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10 Questions With a Keen Executive

Top10.com Staff
Stacey Grotz, VP Marketing
With over thousands of advisors to choose from and more than millions of conversations, Keen is well-known as a leader in spiritual reading and psychic advice. We sat down with Stacey Grotz, Vice President of Marketing at Ingenio, LLC in San Francisco, CA to find out more about what makes Keen so popular.

Stacey has spent a majority of her fourteen-year career in Marketing after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. She has worked at companies large and small, including merchandising at Macys.com, joining as fifth employee at startup ClearSlide and exiting at 250 employees, running North America advertising at Polycom and consulting on marketing strategy at Google.

1) When was Keen created? How many users and advisors do you now have on your site? 

Keen was founded in 1999 and has over 20 years of experience being the leading online marketplace for psychic advice, tarot readings, and spiritual guidance. We have connected hundreds of thousands of users with talented advisors over the years, enabling over 50 Million conversations to date! There are over 10 million reviews on Keen to help users find an advisor that’s right for them. 

2) Keen is clearly the leader in the online psychic market - what is the secret to your company’s success?

We pride ourselves on listening to our users, both consumers and advisors. We hold weekly interviews with real customers and advisors to collect feedback on their experience with Keen, and we do our best to make those insights actionable. The candid conversations we have with our customers and advisors enable us to learn firsthand what Keen means to people, what they like and dislike about the product or service, and get ideas on what changes or new features they’d appreciate. Some recent features that have launched from customer feedback include a smart search bar feature, and new ways to filter for advisors by skills and specialties (ie: tarot, clairvoyant). 

3) You have an extensive range of advisors on your site. How can one become an advisor at keen?  

Our Advisors have to go through a series of identity verification processes and screenings to become readers on Keen. If you are interested in joining Keen as a provider, here is a link to learn more. 

4) Tell us about your users. What are they looking for, and what are the most common themes discussed with your advisors?

We have users from all over the world that come to Keen to communicate in English or Spanish through call, chat or email. Users come to Keen looking for guidance and direction on either questions they might have or what’s next in their life journey. We continue to see that love and relationships is a top theme for psychic readings and spiritual guidance. Matters of the heart are top of mind for our users, which can vary based on their relationship status, including whether you are single, married, dating or divorced- there are hundreds of gifted advisors on Keen to help guide you through relationships in your life. 

5) Since covid, we can imagine that more people turn to you in search of answers. How would you describe the new keen users in 2020-2021?

We are fortunate to be a part of a company that provides people with a solution and tools to help support them through all of the challenges and uncertainty in the last year. As spirituality, astrology and tarot becomes more mainstream, we’ve noticed a younger millennial user base join Keen. Social platforms like Instagram and TikTok are on the rise, allowing more users to discover our platform. Keen recently went viral on TikTok. Check it out here 

6) What are the advantages and disadvantages of online psychic readings? How do your advisors bond with your users online?

Some advantages of online readings are that there is someone available to support you anytime or anywhere you need it. We have advisors available anytime of day and if you are in a public setting, you can discreetly communicate with the chat function. On Keen we have many different types of online readings available, there really is something for everyone, including psychics, tarot readers, astrologers, mediums, dream interpreters, pet psychics, intuitives, spiritual guides, numerology readers, reiki healers, angel readers, chakra cleansers, and more. One disadvantage that comes to mind is being able to find the right advisor. We help customers overcome this by offering best match quizzes, different sorts with recommended top advisors and customer reviews so that you can find the right fit for you. 

Many of our long time customers originally came to Keen because they had a specific question or issue going on in their life. As those questions answer themselves or the issues resolve, they find it is beneficial to communicate with their advisor on general life guidance or as new questions come up. The advisor becomes a confidant or even a friend, in some cases, when they have worn out their close friends with the same questions or don’t feel comfortable talking with a family member. The advisor is always there to support, offer guidance and never judges the user. 

7) Do you personally use online readings? If so, would you like to share with our Top10 users one learning that you took from a reading? 

I’ve had several readings over the years and they have always helped to provide clarity on a situation or question I have in my life. When I spoke with my first advisor, a tarot reader actually, I asked her to give me some pointers going into my first reading as I was unsure on the process. She shared that more specific questions are best - think more “is my project going to be successful at work?” and less “how is the month ahead of me going to turn out?” and that a first reading can take anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes. Also, to have an open mind and know that just because a reading says one outcome doesn’t necessarily mean that things can’t shift in the future to change it. Online readings can be part of a journey of self-discovery similar to how one might include meditation, journaling or affirmations in their process. You should consider having an online reading to help move you forward in your journey whether it’s a relationship, life goals or manifesting your dreams to come true. 

8) We see many new online psychic sites and applications in the market lately, what should a user consider when picking a psychic site? 

A user should consider how long the site has been around, the number of advisors on the site, what types of reviews and ratings there are of the advisors and whether the advisors fit within their budget. Luckily, if the user chooses Keen, they wouldn’t need to worry about any of these considerations. Keen has been in existence since 1999 with the largest pool of talented advisors with over 1,600+ to choose from. They can narrow the selection down based on their preferences for Call or Chat and use features like Star Ratings, Reviews, and advisor specialties to search. Keen also offers the best rates in the industry, with advisors priced as low as $1.99/minute!

9) Please tell us more about your background, and how you joined the Keen team.

I have always been fascinated with how products and brands appeal to consumers. There can be dozens of variations of the same product, but savvy marketing can create the allure for a consumer to want to go out and buy it now. Why do people feel compelled to go out and buy the latest tech gadget or beauty product? The answer is great marketing that understands the consumers needs and wants and shows them how and why this is going to improve their life. 

I joined Ingenio over 5 years ago because I was looking for a consumer-focused brand that could make a positive impact on people’s lives. The company and team are extremely supportive of my career growth and leadership development. Over the past four years, I’ve earned four promotions and helped to grow the marketing team to where it is today. It is extremely fulfilling to continue to do the type of marketing I love, while leading and coaching the next generation of marketers.

10) What makes your team so special? 

Honestly, the people I work with make all the difference. I feel like being ‘nice’ is an underrated quality in the corporate world, but it goes a long way. We spend so much of our time at work that we should really enjoy being there. I am inspired everyday by my team and others I work with and the gifts they have to share.

Often as a leader, we put the needs of others above ourselves. It can, at times, feel lonely and isolating when confronted with big challenges or tough decisions. At Ingenio, I have never felt on that island alone. This was especially true during Covid-19 and having to quarantine for over a year, not go in the office. I check in with my team frequently to see how they are feeling and if there is anything else, I can do to support them. It is great when one of them asks how I am doing as well. It’s such a simple question but makes all the difference.

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