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Cheapest Phone Plans for One Person in 2024

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Finding an affordable cell phone plan when you're single can be tricky, as most providers offer family plans with multiple lines.

Our team tested and researched the 10 cheapest cellphone plans for one person. With my experience as a telecom expert, we simulated an average week of calls, texts, and data usage to find your best options.

Whether you're among the 44% of adults who make one to five calls per day or the 5% who never use voice calls, we've got you covered.

Options start at just $6 per month, so you can easily find a budget-friendly service that matches your lifestyle. Explore our findings below to find the perfect plan for your mobile habits.

» Learn how to spot and avoid hidden fees in your mobile plan.

Our 10 Best Cheapest Phone Plans for One Person in 2024:

  • Tello - Best cheapest phone plans for one person overall
  • Mint Mobile - Best for transparent deals and service
  • Boost Mobile - Best for flexible yet comprehensive subscription
  • US Mobile - Best for prepaid single lines with unlimited data
  • Verizon - Best for versatile subscriptions with free devices
  • PureTalk - Best for mixing and matching plans to suit your needs
  • Xfinity Mobile - Best for 5G cellular plans with a high data cap
  • Cricket Wireless - Best for accessible options with useful extras
  • Straight Talk - Best for accessing the best and latest smartphones
  • GenMobile - Best for international calling perks

How We Reviewed the Best Cheapest Phone Plans for One Person

Our review team consisted of experienced data analysts and a telecommunications industry expert. They assessed various mobile carriers using direct hands-on testing and comprehensive research. This included analyzing user feedback, scholarly studies, market reports, and customer reviews to gain well-rounded insights.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Cost and fees: We compared monthly prices, setup charges, and additional fees to determine each plan's value.
  • Data, talk, and text allowances: We checked each plan's data allowance, speed limits, talk/text offerings, and rollover or bonus data.
  • Network coverage and performance: We examined each carrier's coverage area quality for urban and rural zones. This includes network reliability, speed (4G/5G), and streaming performance.
  • Plan flexibility and contract terms: We investigated contract terms, including length, commitment required, and ease of changing/canceling.
  • Additional features and perks: We checked for extra perks like free streaming subscriptions, international options, hotspot capabilities, and unique features per plan.
  • Customer service and support: We tested customer support effectiveness, contact methods, satisfaction ratings, and the company's reputation for resolving issues.
  • User reviews and community feedback: Our reviews consider user feedback on network reliability, service, and value, noting recurring praise or complaints.

A Closer Look at Our Best Cheapest Phone Plans for One Person in {​year}: Our Quick Reviews

1. Tello

Prepaid mobile service with free calls to 60+ countries Visit Site

  • Best for - Customized plans with practical features
  • Starting price - From $10/month
  • Contact options - Phone, email, and online chat
  • Free trial - Yes
  • Top Plans - Economy, Value, Smart, and Data

Tello is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) that operates on T-Mobile's network. It delivers reliable coverage and 5G service for crystal-clear calls and seamless browsing without frustrating lags or disruptions. You also don't need a contract and can cancel your service anytime.

Why we chose Tello: With Tello, you have the flexibility to build your own plan. You can choose the number of minutes, text messages, or data you want. Alternatively, opt for a pay-as-you-go/prepaid mobile package. Plus, you can use your newly allocated Tello number or port in your existing number.

Our experience: Tello's WiFi calling feature proved invaluable when we found ourselves in places with weak cellular reception. We also appreciated the flexibility of Tello's plans. It allowed us to easily adjust our data allowance to fit our needs without being locked into a long-term contract.


  • No activation or maintenance fees
  • Free calls and texts to 60+ countries with any plan
  • User-friendly app for managing your account


  • You can only pay by debit/credit card and PayPal
  • You need an unlocked, compatible phone to join

Tello Tello Visit Site

2. Mint Mobile

Straightforward mobile service with convenient eSIM technology Visit Site

  • Best for - Premium wireless with 5G and 4G LTE network coverage
  • Starting price - From $15/month
  • Contact options - Phone, live chat, and help center
  • Free trial - Yes
  • Top Plans - 5GB, 15GB, 20GB, and Unlimited

Mint Mobile, a T-Mobile MVNO, offers affordable wireless service without physical stores or salespeople. They provide four plans: 5GB, 15GB, 20GB, and Unlimited, with free calls to Mexico and Canada. By cutting overhead costs, Mint Mobile delivers reliable service at budget-friendly prices.

Why we chose Mint Mobile: The platform has bulk data savings in three, six, and 12-month plans. If you've run out of high-speed data for the month, Mint lets you add up to 10GB for $20. That extra data allotment will be available during the current 30-day plan cycle.

Our experience: With Mint Mobile, we enjoyed smooth, uninterrupted service while traveling, thanks to its nationwide coverage on T-Mobile's network. The mobile app made it easy to track our data usage and manage our accounts on the go. We also appreciated the high-quality video streaming.


  • You can bring your own phone and port your number
  • Intuitive app lets you know how much data you use
  • Provides a helpful quiz to assist in plan selection


  • $45 upfront payment required for all plans
  • Some customers report difficulties contacting support.

Mint Mobile Mint Mobile Visit Site

3. Boost Mobile

Varied packages tailored for budget-conscious users Visit Site

  • Best for - Long-term discounts on an expanded 5G network
  • Starting price - From $15/month
  • Contact options - Phone and online chat
  • Free trial - No
  • Top Plans - 5GB, Unlimited, Unlimited Plus, and 5GB

Boost Mobile operates on DISH, T-Mobile, and AT&T cellular networks. Its plans allow you to share your data via mobile hotspots. It also has a roaming service, allowing you to remain connected if you're not within the Boost Mobile network.

Why we chose Boost Mobile: Its prepaid plans come with the latest devices and range from one month to a year. Each plan gives you access to features like Unlimited Gamez, which includes 500+ ad-free, hyper-casual games for smart devices, with new titles added regularly.

Our experience: As a service provider, Boost has no connection issues on LTE or 5G. The service is pretty good in most places and is particularly beneficial for singletons who typically use less than 35 gigs. That's because once you hit the 35 gig cap, it slows down to 2G.


  • You get 50 free domestic voice roaming minutes monthly
  • All Boost Mobile plans include unlimited talk and text
  • Plans aren't tied to 12-month increments


  • Issues with online SIM card activation
  • Customer service could use some improvement

Boost Mobile Boost Mobile Visit Site

4. US Mobile

Highly customizable mobile service with reliable coverage Visit Site

  • Best for - Transparent prepaid phone plans
  • Starting price - From $6/month
  • Contact options - Live chat, phone, and email
  • Free trial - Yes
  • Top Plans - Unlimited, Shareable Data, Light Plan

US Mobile operates on the T-Mobile and Verizon networks, providing unlimited international calls and texts for only $6/month. You can start for free on the 30-day trial and then pick your plan. Plus, you can access your own Account Dashboard to track usage, manage lines, and pay bills easily.

Why we chose US Mobile: US Mobile's Warp Speed 5G uses cutting-edge high-frequency waves to deliver blazing-fast premium data transmission in select cities. This complimentary feature is included in your plan when using an eligible 5G-enabled device like the iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Our experience: We were impressed with the company's exceptional customer support. Unlike many other providers, the reps take the time to thoroughly answer your questions without putting you on endless hold. Plus, they're available 24/7 via chat, phone, or email.


  •  20% monthly discount for students on the Unlimited Premium plan
  • 4.6 star rating on Trustpilot
  • International 4G LTE data via eSIMs in over 140 countries


  • Hotspot costs extra
  • Some customers mention issues with number porting

US Mobile US Mobile Visit Site

5. Verizon

Reputable mobile plan provider with regular new customer deals Visit Site

  • Best for - Reliable network coverage and data speeds
  • Starting price - From $65/month
  • Contact options - Phone and online chat
  • Free trial - Yes
  • Top Plans - Unlimited Welcome, Unlimited Plus, Unlimited Ultimate

Verizon ranks high among wireless network providers for call quality, messaging, and data connections. Its plans are tailored to your unique needs, whether you're an avid online shopper, sports fanatic, or music fan. If you're unsure what plan you need, a helpful questionnaire will guide you.

Why we chose Verizon: Verizon's single-line unlimited plan starts at $65 with AutoPay and provides a solid high-speed data allowance. Plus, first responders, military personnel, nurses, and teachers can save up to $25/month on 5G Unlimited plans with two to three personal lines.

Our experience: Verizon's coverage proved incredibly reliable in our tests across various environments. We consistently got at least one bar of usable LTE data, even in rural areas. The network's strength makes it a great choice if you frequently travel or live in less populated areas.


  • Extensive nationwide coverage
  • Efficient in-store service
  • Add-on perks like a Disney Bundle and Apple One for just $10/month


  • Limited customization on single-line plans
  • Potential hidden fees and charges

Verizon Wireless Verizon Wireless Visit Site

6. PureTalk

No-contract service provider with attractive discounts Visit Site

  • Best for - Senior citizens who don't need large data plans
  • Starting price - From $20/month
  • Contact options - Phone and online chat
  • Free trial - Yes
  • Top Plans - 3GB Data, 5GB Data, 10GB Data, 15GB Data, 25GB Data, Unlimited Data

PureTalk is a flexible prepaid cell phone carrier with 4G LTE and 5G coverage through AT&T's networks. With no line activation or monthly line access fees, it keeps costs low while providing excellent features like international roaming credits.

Why we chose PureTalk: With PureTalk, every cell phone plan includes WiFi calling and high-definition Voice over LTE. You can also add international calling with rollover minutes. Plus, you can try the service risk-free with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Our experience: Our experience with PureTalk has been largely positive. The sign-up process was hassle-free, and internet coverage is e in the city and acceptable in the country. We were able to enjoy 1080-pixel HD video streaming on a basic plan.


  • 15% military discount
  • No-contract plans
  • All plans include unlimited talk and text in the US


  • Throttled data speeds after cap (256 kbps)
  • Limited data allowances on lower-tier plans

PureTalk PureTalk Visit Site

7. Xfinity Mobile

Fast mobile service with nationwide WiFi spots Visit Site

  • Best for - Reliable TV streaming
  • Starting price - From $20/month
  • Contact options - Live chat, Messenger, Twitter private message
  • Free trial - No
  • Top Plans - Unlimited, By the Gig, and Unlimited Plus

Xfinity Mobile leverages Verizon's reliable network to provide countrywide reach and fast data speeds. Its unlimited starter plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data and decent SD video streaming. With its By the Gig plan, you can add an extra gig for $20 per month whenever you need it.

Why we chose Xfinity Mobile: Xfinity Mobile lets you save hundreds on the latest devices when you trade in your old phone, making their plans even more appealing. They accept trade-ins for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, Google Pixel phones, and select Motorola and LG phones purchased directly from Xfinity Mobile.

Our experience: We loved the flexibility, which let us easily mix and match plans. When our needs changed, we effortlessly added lines with different data packages. We also liked the slick interface of the app.


  • Helpful How-Tos and FAQs page
  • Xfinity Rewards offers discounts on movie tickets, resorts, and more
  • User-friendly app lets you easily track data usage


  • Support could use some improvement
  • Doesn't have a spam call filter

Xfinity Mobile Xfinity Mobile Visit Site

8. Cricket Wireless

Excellent coverage at reasonable rates Visit Site

  • Best for - A broad phone selection
  • Starting price - From $25/month
  • Contact options - Phone, online chat, in-store
  • Free trial - Yes
  • Top Plans - Unlimited+15GB Hotspot, Unlimited, 12-Month Unlimited Plan, 3-Month Unlimited

Cricket Wireless has four levels of unlimited plans featuring unrestricted calls, nationwide 5G coverage, boundless data, and cloud storage. You can customize each plan with optional add-on features like device protection, an extra gig of high-speed data, and international calling.

Why we chose Cricket Wireless: It offers robust spam and fraud call protection with Cricket Call Defense. The $60/month Unlimited Plan includes 150GB of cloud storage. Plus, new users can save up to $300 over 12 months with its Multi-Month Unlimited plans.

Our experience: We signed up for the $60 unlimited plan, which includes a 15GB mobile hotspot allowance and access to HBO Max streaming. The network consistently delivered impressive speeds ranging from 200 to 300+ Mbps, even during peak hours.


  • Free two business day shipping
  • No annual contracts
  • You can split your Cricket bill into two payments with BridgePay


  • Cricket line activation at retail locations may cost $25
  • Cricket 5G has device and coverage limitations

Cricket Wireless Cricket Wireless Visit Site

9. Straight Talk

Reliable provider with variable solutions and no-contract plans Visit Site

  • Best for - Frequent smartphone upgraders
  • Starting price -From $35/month
  • Contact options - Phone, email, live chat, and mail
  • Free trial - No
  • Top Plans - Silver Unlimited, Gold Unlimited, Platinum Unlimited, Bronze Unlimited, Extended Silver Unlimited, Unlimited International, Basic Phone Plan

Straight Talk's Bronze Unlimited plan offers unlimited calls and texts in the US, Canada, and Mexico for just $35/month. The Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans provide 60 GB of high-speed data before throttling to 2G speeds. These plans also include hotspot data, cloud storage, and a Walmart+ membership.

Why we chose Straight Talk: We liked Straight Talk's flexibility. You can keep using your current phone to save money with its "Keep Your Own Phone" program. Or, if you want a new phone, you can trade it in through their Trade-In Program.

Our experience: We appreciate the convenience of refilling our service by simply purchasing a card and texting the PIN. This means you never have to talk to a rep. Knowing that we'll never face unexpected bills or overages is liberating. It also has a great selection of phones, including iPhones, Androids, and 5G devices.


  • It won't lock you into a long-term contract
  • Earn points for data and phone discounts with Straight Talk Rewards
  • Walmart+ membership is included with select plans


  • No advanced features like hotspot or cloud storage on basic plans
  • Reports of issues with unlocking phones

Straight Talk Wireless Straight Talk Wireless Visit Site

10. GenMobile

Wireless 5G plans with nationwide coverage Visit Site

  • Best for - Budget-conscious students
  • Starting price - From $10/month
  • Contact options - Phone, live chat, and email
  • Free trial - Yes
  • Top Plans - 1GB data, 7GB data, Unlimited data, 4GB data, 16GB data

GenMobile aims to make wireless phone service more inclusive through budget-friendly plans and a unique accessibility policy. Plus, you can get a free smartphone with unlimited talk, text and a 7GB data plan if you qualify through the federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

Why we chose GenMobile: Its plans come with complimentary features like caller ID, call forwarding, Wi-Fi calling support, and call waiting. It also offers a range of hearing-aid compatible (HAC) devices, such as the Galaxy S8+, iPhone XS, and iPhone 8 Plus.

Our experience: GenMobile provides reliable coverage in most suburban areas and major cities we've visited. We appreciate that GenMobile uses T-Mobile's extensive 4G LTE and 5G networks, giving us access to coverage that reaches 99% of Americans.


  • Seven-day money-back guarantee for plans purchased online
  • Has kids phone plans starting at $9/month
  • Get up to 25% off with a three-month plan


  • Poor customer service
  • Low high-speed data allotment

Gen Mobile Gen Mobile Visit Site

Compare the Cheapest Phone Plans for One Person:

Best Cheapest Phone Plans for One Person
Best for
Contact options
Free trial
Top plans
Customized plans with practical features
From $10/month
Phone, email, and online chat
Economy, Value, Smart, and Data
Mint Mobile
Premium wireless service with 5G and 4G LTE network coverage
From $15/month
Phone, live chat, and FAQ page
5GB, 15GB, 20GB, and Unlimited
Boost Mobile
Long-term discounts on an expanded 5G network
From $15/month
Phone and online chat
Unlimited, Unlimited Plus, and 5GB
US Mobile
Transparent prepaid phone plans
From $6/month
Live chat, phone, and email
Unlimited, Shareable Data, Light Plan
Feature-rich plans with free devices
From $65/month
Phone and online chat
Unlimited Welcome, Unlimited Plus, Unlimited Ultimate
Senior citizens who don't need large data plans
From $20/month
Phone and online chat
3GB Data, 5GB Data, 10GB Data, 15GB Data, 25GB Data, Unlimited Data
Xfinity Mobile
Reliable TV streaming
From $20/month
Live chat, Messenger, Twitter private message
Unlimited, By the Gig, and Unlimited Plus
Cricket Wireless
A broad phone selection
From $25/month
Phone, online chat, in-store
Unlimited+15GB Hotspot, Unlimited, 12-Month Unlimited Plan, 3-Month Unlimited
Straight Talk
Frequent smartphone upgraders
From $35/month
Phone, email, live chat, and mail
Silver Unlimited, Gold Unlimited, Platinum Unlimited, Bronze Unlimited, Extended Silver Unlimited, Unlimited International, Basic Phone Plan
Budget-conscious students
From $10/month
Phone, live chat, and mail
1GB data, 7GB data, Unlimited data, 4GB data, 16GB data

Advantages of Individual Phone Plans

One major benefit of having an individual phone plan is the ability to tailor the service to your needs and lifestyle. Let's look at the other advantages of a single-line phone plan:

Personalized Service

A one-person phone plan allows you to choose the right data, coverage, and features for your needs—there's no data or minute sharing. Additionally, you can select compatible devices and use features like WiFi calling and mobile hotspots with very few restrictions.


Individual plans are usually your best bet if you're looking for an affordable phone plan. You'll only pay for the services you need without the added cost of extra lines. Plus, you won't have to worry about surprise charges from overages or excessive use by others on your plan.

Simplified Management

You don't need to coordinate with others or negotiate plan details, giving you full control over your service. As the sole user, this streamlines the billing and account management process.

Affordable Talk and Text Plans

Single-line cell phone plans from carriers like Mint Mobile ($15/Month), Boost Mobile ($25/Month), and Cricket Wireless ($25/month) are more accessible than major providers like Verizon ($65/month) or AT&T ($65.99/month).

Consider How Much Data You Need

When choosing a mobile plan, it's essential to read the fine print and understand each option's limitations. Your goal should be to find a subscription that aligns with your specific usage patterns and budget.

Determining Your Ideal Data Requirement

To determine your ideal data requirement, follow these steps:

  1. Check your phone's settings to see your current data usage.
  2. Calculate the data usage of your intended activities, such as video streaming, Zoom calls, or live streaming.

Choosing the Right Plan for You

You may need an unlimited data plan if you constantly use your phone for streaming, shopping, texts, and calls throughout the day. However, remember that even these plans often have soft data caps that could reduce speeds after a certain threshold.

If you plan to use data-heavy features, you'll need a solution with a substantial data allowance. For example, Xfinity Mobile's Unlimited plan has a high data cap of up to 30GB. You can also check out these Verizon Alternatives.

Pros and Cons of Unlimited Data vs. Pay-As-You-Go

When deciding between an unlimited vs. pay-as-you-go plan, you need to consider the pros and cons of each option. Unlimited plans offer the freedom to use your phone without worrying about data limits or overage fees.

Pay-as-you-go plans, often the best mobile plans for seniors, can be more affordable for infrequent phone users. Let's take a closer look at more examples:

Unlimited Data Plans


  • Freedom: You can stream, browse, and download without worrying about hitting a data cap and incurring extra charges.
  • Connectivity: Unlimited plans often come with hotspot capabilities, allowing you to share your data connection with other devices.
  • Reassurance: These plans provide peace of mind since you don't need to monitor your data usage throughout the month.


  • Cost: It typically costs more than plans with set data allowances, which can strain your budget.
  • Throttling: After consuming a certain amount of data, your internet speeds may be throttled, leading to slower browsing and streaming.

Pay-As-You-Go Plans


  • Savings: These plans are more cost-effective than unlimited plans, helping you save money on your monthly bill.
  • Performance: With fewer users on the network, you may experience better network performance and faster data speeds.
  • Control: It gives you control over your data usage to avoid overpaying for your plan.


  • Interruptions: You risk service interruptions or additional fees if you exceed your data allowance.
  • Upfront costs: This plan requires selecting a prepaid service, purchasing a cell phone, and paying for calling time and data upfront.

Hidden Fees or Conditions to Look Out For

Hidden fees, such as activation, upgrade, early termination, and overage charges, can significantly increase monthly expenses.

Then you have wireless phone expenses, which include:

  • Federal and state Universal Service charges
  • 911 charges
  • Number portability
  • Taxes
  • Directory assistance
  • Pay-per-use services

AT&T's wireless plans, for example, include additional charges such as an "Administrative Fee," a "Federal Universal Service Charge," and a "Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge."

Verizon has many of the same charges on some of its plans, placing them under a tab called "surcharges."

Research, compare, and read the fine print to minimize the impact of hidden fees. Also, review your bill often. If you see objectionable fees, question your service provider about them. In many cases, they'll remove questionable fees if you complain.

How to Switch to a More Affordable Plan

To switch to a new cell phone carrier and keep your number, you should:

  • Contact your current carrier to unlock your phone.
  • Choose a new phone plan.
  • Select a new phone or bring your own device to the network.
  • Provide your current account information to your new carrier so they can port your number.
  • Ensure your current phone plan is active when initiating a port.

When you switch carriers, your phone needs a new SIM (eSIM or physical card) to connect to the new network. Your phone's current SIM is associated with your carrier, plan, and billing account.

To complete the switch, pay any final bill or fees you owe your old carrier. If there are early termination fees or other costs, they'll appear on your final bill. To minimize expenses, try to time your cancellation within days of the end of your billing cycle.

International Calling and Travel Considerations

When traveling overseas, you need reliable mobile coverage to stay connected with loved ones, access travel info on the go, and navigate your destination. These international phone plans for frequent travelers could help you avoid sky-high roaming fees.

Many providers offer affordable add-on packages with discounted voice, text, and data rates for overseas use, sometimes even free in certain regions. Before jetting off, research your mobile carrier's international offerings to ensure you have the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

Take Control of Your One-Person Phone Plan

You're not alone if you're a single-line user seeking an affordable phone plan. A recent survey reveals that nearly half of the respondents believe they're overpaying for cell phone service and 73% fear rate increases.

Fortunately, MVNOs like US Mobile and Mint offer unlimited plans that fit any budget. By considering factors such as data allowances, coverage areas, and additional perks, you can find a service that keeps you connected at a comfortable price.

» Follow these smart tips to reduce your data usage.


Why get an individual phone plan?

Individual plans are cost-effective and straightforward. You pay only for what you use without the need to juggle shared data or multiple lines.

Who is better, AT&T or Verizon?

Verizon often outshines AT&T in network performance and 5G coverage. Its millimeter-wave 5G deployment is more extensive, blanketing a wider area than AT&T's.

How can I get a lower cell phone bill?

To get a lower cell phone bill, be straightforward and tell your provider, "My monthly bill is too high. What can you do to reduce it?" This informs the service of your main concern and makes it more likely to adjust your package to keep you as a customer. Also, ask about any additional services you can get for free.

What is the government discount for Verizon?

The government offers eligible individuals a monthly discount of at least $9.25 on Verizon wireless services. To qualify, you must live in certain areas of Iowa, North Dakota, Wisconsin, or New York and receive specific public assistance benefits.

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