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Factor_ Review Staff

In a Nutshell

Factor_ provides healthy, fresh meals prepared by professional chefs and delivered to your door. All meals are ready to heat and serve, saving you time and hard work. Choose from a vast selection of delicious meals that follow diets such as paleo, ketogenic, and low-carb. You can either pick your meals or set up an automated order according to your taste preferences.


  • Meals are delivered ready to eat
  • Saves time and mess
  • Helps you live a healthy lifestyle


  • No option to customize meals
  • No family meal plans
  • Not many vegetarian options

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Factor_ Video Review - Healthy Keto Weight Loss

Ideal For

  • Anyone who doesn’t have time to cook healthy meals
  • Someone who wants support for paleo or ketogenic diets

What’s Unique About Factor_?

Factor_ is a meal delivery service that provides fully prepared, fresh meals to your door. Its primary aim is to make it easier for people to live a healthy lifestyle and eat clean, by removing the difficulties of preparing meals. To this end, all Factor_ meals are entirely ready to eat—they just need to be heated and served. Factor_ meals are delivered just once a week, but they are packaged in a way that keeps them guaranteed fresh for up to 10 days. More details on that below.

The company uses only high-quality ingredients with organic produce and grass-fed and pastured meats, promising that they are all non-GMO and free from antibiotics and hormones as well as from soy. It caters to paleo, ketogenic, and low-carb diets, while also offering dairy-free and gluten-free meals. It's not the best choice for vegetarians since the meals are weighted towards ketogenic and paleo diets, which are heavily meat-based. There are no vegan meal options.

Factor_ isn’t a diet plan, but it does provide support for people following various diets. There’s a nutrition consultation program to help you understand your nutritional needs and choose the best eating choices for a healthier lifestyle. You’ll get a free 20-minute consultation when you sign up.You can choose to pay for a longer 60-minute session, a full month or 3 months of nutritional coaching, dietician advice, and food logins to keep you on track.

One standout item that Factor_ offers is a partnership with AGS genetic testing. Once you get your genetic profile through AGS, Factor’s expert dieticians and chefs will create a personalized food plan that provides exactly the right amount of macronutrients for your body.

How It Works

Factor_ is easy to use. You’ll start by choosing your meal plan—you can select 4, 6, 8, 12, or 18 meals per week. Then, you'll be asked for your zip code and email address to begin the signup process.

As part of the registration process, you’ll be asked to complete a taste profile. This covers what types of ingredients you can’t eat or won’t eat. Your taste profile is your opportunity to filter out foods you don’t like, and to make sure you won’t be served meals with ingredients you’re allergic to.

Meals are delivered once a week, with deliveries made on Mondays through Wednesdays. Your exact delivery day depends on your location. All orders for the following week need to placed by 11.59pm CT on the previous Wednesday. When you get your order, you’ll just need to put the meals in the refrigerator to store them for later in the week, or straight into the oven or microwave to eat that day.

You don’t have to be home to accept delivery, because all dishes are delivered in recyclable insulated boxes with gel cold packs to keep them fresh, so they can wait on your doorstep till you get home. All Factor_ meals are delivered fully prepared and ready to eat. They are always freshly made, not frozen, and just need to be reheated. There’s no work involved except heating and serving.

Meal Options

Factor_ offers a range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices, although lunch and dinner choices are grouped together. You can pick your own meals for the following week, or leave it to Factor_ to choose a random selection for you, based on your taste profile. If you love a particular meal, you can add it to your favorites by clicking the heart icon. That way, whenever that meal is available, it’ll be automatically added to your week’s choices.

You can’t customize your dishes with Factor_, but you can choose from a wide range of diet-friendly meals. Each meal option is marked with an icon telling you if it’s suitable for dairy-free, low or slow carbs, paleo, or ketogenic diets. You can also click the meal to see a full list of ingredients and nutritional information, so you can make an informed choice about each meal. All Factor_ meals are gluten-free, soy-free, and preservative free, but the website warns that the meals aren’t suitable for celiacs who need an entirely gluten-free environment.

The breakfast menu includes options like paleo-friendly granola or ketogenic frittata cups. For dinner or lunch, you can choose from options such as a ketogenic pub burger, paleo chicken Vesuvio, Cuban pork, pizza casserole, or a taco bowl.

Each meal serves 1 adult, and there are no family portions available, so if you want to feed your whole family on Factor_ meals, you’ll just have to order one meal for each person.

Favorite Factor_ Meals

1. Grilled Chicken Gyro Plate

High in protein | Just heat and eat

2. Paleo BBQ Salmon

Paleo-friendly and low carb | Just heat and eat

3. Chicken Vesuvio

38 grams of protein | Paleo-friendly | Just heat and eat


Factor’s prices depend on the number of meals you order each week. 4 meals a week costs $60, or $15 per meal. The cost per meal goes down the more you order, with 18 meals per week costing $198, or $11 per meal. There are also further discounts available if you order in bulk.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, but if you have an automated order, you'll need to cancel before it goes through at 11.59pm CT on Wednesdays. Otherwise, you'll still receive delivery the following week, but your subscription will be canceled after that.


Help & Support

Factor_ makes it easy for users to get in touch. There’s a good FAQ page that covers most questions you might have, or you can get in touch by phone, email, or through the online web form. The phone line is manned 9AM -5PM CT, Monday to Friday.

Factor_ also offers plenty of support for healthy eating through its nutritional consultation service that helps members make the best eating choices for their lifestyle.

Bottom Line

Factor_ provides meals that are suited for almost every diet, delivered fresh, and ready-to-eat. Each meal is carefully balanced to be nutritious, healthy, and delicious, and it’s particularly good for people on paleo or ketogenic diets. Meals stay fresh for up to 10 days and can be frozen to eat later. Factor_ also offers nutritional consultations and coaching to help you eat clean. If you’re looking for a simple way to live a healthier lifestyle, Factor_ could be the meal delivery service for you.

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The information on this site is based on research, but should not be treated as medical advice. Before beginning any new diet plan, we recommend consulting with a physician or other professional healthcare provider. Results may vary based on various health factors, individual weight loss plans and adherence to the meal plan.

Factor customer reviews

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Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

10 months ago

They have great customization according to oriole's dietary needs. The app is easy to use. The meals taste fantastic. They have great customer service.

10 months ago

I really like Factor's meal delivery service. They really help you find different varieties of ready made foods that are easy to cook.

10 months ago

Good on all categories. It is easy to prepare and works well for me. Leftovers are great and can be good for another meal.

10 months ago

It's a good home meal service with everything going on today The food and the service are getting better all the time. I love it.

a year ago

You get great meal selections, great prices and great discounts, plus delivery is fast and painless.

a year ago

Factor meals are never frozen, relatively healthy, and they actually taste amazing! My favorite bonus is that it only takes two minutes in the microwave to get a fabulous meal.

a year ago

Factor meal delivery service is great to have. You get discounts when you order and only pay a certain amount. I like that there are no additional fees to worry about.

a year ago

Their prepackaged food is still cold when it arrives and the food is so delicious. I highly recommend it.

a year ago

It is a very good food delivery service. I like that they deliver directly to your doorstep and it's a good value for money.

a year ago

It's a great delivery service to have available for my dining needs. Factor has fast service and their food is very fresh.

a year ago

The meals are balanced. They taste very good. I was looking specifically for low carbohydrate meals and they provided that.

a year ago

The food is delicious. It is fully cooked. You just heat and serve. The food is tailored to my diet requirements. It is made fresh and shipped overnight to me.

a year ago

They have very responsive customer service representatives who genuinely care about customers. The app is so customizable and personalized when it comes to choosing meals you want. It's very easy to cancel or modify the plan you choose, or switch between plans. The food is tasty and amazing.

a year ago

Most of the time their meals are warm and fresh. If you have any issues they are quick to respond and they have friendly service.

a year ago

It is always available for times when you do not want to go out of the house. I use it here and there and it works really well. I love that they offer a variety of prices and food options.

a year ago

The features are unique, the product reviews are awesome and I find their products and services extremely appealing.

a year ago

I loved the food but found I got bored and it was really expensive. I loved the ease of it but it got to be repetitive.

a year ago

The ease of getting my food in hand so easily and the ability to get it delivered on time.

I gave this rating to Factor because I enjoy the service I get from using it.

1 years ago

I would eat and work at any of these things. It's the best thing for me to see.!

110 reviews
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