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Last Updated: Sep 2023

Top 10 Best Tarot Reading Services of 2023

Tarot card readings can give insight into the past, present and future. Choose an adviser to guide your tarot card reading and get clarity, today.

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We find the 10 best options, so you can make informed decisions on tons of products and services.

Can An Online Tarot Reading Really Help Me?

Most people would like to get insights about themselves and their lives, but it can be so hard to find answers, especially from loved ones.

For hundreds of years, people have turned to tarot card readings as a sort of guidebook to self-understanding, and online today you can find countless websites and trained tarot readers who can decode this age-old method of enlightenment.

What Are Tarot Cards?

First things first, let’s clear up a misconception. Most people think that tarot card readings are done so that you can predict the future or know your fortune. Actually, the purpose of a tarot card reading is to gain some insight about yourself, what makes you tick, and the spiritual bellwethers that guide you. Look at it as a sort of guidebook for introspection and self-awareness.

Tarot card readings have been performed for hundreds of years, all the way back to the 14th century. Each tarot card deck contains 78 cards (sometimes more) which are shuffled and then placed out by the tarot card reader in order to provide insight for the customer. Each card has a specific meaning and the reader looks at how they come up and the images they hold in order to create a sort of assessment of the person before them.

Why Should I Get an Online Tarot Card Reading?

The reasons people get tarot card readings are the same reasons they go to psychic readings—to get some answers and find clarity.

A tarot card reading is used to do things like give you a deeper understanding of your career or love life, your personal relationships and your family life. Tarot readings can be used to show places in your life that are lacking, where you are beholden to fear or unsure of your potential, places where enlightenment and satisfaction are waiting to be discovered, where purpose and happiness can be unearthed and given flight.

And really, probably the best reason to do a tarot card reading? They’re fun and can be a really great change of pace from the cubicle and your commute.

How to Compare Online Tarot Reading Sites

Before you invest your time and money in a tarot card reading, it’s good to put in a little legwork. Take a spin through some of the leading tarot card reading websites and see the reviews. Check if customers are satisfied with the service or if they wish they could reshuffle the deck and start the tarot reading over.

Most sites will present you with the profiles of specific tarot card readers, which will include customer ratings and reviews as well.

You should also see what the service offers, such as, whether or not you can do your reading by webcam or if it’s just by phone or chat. Tarot card readings are very visual, so you may really want to insist on using a company that does the readings by video.

Which Online Tarot Reading Network Should I Choose, and Why?

Finding the right tarot reading starts with a little bit of self-reflection. First, you should determine what you are looking for and what questions you’re trying to answer. Once you’ve figured that out, take a look at our top tarot reading websites to find one that’s right for you. While it may be your instinct to look simply at the price, try to also consider which sites provide the best possible answers to your burning questions.

So, What’s in the Cards?

Now that you’ve learned a little more about tarot cards and what a reading can do for you, take the time to look at some of the top tarot card reading options listed above. This is not some exact science, much of it comes down to simply what you feel and how comfortable you are with a particular professional. Once you’ve found the one you feel comfortable with, set aside some time on your schedule and be prepared for a unique experience.

Our Top 3 Picks

  • 1
    California Psychics

    California Psychics

    • Best forA wide variety of psychic reading methods
    • Price rangeFrom $4.50/minute
    • Money-back guaranteeYes, site credits only

    California Psychics offers reading methods presented by experts specializing in different psychic abilities and divination tools like crystals or oracle cards. At the top of the home page, advisors are sorted into different ranks, such as “Premier”, “Rising Stars”, and “New”.

    You can read about psychic tools, abilities, and essential questions to ask in a session on California Psychic’s informative blog. The website also consistently updated to bring you exclusive discounts, and with the Karma Rewards program, you’ll earn credits that you can use to pay for future readings.

    Mary Lawton Johnson, a remote-viewing medium, spoke to us about her experience with Herb at California Psychics. Since she works for wealthy individuals, she decided she wanted to hear about the future of her employment. “I’m typically skeptical of other diviners,” she said, “I even share a fake date of birth to protect my privacy.” She said she felt an “electric charge” between them, which confirmed to her that they were both clairvoyants. Despite her initial doubts, “pretty much everything [Herb] said was spot on."

    Why we chose California Psychics: Their 24/7 customer service and precise filtering system will help you quickly find a trusted psychic. In addition to talented experts, their Karma Rewards program and frequent discounts give you many chances to save money on your readings.

    Our experience: Michael provided impeccable relationship insights, displaying an ability to see things from multiple perspectives without relying on divination tools. His strength in navigating the intense emotions during the reading also created a comforting, safe, and secure environment.

    • Diverse range of psychics and reading methods
    • 24/7 customer service
    • Wide selection of special offers
    • Pricing structure can be confusing
    • Negative psychic reviews not always shown
  • 2


    • Best forMulticultural psychics
    • Price rangeFrom $1.99/minute
    • Money-back guaranteeYes, up to $25 worth of site credits

    Keen’s reliable psychics form a diverse community of gifted professionals. They foster customer trust that leads to long-term, meaningful relationships.

    Their website provides a comprehensive range of love, tarot, spirituality, and astrology articles. Additionally, you can access horoscopes for each sign, including zodiac love compatibility and future forecasts. Keen's satisfaction guarantee can also make you eligible for up to $25 in credit for future readings if the previous one didn’t meet your expectations.

    Ryan McCormick, a host of The Outer Limits of Inner Truth podcast, reached out to Keen psychic TruthWithSoul, who predicted the conclusion of a three-year-long difficult professional period. “The prediction was oddly very accurate, as it described how a specific business matter will unfold,” says Ryan.

    Why we chose Keen: It hosts psychics from many cultural backgrounds, encouraging you to explore different perspectives and try readings you might not have previously considered. Their blog also covers different topics like how to contact a psychic or prepare for a love reading.

    Our experience: We tried out the Keen psychic SacredWaters, who provided an illuminating and supportive session. She clarified a business-related matter, offering valuable insights and shedding light on missed opportunities. The situation was analyzed from a different perspective, and the psychic offered specific actions to take on the matter as possible solutions.

    • Detailed psychic bios with visible reviews
    • Psychic matching tool
    • Diverse selection of reading methods
    • No strict screening process for advisors
    • No video readings
  • 3
    Psychic Source

    Psychic Source

    • Best forPsychic mediumship readings
    • Price rangeFrom $4.99/minute
    • Money-back guaranteeYes, up to 20 minutes

    Psychic Source offers an in-depth profile section where you can check the clairvoyants’ availability, customer reviews, and bios. The website also provides various filtering options, allowing you to refine your search based on specific tools, specialties, topics, modes of communication, and reading styles.

    The website is consistently updated, offering 24/7 live chat support and comprehensive FAQ pages that cover various topics, such as the pricing model and the reader screening process. Additionally, you'll find daily news-like articles on the homepage, providing valuable insights into the expertise of the psychics. These articles offer a deeper understanding of their abilities and experiences. Furthermore, Psychic Source provides a risk-free guarantee, ensuring a refund if you aren't satisfied with your reading.

    Why we chose Psychic Source: Psychic Source offers detailed advisor profiles, complete with subheading descriptions, voice recordings, and a calendar through which you can book sessions. The online psychic reviews highlight the clairvoyant’s expertise in different topics and their motivations for performing readings, adding a personal touch to their pages.

    Our experience: We tried out Katie, a psychic on Psychic Source, for a career and life reading. Katie's insights illuminated a path that deeply resonated. Her guidance provided valuable clarity and direction, giving us confidence in pursuing our aspirations.

    • Well-experienced psychics
    • Comprehensive reader profiles to help you find the best fit
    • Membership rewards program
    • Not all psychics are available for video calls
    • No way to talk to a psychic before starting a reading

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