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P.volve Review

 Jake ParkerByJake ParkerJan. 28, 2020

In a Nutshell

Do intense workouts simply exhaust you? Are you ready for something new? Then you should give P.volve a shot. This collection of science-based workout techniques was originally designed for Victoria Secret models and is centered around low-impact exercises. As you’re about to find out in our P.volve review, it can help you develop shapely tone while avoiding pain and creating bulk.


  • Techniques used by professional models
  • Reduces the risk of joint damage and other injuries
  • Toning exercises used to build lean muscle tone


  • Not designed for muscle gain
  • Low impact movement won’t cause significant weight loss
  • Doesn’t meet everyone’s needs

P.volve P.volve Visit Site

P.volve Review

Best for: Women, fashion models

Workout Types: Abs & Glutes, Full Body, Arms, Legs

Fitness Guarantee: Lifted butt, strengthened core and beautiful elongated muscles after one month

Support: Live chat, phone and email

Pricing: Prices begin at $24.99 per month

Special offer: Get 2 months free when you buy 10

What’s Unique About P.volve?

P.volve is the creation of trainer Stephen Pasterino, better known as ‘P’. After studying the science of movement at the world-famous Gray Institute, he realized that a significant number of women weren’t getting results because of flawed workouts. That’s why he developed P.volve and why this revolutionary system is so unique.

Unlike traditional training methods, P.volve isn’t concerned with reps or weights. Instead, in a P.volve session, you’ll find yourself focusing on technique. You’ll masterfully perform small, precise movements. These will strengthen smaller, hard-to-access muscles that other fitness courses miss.

P.volve Review

You won’t find bicep curls in a P.volve class because each movement is designed to use your body’s weight as resistance. Targeting one specific muscle repeatedly using standard exercises creates bulk.

Note that P.volve certainly isn't for everyone. If you want to gain impressive muscle definition or lose or gain a significant amount of weight, the low-impact techniques P.volve employs might not be sufficient. 

Fitness Fans Are Raving 

“I have a herniated disc and lots of hip pain, plus I travel a lot which caused back pain. I feel stronger with P.volve and I prefer the shape of my body from this workout! I’m more elongated than bulky.” - Anonymous

“Loved this! One of my new favorite workouts. Abs and arms were burning!” - Ava B.

“I’ve been doing P.volve streaming for a few months now, my body has dramatically changed and I am finally seeing the results I was looking for, and I actually look forward to working out with P! He is always changing up the moves so my mind and body don’t get bored” - Anonymous

How it Works 

Ready to look like an elite Victoria Secret model? Here’s what you need to do to get started with P.volve:

1. Sign up to P.volve studio: This is the package that will give you access to online P.volve streaming content.

2. Go through the method tutorials: P.volve is a new way to exercise, so there’s a bit of a learning curve. It’s worth taking the time to get familiar with the movements at the core of P.volve’s program and understand the movement philosophy behind the routines before progressing. 

3. Stream a workout: There are over 150 unique workout sessions you can access via P.volve studio.

4. Create an exercise calendar: To ensure P.volve has a real impact on your body and fitness, you need to use it regularly. If you answer a few quick questions about your goals and requirements, P.volve studio will automatically create a workout calendar for you, building progression into the schedule.

5. Check out your personal dashboard: P.volve will keep you motivated by tracking your course progress and notifying you of newly posted sessions. 

How it Works

What Workouts You’ll Do

This is a highly specialized fitness system. Although P.volve workouts can be performed by people in almost any state of fitness, they’re all intended to do the following things:

  • Lift the butt
  • Develop a healthier, stronger core
  • Reduce bulk
  • Build balanced, aesthetically pleasing muscles 
  • Tone smaller muscles for a beautiful, defined figure

Here are a few examples of workouts available on P.volve studio that achieve these goals:

Low and Slow with the This session is centered around P.volve’s It works like a traditional exercise band but is hands-free for extended use.

Full Body at Home Workout: With this class, you’ll find plenty of familiar motions like lunges and squats, but you’ll be doing them in a slower, more controlled manner than you might have on other fitness programs.

Abs and Ass Ready for Summer with the P.ball: Some workouts, like this one, make use of the unique P.volve P.ball system. This resistance band with an inflated ball is worn around the legs. It helps to engage your thighs and ass while squeezing or squatting.

P.volve Review

During most P.volve workouts, you’ll notice a surprising emphasis on hip flexibility. That’s because, according to P.volve’s founder, increasing your level of abduction and internal rotation can help you better develop your butt and trim your thighs.

P.volve Mobile App

Want to keep toned on the move? You can stream any of the 150+ P.volve workouts on your mobile device thanks to P.volve’s Android and iOS apps. You should also try downloading P.volve sessions for offline workouts and explore your personal P.volve workout calendar.

If you’re not sold on the P.volve system already, these apps will help you make up your mind. They come with a free full-length workout session, and no subscription is required prior to installation.

P.volve Mobile App

P.volve Pricing 

P.volve’s studio subscriptions can be purchased either monthly, bi-annually or annually. Longer subscription lengths will net you a lower overall monthly rate. With the monthly plan, you can also enjoy a 15-day free trial. 

As well as a content membership, you will require additional specialized equipment for a large number of P.volve workouts. You can purchase unique P.volve accessories, such as the $59.99 p.ball, through P.volve’s online shop.

Note that if you’re a New York City local, you can also get the P.volve experience offline. In-person classes are priced at $32 per class. 

Monthly Cost
Monthly Membership
6 Months

P.volve P.volve Visit Site

Help & Support

If you have any questions about the program, you can get in touch with the during standard East Coast business hours by phone or live chat. 

If you’re local and feel like you’d like a little extra support with the program you can also send P.volve an email to discuss personal training options and studio sessions. At the time of writing, P.volve is only operating a single brick and mortar studio in New York, but they expect to open other branches across the USA soon.

Here’s the Skinny

Using a combination of movement science, advanced fitness equipment and convenient mobile technology, P.Volve can help you sculpt your body into a toned work of art. This isn’t the right system to use if want to look ‘jacked’ or lose a large amount of weight. However, as we found out in our P.volve review, for a firmer core and a raised butt, there’s no better alternative.

 Jake ParkerByJake ParkerAug. 26, 2019
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