much cleaner.

10 months ago

It works better than most other whitening products, and It has a better taste than most.

10 months ago

Co is a great teeth whitener because they take care of you to make sure you get the results you expect. They'll literally explain in detail what you can do while using their products to reduce the staining and yellowing of your teeth.

10 months ago

I love Co teeth whitening because I drink coffee all the time, and it works miracles on my teeth. It keeps them looking white and bright and fresh and new all day. I will never change brands. I love this product.

10 months ago

I got the teeth whitening kit and it's great. My teeth used to be yellow and now are shiny white again.

a year ago

With a name like Co, if you didn't know the product, you wouldn't know what it was for. But, overall, it's a great teeth whitening product. And yes, I do recommend it because it works.

a year ago

To be honest it's an amazing product. With the first use, it whitened my teeth amazingly. Co really helped me be confident with my smile again.

a year ago

I find using Co to be very necessary for sustaining a healthy white smile. I will be using this product for many years to come, as it's very reliable and trustworthy.

9 months ago

They do the best job with teeth whitening. I use it whenever I feel it's needed. I will continue to use Co products, as I really like the results, and tell others about how good it is. There's nothing that should change. I like Co just the way it is.

9 months ago

Co is a very good product for my family. We all use it daily to keep our teeth clean and white, and it works very well.

a year ago

I am very pleased with Co. It works for me and I am happy with the results.

a year ago

Very important for me to have a nice smile. Especially with the job that I have.

9 months ago

I think their products are very expensive. There are a lot of other options available in the market, and they could be a whole lot more affordable.

10 months ago

I don't like this brand. I thought it would work out ok, but it never actually whitened my teeth to my expectations. And, it left a funny numb feeling on my gums.

a year ago

Unfortunately, I was very disappointed that after spending a good amount for Co, my son's teeth still looked a little yellow.

17 reviews
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