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CO. by Colgate Staff

In a Nutshell

CO. by Colgate is an oral beauty brand that appeals to the next generation, touting mouth health as an exciting, refreshing part of self care, health, and wellbeing. CO. offers toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouth rinses, tablets, and whitening devices designed to make oral hygiene feel modern, updated, and young. Try CO.’s convenient kits to get to know their bestselling tooth-whitening products.


  • Products are sleek and relevant - we all want clean, white teeth
  • Whitening kit includes rechargeable blue LED device
  • CO. has a customer referral program that lets you save money


  • CO.’s products are rather pricey compared to regular tooth care
  • Whitening kit reviews are mixed regarding results and ease of use
  • CO.’s products can only be bought only at Ulta stores or online

Co. by Colgate Co. by Colgate Visit Site

CO. by Colgate at a Glance

Starting price: A soft toothbrush costs $8. Whitening pastes and rinses cost around $14 dollars

Usage duration: Ten days for tooth whitening kit

Estimated length of results: Results vary, up to 6 months with upkeep 

LED technology: Yes

Money back guarantee: Product can be exchanged within warranty period if defective

Best For

CO. is marketed as a young and exciting approach to tooth whitening and oral care. The products are reimagined, and they do a very good job of trying to appeal to Gen Z’ers who want to look their best.

Good for:

Those who want to whiten their teeth for a special event like a date or an interview

Members of Gen Z who like using the latest science and technology in beauty care

People who connect to a brand that is inclusive and socially forward

How Does it Work?

As the brand explains, CO. is an abbreviated and approachable name for Colgate that reflects the values of the brand and what it represents: community, collection, confidence, and collaboration. CO. represents a new perspective on tooth care products. 

CO. speaks to the next generation of beauty and health care enthusiasts who want to enjoy their daily tooth care ritual. While new to market, the CO. collection is part of the Colgate brand, a trusted and known name in oral care. 

CO. launched with seven products: toothpaste, a manual toothbrush, an electric toothbrush, a mouth rinse, toothpaste tabs, a brush-on whitening wand, and a LED-powered teeth whitening kit. 

CO. products have clever names and innovative active ingredients that will appeal to its target market, such as Oh So Dazzling enzyme-powered toothpaste, Later, Stains! foaming anti-stain mouth rinse, and the It’s Lit overnight teeth whitening wand. CO. to Go is a package of fluoride-containing anti-cavity toothpaste tablets you can chew to clean your teeth when on the go.

The CO. starter kit ($37) includes a manual toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouth rinse, to be used in unison to eliminate stains and keep teeth healthy and fresh. 

The CO. Teeth Whitening Kit ($122) comes with a patented, and rechargeable LED teeth-whitening device meant to be worn 10 minutes a day for ten days. You’ll get a tube of the whitening serum and a USB cord, as well as CO.’s enzyme toothpaste.  

To whiten your teeth, fully charge the LED device. Brush your teeth and pat them dry. Apply the It’s Lit serum to your teeth and let it dry for 15 seconds. Insert the LED device into your mouth and turn it on, activating the serum. After 10 minutes, you’ll hear two beeps that mean you’re done. After whitening, you’ll need to wait 4 hours without drinking or eating. After 4 hours, brush your teeth.

What Sets CO. Apart?

CO.’s patented blue LED device gives you a “futuristic, luminous smile.” Used with the LED device, the advanced hydrogen peroxide serum can get teeth up to six shades whiter in ten days, comparable to a professional whitening. CO.’s products are formulated to minimize the risk of sensitivity, allowing you to apply them precisely to avoid your gums. CO. to Go toothpaste tabs offer the cavity-prevention power of toothpaste in a convenient, on-the-go tablet form. 


Single payment

Products range from an $8 toothbrush to a $100 electric toothbrush. Toothpaste and mouthwash cost around $14. The whitening wand costs $25 and a whitening kit costs $129

(Payment plan) 

(Payment plan)
Subscription is available for some items

CO. offers periodic discounts and free shipping through their social channels, on their website, or through their exclusive retailer Ulta. 

CO. also has an Advocate Rewards program allowing you to get significant discounts when you refer a friend who places an order. 

CO. lets you subscribe to their products at the frequency they think you’ll use them up. However, subscribing doesn’t save you any money off the cost of the product.  

What You Get

SuperNova, the brand’s flagship product ($129), is an at-home teeth whitening kit. It comes with a rechargeable LED tooth whitening device, a charging case, a USB cord, and a tube of the It’s Lit Overnight Whitening Wand.

The whitening wand contains the hydrogen peroxide serum, which, when used with the LED device for 10 minutes a day, will whiten your teeth in 10 days, according to the company’s website. 

The product is considered safe to tooth enamel, and because it is spot-applied, tooth sensitivity should not be a problem. 

Other product configurations combine a toothbrush, toothpaste, and CO.’s award-winning mouth rinse, or the toothpaste, mouth rinse, and whitening wand. 


If used properly for 10 minutes a day for ten days, CO. explains that teeth can get up to six shades whiter, similar to what you’d get with professional dental whitening. If maintained properly with their toothpaste and mouth rinse and touched up with the whitening wand as needed, results can last up to six months. CO. recommends using its whitening device up to four times a year to maintain a white smile.

Customer Service

CO. has a thorough and organized FAQ section on its website, answering dozens of questions about each product and about the product line as a whole. 

You can reach out to CO. for help through live chat, text, or telephone from Sun - Fri between 8 am to 8 pm ET. You can also email them at any time. 

Tutorials and support can also be found on the brand’s social channels, with an active presence on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Customers are encouraged to upload and share their experiences using CO., becoming part of the community.

Co. by Colgate Co. by Colgate Visit Site


From the CO. website: 

“For a home whitening kit, I was very impressed with how well the SuperNova worked, and fast! My teeth are stained from years of daily coffee and tea drinking...I used this for two weeks and my teeth are noticeably better.”

“I have very sensitive teeth but have been looking for a light-activated whitening device that would whiten my teeth without causing excessive sensitivity...I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for whitening devices on the market.”

Bottom Line

If you’ve been looking to update your tooth care routine with products that are innovative and modern, CO. can help you achieve a whiter, brighter smile. While not cheap, the products are backed by some of the latest technology in home oral care. CO. is part of the latest trend in which beauty products are part of a lifestyle - in CO.’s case, inclusivity, confidence, and self-expression are hallmark values. If you’re a health and beauty trendsetter, you’ll want to check out CO. to whiten your teeth and see what the buzz is all about.'s editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.

The author of this article has been paid by Natural Intelligence to write this article. Neither the author nor Natural Intelligence provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or your local emergency number immediately.

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