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Straight Talk Cell Phone Plans Review (2023) Staff

In a Nutshell

If you’re looking for a way to get a great wireless connection, Straight Talk Wireless could be a solid bet. Straight Talk says that it allows users to tap into America’s most dependable network and also supports retaining both your phone, and phone and data combo-type arrangements.


  • You can keep your number
  • Varied bundled deals
  • Receive signal from 4 carriers


  • It’s an MVNO
  • SIM card delivery can be slow

Straight Talk Wireless Straight Talk Wireless Visit Site

Straight Talk Wireless at a Glance

Best for: Users that want reliable network coverage across the country
Price: From $35/month (Unlimited Nationwide)
Plan: Unlimited Nationwide and Unlimited International
Network: AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint
Use your own phone: Yes

What Services and Features Does Straight Talk Wireless Offer 

Trade In Program

If you’re looking for a way to get rid of your current handset and swap it in for something better, then Straight Talk Wireless’s Trade In Program could be a worthy solution. 

Users can send in their old handset for an appraisal - the process is free of shipping costs. Once the phone has been appraised, Straight Talk Wireless will send customers back a Universal Mastercard Prepaid Card that can be used against future invoices.

Phone Protection Plan

Straight Talk Plan

Every year more than 200,000 phones are lost, stolen, or damaged, and July 4th is D-Day for phone accidents (unsurprisingly New Year’s Day is in second place!). 

If users are especially concerned about the possibility of damaging their handset, then they can use Straight Talk’s lookup tool to find the most suitable plan for their requirements. 

Account Service App

Keeping track of data usage and airtime allotments can be a tough job. Thankfully, with Straight Talk’s My Account App, the process of managing these particulars got a lot simpler. The app can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices from the official app stores. It provides customers with one touch access to all the information they should need to effectively manage their account. 

Cloud Storage

Straight Talk is more than just a cell phone provider. With the Platinum Unlimited Plan, users also get 100GB of cloud storage. Users can conserve the storage space on their devices by moving photos and other data-heavy files up to the cloud. 

Prices, Plans and Value for Money

Straight Talk Prices

Users are able to sign up for a wide variety of plans through the website. For those that need to sign up for a new number and get a physical SIM card, Straight Talk also works with the popular Walmart retail network to sell its cards in bricks and mortar outlets.

The main plans that most users will be interested in include:

Straight Talk Rates
What’s Included
Ultimate Unlimited Nationwide
High speed data and 10GB hotspot data
Platinum Unlimited
Nationwide coverage and mobile protect as well as cloud storage

The company also offers:

  • Unlimited international: For $30 per month, users get 30 days of recurrent service. It doesn’t include any data allowance but does include international and nationwide calling.
  • Unlimited nationwide: At $45 per month, this plan includes 25GB of high speed data followed by the remainder of the data needed at 2G speeds
Straight Talk Plans

For those that want to sign up for longer term contracts, users can opt for:

  • Extended 3-month plans: For $130 users receive 90 days of service and a 25GB data allowance. 
  • Extended 5-month plans: At $255, this gives users access to 180 days of service.

Activation Process

In order to activate a device onto the Straight Talk network users need to enter their device’s IMEI/MEID/serial number, which can be found on the red activation code that came with phones bought from Straight Talk.

Straight Talk Contact us

For other phones, users can manually retrieve their IMEI number and then input this detail into the online activation tool. 

Selection of Phones Available 

Users can choose from a wide variety of both Android and iOS-based phones which can be used with the network. For users that are happy with their existing phone, there’s also a Bring Your Own Device plan. The wide variety of networks that Straight Talk supports means that almost all unlocked devices can be brought to the network.

Phones that can be bought online include:

  • Samsung Galaxy A10e
  • iPhone SE 64GB
  • Samsung Galaxy A01
  • iPhone XR 64GB

Straight Talk Wireless Call and Text Performance 

Because Straight Talk works with four different networks, both CDMA and GSM-based, call and text performance is likely to be somewhat variable depending on where exactly the handset is used. Nevertheless, many users report satisfaction with the quality of connections they receive through the service.

Straight Talk Wireless Data Speeds 

Four Carrier Support 

Straight Talk Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). This means that it doesn’t own and operate its own network infrastructure but rather pays licensing fees to those who do in order to provide connectivity.

MVNOs commonly resell one network’s infrastructure. But Straight Talk Wireless pulls out the stops by supporting four networks: AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon.

This four layered network connectivity has two implications for customers:

  • The company can provide connectivity across the US
  • Both CDMA and GSM are supported. So regardless of what type of handset you have, it should be able to work with the network. 

In terms of speeds, thanks to the abundance of networks users should also have an easier time finding a good connection speed. 

Straight Talk Wireless Customer Service

Need help? Straight Talk Wireless has a decent support infrastructure ready to mobilize to help users resolve their connectivity and usage issues. 

Straight Talk Contact

Users have multiple ways to get in touch:

  • They can phone the US-based helping (call center hours: 08:00 - 23:45 EST, 7 days a week)
  • They can open an online chat window
  • They can write a letter to the company’s dedicated Executive Resolution Department 

What People Say About Straight Talk Wireless


“I always get great service and customer service is great. They also have a rewards program so you can earn points to get free monthly plans.”

Monica of Savannah, TN

“In my experience and for my needs Straight Talk worked very well for me. The service was great and I never had an issue that caused any inconveniences. “

Carolyn of Durham, NC

“Straight Talk has always been known as a cheaper version of Verizon. Same towers, lower price.”

Braden of Crossville, TN

Straight Talk Wireless Straight Talk Wireless Visit Site

Bottom Line

Straight Talk gives its users access to four different radio networks and features a variety of plans flexible enough to support all but the most complicated of use-cases.

Users can choose to bring their own phone to the network and porting numbers in is straightforward. The company offers support through live chat and a call center primarily. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Does the network support roaming?+-

No, it’s a domestic network designed for use in the US only.

Does the network work in Puerto Rico?+-

No, it only works in the continental US

Do I need to refill my contract?+-

Yes, you need to keep the contract rolling and renewed in order for it to remain active's editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.

Straight Talk Wireless customer reviews

Based on 34 reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

1 years ago

For the service, It's the best and most economical service I can find. I like it.

1 years ago

I am familiar with straight talk. Also it gives you the option to renew or cancel your plan every month without a fee.

1 years ago

Great service, provides a good service for a good price. No problems and easy set up.

1 years ago

Awesome service and data but customer service is very rude and hard to understand. Website is always down at night and hard to add plans.

1 years ago

They have all of the features I need. Unlimited plans, for a fair price. I just wish they would roll over like Tracfone does.

1 years ago

I have had Straight Talk for over eleven years, they are affordable, reliable, and have a good value for the money.

1 years ago

Because of It's no contract which means I will never will receive a bill. Just add a monthly plan for $35.00 a month with unlimited text, data and internet. It doesn't get much better than that. Can also take photos and send photos to people. And it has great features on it.

1 years ago

I like Straight Talk because I get service in most places my last carrier didn't have. It is also much cheaper than my last provider as well.

1 years ago

Excellent value for the money. Customer service is always very helpful and willing to work with me.

1 years ago

It is a really good company they are open and honest with their customers as well.

1 years ago

I have been with Straight Talk for over 10 years and have been very satisfied. Has a good quality at a reasonable price.

1 years ago

It's okay I don't know if I like the phone or not but I like the plan because It's unlimited and I try to protect my data as much as I can.

1 years ago

They have the cheapest plans for the same service as Verizon. You can get the same plans for half the price.

1 years ago

They have good reliable service at a low price. Many phones to choose from and responsive customer service.

1 years ago

I have been a Straight Talk customer for years. They offer great plans and phones, and their service is amazing.

1 years ago

I like it. It works good for me the service is good to use, no problems with it.

1 years ago

I love Straight Talk. I've been with them for several years now. Their service is outstanding.

1 years ago

Straight Talk is easy for me to use because they have good coverage, low monthly plans to suit my needs, and cheap phones.

1 years ago

This is a great option for my child's phone. It was easy to set up, inexpensive and I can track it all online with the app. I love it for her however, I worry about the network for myself since I travel. Also, customer service was difficult to work with in the beginning, perhaps they are better now.

1 years ago

I'm not in a contract with any of the other providers. I like paying each month for my service.

Straight Talk Wireless
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