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Top 10 Similarities Between Mediumship Readings and Voodoo Practices

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Rune casting
"The occult opens its doors, and suddenly, I watch myself awaken and pass through a hallway of sleeping souls."

The concealed and hidden forces of reality become clear to us.

The colors are brighter; we speak to spirits, oceans, rivers, trees, stars and wind, connected yet detached, observing the patterns and understanding the laws that create the matrix's motions, flow and set forms.

Psychic Witches, many famous psychic mediums, understand these laws. We can see and understand the energies beyond the physical surface through Mediumship Psychic readings. We can also grasp them in our hands, coil them within our vehicle bodies and paint our desired canvas through Voodoo Practices.

Mediumship Reading vs. Voodoo Practices: # Key Differences

Voodoo and Mediumship are spiritual practices involving readings, rituals, and similar techniques. At the same time, they remain different from one another.

  • Voodoo Practices create energy, while Mediumship readings receive energy.

The Witch conjures Power through magic in Voodoo practices, while the Psychic can see beyond the five physical senses in Mediumship readings.

  • Mediumship readings bring awareness to the flow of energies, while Voodoo Rituals enhance these energies.

Psychic Medium readings can sense the changes in nature, the effects of moon cycles, planetary transits, and seasonal energies. In contrast, Voodoo Rituals work with natural elements to enhance the current energies of the planet placements, seasons and moon cycle.

  • Voodoo Rituals give us the Power to Heal ourselves and others, while Mediumship readings allow healing energy to flow from an outside source.

Creating essential oils, teas, and herbal food recipes or using Voodoo dolls and drawing symbols is curative magic and Voodoo Practice that healers use to heal specific physical or spiritual ailments. In contrast, allowing Divine energy through the crown to align our chakras through Reiki Meditation makes us receptive to an outside healing source.

  • Mediumship readings make us receptive to connections outside our environment, while Voodoo Practices push us to face the energies inside our environment.

I often find myself embodying and experiencing the energetic states of my clients, being receptive to them through my gift of sight in Mediumship. When I conjure a spell to enhance planetary energy, the magic pushes me to face all the limitations and energetic barriers that keep me from manifesting the creation in my environment.

Though Mediumship and Voodoo differ in several ways, it is essential to understand their similarities. This knowledge can make us powerful psychics who perceive information with all our senses and Witches who can experience, connect and manipulate them for our benefit.

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1. Both practices trigger a spiritual awakening

To tap into energies beyond our usual perceptions and practice voodoo manifestation, we need control over our energy linked to our Higher-self. This need for a more substantial authoritative power can lead to spiritual awakening and the ability to manage unbalanced energies and entities, ultimately leading to inner harmony and a higher vibration.

During a Spiritual Awakening, my solar plexus chakra can become vulnerable to negative energies, affecting my energy levels and ability to perform magic and psychic readings. However, with kundalini and spiritual guidance, I can harness my inner Power and raise my vibration.

2. Both practices require the presence of spirits

Teachers, Guides, Mentors or multidimensional beings are with us throughout our life journeys connecting with our higher selves. These spirit guides are present and connect through our psychic abilities in a Mediumship Reading. They watch over us, provide direction, and protect us when performing a ritual, magical spell, or sacrificial offer.

I prayed for help during a tough time, and a spirit guide performed a traditional African ritual with chicken sacrifice. That night, I had a vivid dream where two dark entities left my soul, and an angel held my hand in relief as my life improved.

3. Both practices connect you beyond the Veil

The Psychic medium and Witch are Occultists who interact with truths hidden beyond the Veil of perception. We become aware of our environment, both seen and unseen. We know that there is a metaphysical, multidimensional reality that transcends the ordinary senses of physical reality.

My spiritual business partner and I possess distinct qualities as individuals with unique abilities. For example, my partner has the gift of seeing angels and light figures that do not speak to her. In contrast, I communicate with spirits and ancestors through telepathy, clairvoyance and VooDoo practices.

4. Both Practices require a form of protection

Entering the Spiritual Realm requires protection. Whether we cast a circle during a Ritual, cover ourselves in Blue White light during a Reiki Healing, or carry a crystal or stone during an Ouija Mediumship ceremony, we deal with energy that can manifest as negative or positive, requiring protective detachment to see it.

As a psychic, I am often receptive to outside energies, especially in public. For this, I carry cleansed crystals and a pentagram necklace that naturally covers me in a divine protective shield wherever I go.

This critical ritual keeps us safe from the chaotic energies of magic and the possession of spiritual messages during Mediumship.

5. Both Practices require Divine Faith

Faith in a higher power is required to receive information through Mediumship or to invoke magic through Voodoo Practices. We learn that the spirit world cannot harm us in every faith and religion, given that they have our permission. Both practices require belief in our Higher Self, Gods, Goddesses and Celestial Beings.

Our sense of safety is crucial, and our minds can be the biggest threat. When we allow ourselves to engage in magic or connect with a Psychic Medium, we must have faith in the spiritual entity we communicate with. Unfortunately, the mystical encounter may trigger our ego's fears, which can obscure the true purpose of our spiritual journey.

6. Both Practices require a cleanse before and afterward

Mediumship Readings and Voodoo Practices require an energetic cleanse before and after with Sage or Lavender herbs, Poly Santo, Incense, Chakra alignment, Visualisation, cleaning your home and space of practice, and showering and bathing.

Maintaining daily healthy spiritual hygiene is required not to be affected by stagnant and outside energies from your day. Also, it protects you from holding on to points of external psychic forces that could be negative on your well-being and create unnecessary weight for your auric field to carry.

7. Both Practices use tools of Divination

Tools of Divination such as Tarot Decks, Oracle cards, Runes, Crystals, Ouija boards, Pendulums, Destiny Tea leaf Cups, I Ching, candles, herbs and so on exist in Mediumship and Voodoo Practices. They are used to ground the ethereal manifestations into reality.

Divination Tools can improve Psychic abilities and provide more stable energy when receiving information during readings. Therefore, I incorporate Tarot and Oracle Cards, Crystals, and Runes in my Psychic Medium practice to manifest my desired energy and to embody the experience through magic.

8. Both Practices need a strong Imagination

Our third eye chakra is responsible for the ability to imagine and visualize colour, shape and images beyond the Veil. To access clairvoyant information from the other side through Mediumship and manifest our projected reality at our will through Voodoo magic requires a strong imagination. If we cannot see it, we cannot display it.

Accessing our Altha brainwave state opens our minds to possibilities beyond our limited perceptions. Our logical reasons naturally fight the concept of what we cannot see, automatically defeating ourselves and doubting the experience. Instead, cultivating a relaxed and imaginative mindset helps us manifest our visions into reality.

9. Both Practices require a strong will

Whether on the receiving or active end, Mediumship Readings and Voodoo Practices require a strong will stemming from the solar plexus. The Solar Plexus Chakra is our vehicle through the spiritual realm. Thus, we need reasonable confidence, courage, bravery, self-esteem, and motivation to enter the ethereal realm.

Establishing clear boundaries is essential when casting spells or communicating with spirits to avoid feeling overwhelmed or losing control. We never want to feel violated or uncomfortable in our auric space. Maintaining control over the intended outcome helps prevent chaos in manifestation and protects our personal energy field.

10. Both practices use our Chakra energy system

To see auras and communicate with spirits during an online psychic reading or to paint the light of magic into reality during voodoo practice requires using our Chakras. Each chakra holds a spiritual incantation of Power that allows us to see into the ethereal realm or manifest the desired canvas into life.

As a psychic medium, I use my third eye to be intuitively receptive to divine messages during readings; in contrast, my solar plexus chakra sets boundaries and protects me against outside magic or psychic attacks. I am also receptive to divine energy through all seven chakras, conjured and pushed out through my hands during Reiki Healing.

Voodoo Practices or Mediumship Readings?

Understanding and sensing our energetic environment and knowing that we have the power to create and manifest our realities can offer an advantage to how we perceive ourselves and our life path. Both Voodoo Practices and Mediumship readings have their benefits.

However, if one desires to see their many potential future paths before taking action on manifesting their best reality, connecting with a Psychic Medium on Keen or California Psychics can provide insight into the best future direction aligned with your soul purpose and show you what steps you can take through magic to make it happen.

Head and shoulders photograph of Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
Rozalia is a Holistic Health and Spiritual Writer who writes for Top10.com. In addition, she is a professional Spiritual advisor trained in Tarot Divination, Astrology, Reiki Healing, and Dream Analysis. Her background as a Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer allows her to look at the whole Body, Mind and Spiritual Connection.