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PureTalk Cell Phone Plans Review (2023)

Michael Graw

In a Nutshell

PureTalk is a national cellular carrier that offers unlimited talk and text with every plan, plus low prices for 5G data. The service operates over AT&T’s national network, so you’ll find high-speed coverage across more than 99% of the US. There are no contracts and no overage fees if you exceed your plan’s 5G data limit. You can bring your own phone to PureTalk or buy a new handset, and PureTalk lets you keep your existing phone number.


  • No data overage fees
  • 5G data plans starting from $20 per month
  • Keep your existing phone number


  • Deprioritization when AT&T’s network is busy
  • Mostly Apple and Samsung phones available

PureTalk PureTalk Visit Site

PureTalk at a Glance

Best for: Affordable data plans

Price: $20–$55 per month

Plan: Unlimited talk and text; 5G data from 2 GB to unlimited

Network: AT&T

Phone purchase required: No

What Services and Features Does PureTalk Offer?

PureTalk is an affordable cellular carrier that operates over AT&T’s national network. With PureTalk, you’ll get cellular coverage over 99% of the US and 5G in most major cities. If you want to know more about PureTalk’s network, the company has a map showing coverage levels across the country.

PureTalk allows you to bring your own phone to your plan, or you can get a discounted Apple or Samsung phone when you purchase a new plan. Either way, you have the option to keep your existing phone number.

Perhaps the best thing about PureTalk is that there are no contracts and no data overage charges. If you use more data than your plan includes, PureTalk will simply drop your maximum speed from 5G to 128 Kbps, which is just a little slower than 3G.

Prices, Plans, and Value for Money

PureTalk plans start at $20 per month, and there are no contracts on service. So, you can cancel or change your plan at any time. In addition, you can try out PureTalk for 30 days and get your money refunded if you’re not happy with the service.

All plans include unlimited talk and text, so the main difference lies in how much 5G data they offer. Note that if you exceed your data limit, PureTalk won’t cut off your data entirely. Rather, you’ll experience throttled download speeds that hover just below that which you’d expect from 3G coverage.

If you need multiple lines—whether for yourself or a family member—PureTalk offers multi-line discounts. You’ll receive 10% off your bill if you have two lines, 15% for three lines, and 20% off for four lines.

Talk & Text
5G Data
2 GB
4 GB
6 GB
10 GB
20 GB
60 GB

Activation Process

PureTalk allows you to use your current phone with the service, and you can check compatibility on the company’s website. If you opt to stick with your phone, all you need to switch to PureTalk is a $3 SIM starter kit. The SIM card comes with free 2-day shipping, so you can have your card in just a few days.

To activate your SIM card and start using PureTalk’s network, you just need to insert the card into your phone and call an activation hotline. There are no fees or bonuses when you activate.

Selection of Phones Available

If you don’t already have a phone or want to upgrade, PureTalk has a selection of hundreds of different phones. Most models are from Samsung and Apple, but you can also find Nokia, ZTE, and One Plus smartphones.

If you sign up for a $45 or $55 per month data plan, PureTalk offers phones for either $50 or $250 off. You can also choose a financing plan from Affirm to pay for your phone over several months. 

PureTalk Call and Text Performance

PureTalk operates over AT&T’s nationwide network, covering 99% of the US and offering 5G data coverage in most major cities.

On the whole, PureTalk has an excellent reputation for coverage and performance. However, as with any non-network carrier, you’re subject to deprioritization when the network is busy. This means that in city centers or at busy locations like malls, you could find that AT&T’s network has temporarily dropped your phone, and you won’t be able to get a call or text out.

PureTalk Data Speeds

PureTalk offers data speeds of up to 5G, although most areas of the US still only have 4G coverage. The company says that typical speeds range from 4–35 Mbps for downloads, although there are no performance guarantees.

If you exceed your monthly data allowance, PureTalk throttles your download speed to 128 Kbps. For reference, that’s a little slower than typical 3G speeds.

PureTalk Customer Service

PureTalk offers customer support by phone or email. The support team is available from 8 am–11 pm (ET), Monday to Friday, 10 am–9 pm Saturdays, and 12 pm–9 pm Sundays. Unfortunately, PureTalk doesn’t have an online knowledge base, so the only way to troubleshoot problems is to contact customer support.

What People Say About PureTalk

“Customer Service is phenomenal! It's refreshing to talk to someone so quickly when calling about a technical glitch, which they handled quickly and with grace. So so glad we made the switch. Thank you!” - Tracy

“I am thrilled with my PureTalk phone. For the first time in years, I can use my cell phone in my home. Calls were constantly being dropped when using my cell phone at home with service from other carriers. Consequently, I just did not use my cell phone at home. Now, I can.” - Thomas

“We have been satisfied with our PureTalk experience. Coverage has been good as our previous company. We save around $100 a month getting more data. Customer service is always great as well!” - Darin

PureTalk PureTalk Visit Site

Bottom Line

PureTalk is an affordable cellular carrier that offers unlimited talk and text with every plan. Data plans start at just $20 per month, and you won’t face overage charges if you exceed your plan’s data limit. PureTalk lets you bring your own phone and keep your existing number, or you can get a discount on a new phone from Samsung or Apple. PureTalk operates on AT&T’s national network, so you’ll get coverage across 99% of the US and 5G data speeds in most major cities.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I get unlimited data with PureTalk?+-

PureTalk offers an “unlimited” data plan, but your speed will be throttled after 60 GB per month.

What phones are compatible with PureTalk?+-

Most unlocked phones from Apple, Samsung, ZTE, Google, and Nokia are compatible with PureTalk.

What mobile network does PureTalk use?+-

PureTalk operates on AT&T’s nationwide cellular network.

Michael Graw is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Bellingham, Washington. His work has been published on a wide selection of popular websites, and he has built a solid reputation for his writing in the technology and finance sectors. Michael has a particular interest in new technology and runs a small business where he constantly puts the latest web, business, and consumer tech through its paces.

PureTalk customer reviews

Based on 32 reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

1 years ago

It was easy to use. It is a very good value and the service was what I needed. I have to admit that I was surprised.

1 years ago

They are very reliable and they don't drop calls periodically like other carriers do. The price is pretty cheap as well.

1 years ago

I like using this because It's easy to use, the price is right, and it helps me communicate with family members and friends. It has clear sound and It's worth the price because it works as it says it does. I'll continuing using it as this is the best product that I have ever found.

1 years ago

We have used several different carriers in the past and paid through the nose for the service. Pure Talk provides the same service as the "big boys," but at a fraction of the cost.

1 years ago

Puretalk was a very decent service overall. The payment processing times were very fast and the user interface was fairly simple so it was worth the while.

1 years ago

Very easy to use. Access is available in my area. Clear service and no dropped calls.

1 years ago

Good and great service. I enjoyed it until I got a better rate somewhere else.

1 years ago

Because I like it and It's a good service. I would share with friends and have them join.

1 years ago

PureTalk is affordable and there isn't a contract involved. I get unlimited talk and text thru this carrier.

1 years ago

The signal was very well and clear, no interruptions happened. Loved this very much would stick to this provider.

1 years ago

It was a good experience and I remember being very pleased. I would recommend PureTalk.

1 years ago

This was recommended to me by a brother in law. I will never take his advice again on a product.

1 years ago

Service can be bad at sometimes like any carrier. Good value for the money has its place.

1 years ago

I felt as if it was a little pricey however I got what I wanted. It was pretty fast data and worked with everything.

1 years ago

It is a good brand and a good company that I really enjoy using and being a part of.

1 years ago

It was pretty mediocre and average. Would not recommend to a close friend or anything like that. Average experience.

1 years ago

I am not really sure. I like that they have service in my area but there are a lot of dropped calls.

1 years ago

I gave them this rating because it was definitely deserved for such a stand up service like this.

1 years ago

It is a simple and straightforward way to have a cell phone. It has helped us save money.

1 years ago

I haven't been a customer of PureTalk for that long. But I like how easy it is to receive and send messages.

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