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Colgate Optic White Advanced LED Teeth Whitening Kit Review 2024

Enamel-Safe Teeth Whitening Treatment

Dale King

In a Nutshell

Colgate’s Advanced LED Teeth Whitening Kit is recommended if you want high impact whitening at-home. Patented LED technology accelerates whitening with a short wear time and is designed with tooth-sensitive customers in mind. The company says that ten 10-minute sessions using 9% hydrogen peroxide is sufficient to achieve good results.Easy to use, the product is promoted as ‘whitening made simple’.


  • Quick treatment, only ten minutes a day
  • Enamel-safe, sensitivity-free
  • Individual serum vials simplify your daily whitening treatment


  • It takes four hours to fully recharge
  • Short warranty length compared to competitors

Colgate at a Glance

Editorial Score


Starting Price: $145 with 15% off your first order

Whitening Method

White Pro Series Stain Prevention Whitening Toothpaste, Overnight Teeth Whitening Pen, Teeth Whitening Serum

Dentist Recommended

No dentist recommendations or awards

Application Time

Ten minutes per day for ten days

Money Back Guarantee

30-day money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, 2-year limited warranty on the LED device

Colgate Colgate Visit Site

Colgate Optic White Advanced LED Teeth Whitening Kit, A Quick Look

Best For: Fast-acting whitening product with professional results. 

Starting Price: $145

Treatment duration: Ten minutes per day for ten days

Estimated Length of Results: Four to six months

LED Technology: Yes

Money-Back Guarantee: Yes

What is Colgate?

Colgate was founded by William Colgate in 1806 and was accredited with the first whitening toothpaste back in 1989. As a recognized heavyweight in the world of oral health care Colgate has a large line of products, including toothpaste, whitening strips, gels, and LED whitening kits.They were one of the first to introduce whitening light technology alongside blue-light whitening activation, making professional teeth whitening at home a distinct possibility. 

Nowadays, products like Colgate Optic White Advanced Whitening Kits provide high-impact, at-home whitening in a short space of time. .  

How Much Does Colgate Optic White Cost?

The Colgate Optic White Series features patented whitening formulas that contain hydrogen peroxide, a safe ingredient for effective stain removal. Prices range from $9 for their Optic White toothpaste to $145 for the Optic White Advanced LED Teeth Whitening Kit.

Colgate Optic White Product


Colgate Optic White Advanced LED Teeth Whitening Kit


Colgate Optic White Pro Series Stain Prevention Whitening Toothpaste


Colgate Optic White Overnight Teeth Whitening Pen


Colgate Optic White Teeth Whitening Serum


Colgate provides interest-free payment plans for their whitening kits to fit most budgets. You can also save 20% on Colgate goods if you subscribe to their website by submitting your email address. Signing up to their list also entitles you to become the first to know about new Colgate products and product launches.   

In essence, Colgate’s Optic White line offers excellent value for money across a range of products when compared to competitors. 

Colgate Optic White Teeth Whitening Kit Review

In this review we’ll focus on the Colgate Optic White Advanced LED Teeth Whitening Kit. We dive into what the product offers, how it works, how to use it, and all the other important stuff you need to know before buying.

What’s Inside the Colgate Optic White Whitening Kit

The Colgate Optic White Advanced LED Teeth Whitening Kit comes with the following.

  • A ten-day supply of Optic White Teeth Whitening Serum

  • Rechargeable LED device 

  • Charging case

  • Charging cord and plug

Colgate Optic White Kit Ingredients

The whitening vials included in your Optic White Teeth Whitening Kit contain the primary whitening ingredient of hydrogen peroxide. Other ingredients are water, glycerine, carbomer, sodium hydroxide, and sodium saccharin.

How Does Colgate Optic White Teeth Whitening Work?

The key to this product lies in its LED blue light technology. When light is applied to the bleaching agent (usually hydrogen peroxide), it activates it, breaking down the whitening gel. This, in turn, causes the gel to work faster, lifting stains off your teeth. 

Clinical studies back LED blue-light technology as a proven method for kickstarting the teeth whitening process, making it akin to professional laser teeth whitening.

How to Use Colgate’s Optic White Teeth Whitening Kit

The product is easy to use, but requires a fully charged LED device to begin. When the kit is charged, your whitening treatment is good to go. Follow the steps below.

  1. Brush your teeth and pat them dry.

  2. Dispense one whitening vial on the top and one vial on the bottom of the LED device.

  3. Put the appliance in your mouth and switch it on.

  4. Use for a full ten minutes to achieve satisfactory results.

  5. Repeat the process for ten consecutive days.

The best time to use the product is when you’re relaxing but not in bed. After all, you don’t want to fall asleep with the appliance in your mouth. Instead, watch TV, read a passage from your favorite book, or simply chill. 

You should feel little or no sensitivity during and after treatment.

Is Colgate Optic Whitening Teeth Whitening Kit Safe?

Colgate Optic White Advanced doesn’t need as high of a percentage of hydrogen peroxide to work as other at-home whiteners. Because of the LED technology, lower doses make it safe for everyday use while remaining highly effective. 

That said, if you have extra-sensitive teeth, pre-existing conditions such as discolored teeth, or tooth alternatives like crowns, this may not work for you. The product is also clinically untested on pregnant and breastfeeding women. To ensure optimum safety, it is always advisable to read through the list of ingredients before beginning and talk to your doctor/dentist.

Does Colgate Optic White Actually Work?

On the Colgate site, the Optic White Advanced LED Whitening Kit has an overall rating of 4.1 from 322 reviews. Amazon customer reviews also give the product a 4.2 with 309 global ratings.

Colgate stands by their product and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason. They also offer a 2-year limited warranty on the LED device. 

On the whole, customers had a good experience working with the LED device. It was easy to use, and the instructions were to the point. 

As for the effectiveness, reviews suggest that noticeable whitening was achieved after the ten-day treatment, though the outcome was not as good as some had hoped. Some also experienced slight gum sensitivity, but this wore off a few minutes after the treatment.

Overall, the product was received well with whitening lasting 4-6 months on average. It whitens teeth faster than other products, is less expensive and more convenient than professional teeth whitening.

How Does Colgate Optic White Compare to Other Whitening Kits?

Colgate Optic White

CO. by Colgate



Staring Price





Treatment Type

Rechargeable LED device, whitening serum vials

Rechargeable LED device, whitening wand

LED device, whitening gel syringes

LED device, mouth trays, whitening pods

Treatment Duration

Ten minutes a day for ten days

Ten minutes a day for ten days

Thirty minutes per day for seven to 14 days

Ten minutes a day for six days, followed by one ten-minute application weekly


Can last four to six months

Can last four to six months

Can last one to three months

Can last up to three months

Moneyback Guarantee

Thirty-day money-back guarantee

If defective, the product can be exchanged within the warranty period

Full 30-day money-back guarantee

Money-back guarantee if your teeth aren’t two or more shades whiter

Colgate Optic White vs. CO. by Colgate

Both products feature blue-light technology. However, Colgate Optic White has a whitener vial assigned for each of the ten days of use, making it easier to control the amount of product you dispense on the device. Meanwhile, CO. by Colgate utilizes a single whitening wand for the complete ten-day treatment. This can be a little tricky to control and maximize.

Colgate Optic White vs. Auraglow

The main differences between Colgate Optic White and Auraglow are the treatment duration and the estimated length of results. Optic White needs only ten minutes for ten days, while Auraglow requires 30 minutes for up to 14 days of use. And despite its longer treatment time, Auraglow may only last up to three months compared to Optic White’s six-month longevity.

Colgate Optic White vs. Hismile

At first glance, the Hismile at-home whitening kit is around the same price range as the Optic White. But, after your six-day Hismile treatment, you have to buy top-up refills for your weekly application. This makes the all-in-one inclusions with the Optic White the more cost-effective option.

Other Colgate Optic White Products    

Colgate Optic White Overnight Teeth Whitening Pen

Starting Price: $24.99

Treatment duration – As little as 1 week

Results – Colgate claims that with proper use, you get up to two shades whiter in as little as one week while removing up to 15 years of stains

If you’re looking for convenience in your whitening product, how about being able to whiten overnight while you sleep? The Optic White Overnight Teeth Whitening Pen does what it says on the tin. It’s super easy to use and is ideal for a spot-treatment for targeted whitening. It is vegan-formulated, gluten- and sugar-free. To use, follow the instructions below.

  • Clean and dry the teeth

  • Click the back of the pen to dispense the product

  • Apply on every tooth surface or specific areas as needed

  • Sleep and wake up with a whiter smile


  • Convenient whitening

  • Enamel-safe

  • No-mess, spot application


  • Less dramatic results

  • Can cause gum irritation with direct contact

Colgate Optic White Teeth Whitening Serum

Starting Price: $29

Treatment duration – 5 days

Results – Colgate claims that teeth will get up to six shades lighter when the whitening serum is used alongside the LED whitening kit. 

The Optic White Teeth Whitening Serum is formulated to be used with the Advanced LED Teeth Whitening kit. It comes with the kit initially, and more can be purchased separately as a top-up treatment. To use:

  • Prepare your fully charged Colgate LED device

  • Twist off the safety seal, then dispense the full serum tube into the device

  • Power the device on and insert it into your mouth

  • Keep it on for ten minutes

  • When finished, avoid eating or drinking for 30 minutes


  • Potent whitening effect

  • Enamel-safe

  • Results last up to six months


  • Requires an LED device for use

  • Compatible only with the Colgate LED whitening device

Is Colgate’s Optic White Teeth Whitening Kit Worth It?

Like the company claims, reviews find that the Colgate’s Optic White Advanced LED whitening kit works to remove even tough stains for noticeably whiter teeth. Customers like how speedy the treatment is compared to other whitening products and how good the value is versus the results. For that reason, we would say that the Colgate White Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit is worth it. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Does Colgate teeth whitening work?+-

Yes. According to Colgate’s claims, the whitening kit is clinically proven to deliver whiter teeth up to six shades lighter with ten consecutive days of use. Reviews generally suggest the results are similar to those of a professional whitening procedure in a dentist’s office.

How long does Colgate teeth whitening last?+-

Results will vary depending on your diet and lifestyle habits like smoking, but most users report that once teeth are whitened, the effect lasts for around four to six months.

Can I use Colgate Optic White every day?+-

Yes. The product is designed to be used daily to achieve the best results. The Colgate website states that the device has been rigorously tested and won’t harm your teeth or gums.

What does the Colgate Optic White kit include?+-

The Colgate Optic White Advanced LED Teeth Whitening kit includes a rechargeable LED device and ten vials of whitening serum. Collectively, they’re sufficient for ten days of consecutive whitening.

Is this safe to use with braces?+-

The serum needs to make direct contact with your teeth to achieve optimal whitening. If you have clear aligners, you can remove them during the 10-minute treatment to get the best results. However, because metal or ceramic braces are fixed to the teeth for the duration of treatment, the whitening serum cannot make full contact with the teeth. Therefore it’s best not to use whitening products in conjunction with braces.

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