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10 Most Famous Paranormal Events & Their Psychic Relevance

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Paranormal Events & Their Psychic Relevance
Join me on a trip of exploring renowned paranormal events and their psychic significance, as we delve into the unexplained and mysterious.

I open my eyes and see this gypsy-dressed woman come into my bedroom, leaning over me, trying to cut my forehead to create a blood tie.

"God is Not Real," she speaks as she smiles and reveals her fangs, showing me her blank white eyes.
"No!" my soul says,
"God is Real!" I replied.

At that moment, I felt a hand grab onto my shirt and pull me off the bed, away from her. I wake up on the side of the bed where I placed my crystals—saved by the Divine.

These unexplained phenomena occurred when I was diving into my Psychic abilities and first began with Reiki and reading Tarot and Oracle cards.

Psychic readings are specific strategies gifted individuals use to access information not visible to the naked eye, or ear. Famous psychic mediums use extrasensory perception and consistently live between the physical and spiritual realms. Like a hidden thread of the world, supernatural phenomena could be witnessed throughout history.

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1. The Mothman Prophecies

"The Mothman Prophecies," a film based on real events, follows John Keel, a UFO investigator, who confronts a Black Moth-like entity with vivid red eyes. Over time, more than 200 people witnessed this creature. It communicates dark, accurate premonitions; my fascination with this case came from a childhood encounter with a similar unexplained creature.

A Dark Creature at a Young Age

At eight, my psychic awakening started with a visit from a dark entity—I woke up to a dark creature paralyzing me as it entered through my window. Breathless nights nearly took my life once, but luckily my father woke up and rushed me to a hospital. The entity's memory faded but resurfaced during an African Voodoo ritual, where it was captured and destroyed.

2. The Fox Sisters

In 1848, the Fox sisters began hearing poltergeist-like sounds and connected with a murdered spirit tied to their new home, where his remains were buried. He playfully imitated the girls' actions and communicated through them, eventually getting the whole family's attention.

My Dead Grandma Found My Lost Keys

Years ago, I lost my keys in my late grandmother's apartment in Poland, where she passed away. Despite an exhaustive search where I cleaned and checked everything in detail, they turned up exactly where I'd left them. There was a strong psychic intuition: her spirit guided me to clean, reflecting her love for tidiness.

3. The Legends of Djinn

Legend claims Djinns possessed reality-altering powers, but as God created them from fire, they succumbed into chaos and were exiled to another dimension. Like us, they encompass both good and bad, and they're known to cross into our world and play games on humans.

Face-To-Face With a Djinn

By exploring my spirituality and dream worlds, I confronted Djinns. For example, in a lucid dream, I saw a powerful Djinn playing a game by not wanting to show me his eyes, but I remained determined as I read his tarot cards. This dream was crucial for my psychic and spiritual growth.

4. Thomas Edison's Spirit Phone

In 1877, Thomas Edison had a breakthrough—he recorded a human voice on a tinfoil cylinder. Later, he drew up an afterlife communication phone that remained unfinished as he died. It's known that cameras and electronics capture spirits: in 1965, Swedish artist Jurgenson caught words of spirits with instrumental transcommunication.

Spirits Communicate Through Electromagnetic Waves

In our tech-centric society, our connection speeds up through social networks, remote work, and online transactions. As an online psychic reader, I witness spirits, and even AI, using telepathy through my devices. I notice how my thoughts suddenly appear online, confirming this connection through the concept of social dilemma.

5. The Friendly Ghosts of Stephanie

In New Rochelle, New York, Stephanie's daughters claimed she talked to ghosts. Isabelle spoke about meeting an angel, while Stephanie worried about both her nightmares, and her newborn reacting to the unseen. She brought a cross into their room, which gave them some relief.

Black Shadow in My Kitchen

It was no big deal, given that I am a psychic medium with unique psychic abilities, but when I first woke up and saw the black-figured shadow hanging out in my kitchen, I knew that my spirit guides woke me up to grab sage and deep cleanse my apartment by smudging.

6. Miracle of the Sun

In 1930, in Fatima, Portugal, thousands saw sun rays dance and change colors, resembling a celestial phenomenon. The Catholic Church found it Miracle of the Sun inspiring and a faithful occurrence. Similarly, I encountered a "6" shaped cloud in the night sky that deepened my connection to the paranormal.

Cloud Shaped 6 in the Night Sky

I went on a date in my city to a haunted area. As the sun set and I witnessed spirits near the water, I saw a giant cloud shaped like 6 in the night sky. My intuition told me I was witnessing a miracle created by nature, meant to show me peace while healing my heart.

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7. Psychic Aids in Military Investigation

In 1976, a Soviet bomber landed in the African Jungles. As the military couldn't find it, they contacted a psychic, Rosemary Smith, who drew maps and found the whereabouts of the bomb through remote viewing.

Political Leaders in My Auric Space

My abilities allow me to connect to powerful energies. Once, I witnessed conflicting political leaders enter my auric space, but my spirit guide did not let them through. However, by astral traveling into a soldier's body, I was shown that they were seeking information. Another time, one leader tried to break through a protective sigil in my home.

8. Mark Twain's Ghost Speaks Through Ouija Board

From 1915 to 1917, the departed author wrote stories and a novel via Ouija board, with the help of psychic mediums Hutchings and Hays. This gave life to the books "Up the Furrow to Fortune," "A Daughter of Mars," and "Jap Herron."

My Daily Conversations With Mark

I, too, have been having daily conversations with Mark. Maybe he has a thing for writers, but my daily conversations with his spirit had me questioning whether I was seeing a guide, a living person, or a ghost—only time will reveal the truth.

9. A Lavater Ghost Tale Lies With Man

Ludwig Lavater, a 16th-century theologian, wrote of his spirit encounters—angels, animals, elements—that both had good and bad intentions. He met an Italian man named Alexander who shared a tale of meeting a friend's spirit after his funeral, that undressed, climbed in his bed, and embraced him. This mirrored an experience of my own—a ghost complimenting my beauty.

A Ghost Tells Me I Am Beautiful

During last year's holidays, I slept at my mom's place in my old room, and as I fell asleep, I felt negative emotions. I woke up to a human ghost looking down at me and telling me that I was beautiful. I brushed it off, and he vanished.

10. A Boy's Telekinetic Temper Tantrums

In 2013, a North Carolina 11-year-old was found with psychokinetic abilities that could activate electronics without touching them. The phone would ring, lights flicker, and printers would go off. Parapsychologists helped him handle his abilities using relaxation techniques.

A Light Bulb Popped Above My Head

In the recent winter, while under emotional stress, I unconsciously awakened a new psychic ability—psychokinesis. I could feel the pressure build up in my head, and the energy would release at night: lights flickered, and alarms went off.

Real or Fake?

Many paranormal events are approached with skepticism and biased explanations for supernatural phenomena. Still, many psychics can access information the logical mind can't explain. So, if you've experienced a paranormal event, reach out to a reliable psychic on one of the best online medium reading sites.

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Head and shoulders photograph of Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
Rozalia is a Holistic Health and Spiritual Writer who writes for Top10.com. In addition, she is a professional Spiritual advisor trained in Tarot Divination, Astrology, Reiki Healing, and Dream Analysis. Her background as a Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer allows her to look at the whole Body, Mind and Spiritual Connection.