Ooma vs. Vonage: Business VoIP Battle

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Ooma vs. Vonage
Business VoIP systems are now a must-have for any company looking to save money, add professional business tools, or seamlessly scale their business. Vonage Business and Ooma, 2 of the giants in the industry, are both award-winning and popular business VoIP solutions. But which will come out on top when we pit them against one another on the elements that really matter?

Calling Features

Ooma: Free calls in US and Canada, and basic extras

Vonage: Dozens of options for incoming and outgoing calls

Ooma is a bare bones business VoIP system, but it has ensured that small and growing businesses have everything that they might need. This includes unlimited calling around the US and Canada, caller ID, and a free number transfer. Toll-free numbers are available at an extra cost. International calls are competitively priced as well.

Vonage Business has dozens of tools that can take this a step further, as is needed by your business. Contact center features are an obvious extra here, including call queues, groups, and monitoring. There is also custom call tagging, directory assistance, and numerous call waiting choices. Click to Dial and Click to Call Me are both offered, helping with productivity and efficiency among your staff. While some of these tools might incur extra charges, the options are here to create the impression you want your company to give.

Winner: Vonage

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Business Features

Ooma: 25 basic business VoIP tools

Vonage: Over 40 business VoIP tools including unified communications

When it comes to business tools, Ooma again offers everything a small business needs, but not much more. Your company can configure your own virtual receptionist which includes auto-attendant features. There is also virtual Fax, ring groups, on-hold music and IP phone features. There are around 25 tools all in all, included into the monthly price.

In contrast, Vonage Business is feature-rich. It has over 40 business features, many of which focus on unified communications, something which Ooma does not offer. Working with Amazon Chime Pro, these include online meetings, video conferencing and instant messaging across offices. The mobile apps also include more features than the Ooma apps. The only negative here is that some features have additional costs, such as visual voicemail and call recording.

Winner: Vonage

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Ease of Use

Ooma: Online demo, no expertise required

Vonage: Quick and simple for mobile; desktop will need more tech support

Ooma really is an incredibly simple solution. Once you have the Ooma base, it just needs plugging into your internet and the phone, and that’s it. You can activate your Ooma account online using a unique number, download the mobile app, and you’re good to go. Other phones can be added wirelessly to scale upward to 20 users.

Vonage Business is slightly more complicated, because the extent of its capabilities goes much further. The Essentials Plug and Play service can be used through the softphone application or via mobile app, so that’s a quick and simple start if your business needs it. You’ll need to check that your VoIP phones are compatible, which can be done from the site.

Winner: Ooma

Customer Support

Ooma: 24/7, including live chat

Vonage: 24/7, including phone

Vonage Business offers 24/7 support, as well as including a powerful settings portal on its website and mobile app. This means that any element of your business VoIP system can be tweaked and managed around the clock. Any questions can be dealt with by trained and competent staff on the phone. While you can ask Vonage Business to get in touch, we’d love to see an around-the-clock live chat from the site as well.

Ooma Office also has a range of customer support features, including 24/7 help when you need it, a robust FAQ section, and an option for customer support to get in touch with you, saving on any time spent on hold. There are multiple social media accounts to reach out with as well. Live chat from the website directly makes it easy to ask anything, from a quick question, to fixing a troubleshooting challenge. While the phone service is limited to office hours, your Ooma Office login details help you manage business and account features around the clock.

Winner: Tie


Ooma: Ooma Office app forwards calls to mobile

Vonage: Over a third of business VoIP features can be used on mobile

Ooma offers great mobility for a small business. Using the Ooma Office mobile app, users can use their mobile phones for any business calls, and have their calls forwarded directly, helping staff to work remotely and flexibly. Your business can create virtual extensions, forward voicemail, and allow for simultaneous ringing in 2 locations or more.

Vonage Business takes mobility to the next level though. Mobile conferencing means that multiple offices can collaborate with web, video and audio conferencing on the move. Mobile integrations which are cloud-based can be seamlessly included wherever your staff are, creating a truly virtual office environment. In fact, over a third of all the business VoIP features on Vonage Business are suitable for mobile. Unlike Ooma, Vonage Business administrators will be able to access their dashboard and make changes via mobile.

Winner: Vonage


Ooma: $19.95 per user per month

Vonage: $29.99-$39.99 per user per month

Ooma is known for its competitive monthly price, at only $19.95 per month, per user. It is definitely a cheaper option than the Vonage basic plan, which is $39.99 per line per month. However, this is only a sound decision if your business does not need all the bells and whistles which Vonage offers, and you are satisfied with a simple business VoIP for up to 20 users. Ooma customers also need to be aware of the steep initial hardware costs, which start at around $200. With Vonage, your existing VoIP phones may be suitable to use when you transfer over.

Winner: Ooma


Ooma: Very limited potential for integrations

Vonage: Dozens of existing integrations, growing all the time

If you’re looking to integrate your business VoIP with other business software, then Ooma Office is likely to be a more basic solution than you need. While it does connect with Dropbox, that’s about the limit of its integration potential.

On the other end of the scale, Vonage has more integration opportunities under its belt than the majority of other business VoIP solutions. These include Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle, as well as other CRM integrations, for example Bullhorn or Netsuite, productivity integrations like G-Suite and customer service integrations such as Zendesk. As a company that caters to enterprises around the world, it is also open to expanding its integrations to suit the customer’s need.

Winner: Vonage


We absolutely love how Ooma Office has carved out space for itself for small businesses or startups. Cheap monthly costs, foolproof setup and installation, and great customer support make it the perfect choice for any business that wants to dip its toes into the world of VoIP. Our winner has to be Vonage however, with robust and in-depth features, powerful options for integration, and incredible mobility for any company looking to promote flexibility and achieve growth.

Overall Winner: Vonage Business

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