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10 Runes for Psychic Readings & Their Importance in Norse Mythology

Paris Conley — Writer for Top10
Person using 10 runes for psychic readings.
Runes are a divination tool that helps with navigating and manifesting. The Norse and other Germanic peoples believe that these tools are sacred because words create reality.

Learning about runes, you will grow to be more aligned with these beliefs and the power they hold. When you are impeccable with your words you can manifest for your higher good.

German philosopher Martin Heidegger spoke on words not reflecting our perception of the world, but instead us experiencing and perceiving the world in particular ways we speak. In traditional Germanic society when vocalizing a thought, it can manifest and alter reality.

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Rune Reading: What You Need to Know

Runes are an alphabet with 24 letters (or symbols) that are engraved on individual stones, clay or pieces of wood. They are used for communication and hold supernatural energies. Among guidance, they draw in wealth, abundance, healing.

The Norse god Odin was constantly searching for wisdom, which led him to travel the Nine Worlds. He was never satisfied and gave himself as a human sacrifice to understand the magic of runes. During this time the Well of Urd revealed these were more than just a lost system of writing, but powerful weavers of magic.

Germanic heritage is a part of my multicultural ancestry and these tools, much like tarot readings, play a part in navigating my psychic abilities. How you cast can be determined by the level of guidance you need at that current time. Remember, this is your journey, and only your interpretation will lead to clarity.

1. Eihwaz: yew

Strength and stability are found when casting this rune. While associated with determination and confidence, it can be a talisman for protection and achieving goals.

Eihwaz comes from the Old Norse eiðr , meaning "yew tree", which is a representation of death and rebirth. This has appeared for me in times of needing to get prepared for the changes and growth to come.

2. Ehwaz: horse

Ehwaz symbolizes teamwork and loyalty. It indicates needing to focus on self-awareness to determine who deserves your trust.

Cooperation and compromise will be the theme with not only yourself but people, situations and energies around you. Building a healthy foundation in any aspect needs time and nurturing and this rune is your reminder.

3. Dagaz: day

Happiness and a higher level of consciousness is present here. Dagaz is associated with awakening and gaining vision.

It speaks the quote "today is a new day." To reach your highest level of enlightenment, take this guidance to accept new perspectives.

4. Jera: year

Jera is a counterpart of Dagaz, both are associated with time and change. While Dagaz is aligned with a daily cycle and bold change, Jera is aligned with an annual cycle and gentle change.

Focusing on patience and planting seeds for later harvest is present here. Be in the moment and show gratitude for abundance and harmony that stream in.

5. Fehu: cattle

Fehu is the first rune in the Elder Futhark and is a Norse rune of luck. It is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

It indicates good reputation and the ability to create a new start. It is often times used for a tool of personal and social development.

6. Ansuz: god

Ansuz represents exploration and breath. It shines light on permitting transformation and open paths of communication.

In Norse Mythology, it's significant to Odin, the "breath giver" and "Allfather". He played a major role in creating the world and being a force that holds the cosmos together.

7. Laguz: water

Water is all about flow. Allowing space on mastering your emotions is the guidance when casting Laguz.

Many water deities are in Norse mythology, showing the impact and significance this is to their beliefs. Accept flow.

8. Uruz: aurochs

Uruz's intentions are to push manifesting and endurance. It's one of the most powerful in Norse Mythology.

As a symbol of strength, it is often used for protection in amulets and talisman. Unleashing your inner power is the purpose behind its aim.

9. Tiwaz: the god Tyr

Tiwaz leads to tapping into your inner warrior. Presents entering a time of battle in your beliefs while also keeping the peace.

Tyr is a Norse war god that presides over law and justice, which both corollate for the Germanic peoples. Faith and decision making are tested when this is shown.

10. Wunjo: Joy

Wunjo aligns with being surrounded by community. It is a push to give attention to your inner souls true will.

In my personal experience, I cast this when more socialization is needed. It opens up more wishful thinking and transparent conversations.

Connect with the runes

I find significance in Eihwaz because the power and ability are within "yew"! Let the runes guide you during difficult times and find which one helps with deeper understanding.

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Paris Conley — Writer for Top10
Since 2010, Paris Conley has worked professionally as a psychic, tarot reader, and yogi. She displayed spiritual gifts from a young age and committed herself to creating a safe space to help others find their destinies. Currently, she contributes to Top10.com as a spiritual advisor.