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5 Luckiest Zodiac Signs for 2024

Donna Murphy - Top 10 writer
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Ever wondered why some years are good for some people but hard for others? You may find your answer in the stars.

Many turn to astrology or online psychic services like Keen to unravel cosmic mysteries and prepare for the future. After all, one in four Americans believe that the positions of stars and planets can impact our lives.

The planets can help us understand ourselves and our destinies better. In 2024, planetary alignments may bring abundant opportunities and experiences, revealing a unique path for each zodiac sign. These celestial movements tell a story of growth, abundance, and evolution.

As a tarot practitioner, I've consulted the cards, and they revealed that certain signs hold extraordinary promise for the coming year. Let's discover which of the luckiest zodiac signs should use the power of the stars to their advantage this year.

The 5 Most Fortunate Zodiac Signs in 2024

The five luckiest signs for 2024 are:

  1. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
  2. Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
  3. Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)
  4. Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)
  5. Leo (July 23 – August 22)

The combined planetary influences and transits of 2024 bring a year of expansion. We all, especially these five signs, will be action-oriented and ambitious. If you're one of the 64% of young Americans who feel a deep connection to your zodiac sign, get ready to step into your power and leadership.

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Taurus is practical, determined, patient, and dependable. This Earth sign is ruled by Venus—the planet that governs love, beauty, and money. Taurus's luckiest areas of life in the coming year are finances, assets and resources, self-worth, and self-respect.

What Lies Ahead for Taureans in 2024?

In astrology, planets moving in their orbits create transits, which bring specific alignments and influences as they pass through different zodiac signs. Jupiter—the planet of expansion and growth—is in Taurus until about May 25. Taureans could see advancements in their careers and changes in their finances during this time.

This year, the desire for stability and security is stronger than ever. Taureans will likely focus on increasing material resources through this year and into the next.

How Should Taureans Approach 2024?

You'll attract more money this year. It may be time to buy a new home or make other significant, long-term purchases and investments. But large cash inflows in August and December can make you overly confident, so avoid overspending.

There’s a positive connection between your self-worth and your material assets. You'll feel a greater sense of abundance—having enough of what you need and some extra to spare.

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Gemini is intelligent, outgoing, adaptable, and always curious. Mercury—the planet of communication, intellect, memory, and travel/transportation—governs this Air sign. The luckiest areas of life for Gemini in the coming year are personal growth, wellness, fresh starts, and new horizons.

What Lies Ahead for Geminis in 2024?

Gemini starts 2024 with a period of calmness, soon followed by a powerful surge of positive energy. Jupiter will be in Gemini from May to June next year. Before this transit, you'll spend time preparing to leave the past behind. You'll be ready to explore new career and travel opportunities.

How Should Geminis Approach 2024?

From May onward, you'll encounter numerous opportunities to advance toward your goals. Geminis will have more faith in themselves and gain more confidence.

You'll reap benefits in your professional life from past work accomplishments. You may also decide to further your education or expand your career skills by taking a specialized course of study. But you should make time for self-care to restore your energy.


Capricorn is a serious, hardworking, and ambitious Earth sign ruled by Saturn. This planet is all about concentration, material rewards, tenacity, and productivity. Capricorns will be luckiest in these areas of life in the coming year: romance, creativity and self-expression, and healthy routines.

What Lies Ahead for Capricorns in 2024?

You don’t often show your playfulness and creativity, but from now through May 2024, your light-hearted and romantic side will blossom and grow. This influence will continue into next year. You'll enjoy expressing yourself and exploring new personal and romantic possibilities.

How Should Capricorns Approach 2024?

You’ll be lucky in love. While you're usually cautious and avoid risk-taking, 2024 brings good fortune that may encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.

Socializing and free-flowing communication will boost romance and love in your life. You may attract unconventional people in unexpected ways, but these seemingly random connections will inspire you.


Sagittarius is an optimistic, romantic, and adventurous Fire sign. Jupiter rules this sign—the planet of growth, expansion, healing, prosperity, good fortune, and miracles. In 2024, the luckiest areas of life for Sagittarians will be careers, partnerships, contracts, and agreements.

What Lies Ahead for Sagittarians in 2024?

The coming year brings increased demands in your work duties and projects, and you may even receive new job offers. But your confidence in your abilities could cause you to over-commit and under-deliver. If you don’t take on more than you can handle, you'll find new or renewed enjoyment and satisfaction in your work.

How Should Sagittarians Approach 2024?

Professional and personal relationships need effective communication and compromise to reach mutually beneficial agreements. So, you'll have to use your ability to get along with others to accomplish shared goals and achieve win-win outcomes. Be your best self and enjoy the benefits of these successful connections and strong partnerships.


Leo is a generous, brave, loyal, and warm-hearted Fire sign. Leos are ruled by the Sun, which embodies the spirit of life, creativity, and vitality. They'll be luckiest in status, career, community, and group networks in the coming year.

What Lies Ahead for Leos in 2024?

Your reputation will bring you recognition and reward, particularly in your career. Jupiter is keeping you in the spotlight and boosting your public image.

Your innate leadership qualities may lead to a promotion or an expanded role in a position of authority. From May 2024 to June next year, engaging in group and community networking will help strengthen ties with like-minded individuals.

How Should Leos Approach 2024?

Leos are never short on confidence or determination. In the coming year, be extra-optimistic and enthusiastic. You'll brim with new ideas, so it's best to select one or two to concentrate your time and energy on. Jot down the others in your journal for later. You'll find inspiration and have the ability to uplift others with a shared vision.

Astrology, Psychics, and Your Path in 2024

As the stars and planets line up in unique ways, knowing your zodiac traits can help you see possible opportunities. These predictions point out parts of your life that may do well, but this is just one way to peek into your future.

Clairvoyants can give you insights that may go beyond what you expect from a psychic reading. Using astrology and online psychic advice can help you deal with both good and challenging times in 2024. Trust your instincts, go with what feels right, and prepare for the new year.

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Donna Murphy - Top 10 writer
Dona Murphy writes for Top 10 as a committed Tarot practitioner and intuitive coach who transitioned from an HR career to concentrate on self-discovery, improved decision-making, and creating content, including thought leadership, blogs, web copy, and e-books.