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The Best Websites For Celebrity Gossip

Everyone loves a good gossip, even if they pretend not to. These best sites for celebrity gossip mean that you’ll always be up to date on what the stars are up to.

Whether you pretend to hide it or you’re totally open about it, everyone loves a little (or a lot) of celebrity gossip. Who can resist seeing an over-hyped star cut down to size, or learning the inside scoop about a celeb’s latest boob job or breakup? If you want to keep your finger on the pulse, you need to keep up with one of these best sites for celebrity gossip.

If You Like it Snarky

Let's face it, for many of us, the snark is the best part of every celeb gossip site. Dlisted is one of the most reliably and wickedly hilarious sources for snarky gossip. Michael K writes all of the content, and he's always blisteringly on-target with his snipes at celebrity mishaps. From embarrassing photos to wardrobe malfunctions and social media fails, Dlisted never misses an opportunity to poke fun at a star’s expense.

More controversial, snarky gossip and incisive pieces accompany candid photos in The Superficial. True to its name, The Superficial is dedicated to showing the laughably irrelevant side to celebrity and mocking any stars who take themselves too seriously. It’s a daily site, so you’ll never have to wait too long between updates.

Finally, highly democratic snark and sniping can be found on ONTD. Short for Oh No They Didn’t, ONTD is a community-driven gossip site that serves as a magnet for the internet’s snarkiest, snappiest commentators and the combined witticisms of thousands of browsers.

If You Like to be First with the Gossip

Who can resist the thrill of being the first to break the news about the latest celebrity pregnancy, birth, death, or breakup? Some sites have a reputation for always being the first with the latest celebrity news, and in the case of TMZ, it’s highly justified. TMZ is one of the leading outlets for breaking celeb stories. Its aggressive reporters and fast-moving writers have repeatedly been the first to scoop new events—it was the earliest source of the news of Michael Jackson’s death, Mel Gibson’s drunk-driving incident, and Rihanna’s police photos. Its speed of reporting has it credited with changing the way that celeb news is reported and is a part of what makes it such a popular gossip site.

Thanks to the size of ONTD’s online community, it's frequently the first to break the news about celebrity sightings and scandals, submitted by on-the-spot members. News on ONTD covers the entire range of entertainment, from music to gaming, and can come from anywhere around the world.

If You Like Inside Gossip

There’s nothing quite like hearing celebrity gossip from inside the glamor circle. Perez Hilton began as a straightforward gossip blogger, but as he turned into a celebrity in his own right, he gained access to the inner circle. Hilton’s caustic, blunt style hasn’t changed as his own star rose, which endears him to his many fans. Now that he’s able to dish the dirt first hand with leaked conversations and encounters, Perez Hilton is one of the most popular sources of information about Hollywood happenings.

People has been sharing behind the scenes interviews, candid photo shoots, and exclusive inside scoops about celebrities, royals, and TV personalities for decades, and the appeal hasn’t died one bit. Its claim of ‘exclusive’ scoops might be made a little too often to be totally believed, but it’s definitely seen as the source for the real news behind celebrity headlines.

If You Like Interviews

Every gossip-lover loves to hear what the celebrities they follow are really thinking. Yahoo! Entertainment indulges that desire by sharing plenty of video interviews so that you can hear and see how celebs really react to the goings-on in their lives. People is also an excellent address for celebrities pouring their hearts out about their deepest emotions in exclusive interviews and scandalous stories.

If You Like Photos and Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a celebrity video is worth a million. Candid photos of celebrities in embarrassing situations, wardrobe failures, and risqué images are all over the pages of The Superficial. It doesn’t hold back from sharing plenty of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) photos of awful red carpet outfits and paparazzi sessions that celebrities would prefer to destroy.

Yahoo! Entertainment joins in with loads of videos from Access Hollywood sprinkled generously with candid photo bloopers. PopSugar is another site for surfers who can’t get enough of everyday photos of celebrities doing—or messing up —their thing.

One of the richest sources of exclusive celebrity videos is E! Online, which has a seemingly endless stream of photos and video clips from its mother corporation. Anyone looking for pictures and videos from Hollywood parties, celebrity hangouts, movie premieres, and awards ceremonies will find everything they could wish for at E! Online.

If You Like to Join in

Reading celebrity gossip is fun, slightly wicked, and feeds your sense of schadenfreude, but being part of the attack brings it to a new level. If you like to share your opinions and air your biting wit with thousands of other like-minded fans, ONTD is your destination. It’s more of a community forum than a news site, with plenty of forums for members to submit and commit on items of celebrity gossip—which is part of what makes it among the first to break celebrity gossip stories.

Whatever Gossip You Like, You Got It

Celebrity gossip, scandalous scoops, snarky comments, and sizzling photos—no matter how you like your celebrity gossip to be served, you can find it online. Pick one of our favorite celebrity gossip sites to get all the insider info you could wish for.

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