4 Must Knows When Choosing A Medical Alert System

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Knowing which products and plans best suit you is essential

A medical alert system can give you or your loved ones the peace of mind and security to maintain independence for longer.

But what should you look out for when making your choice?

Most systems cost roughly the same, so the key is understanding which products and plans best suit your lifestyle.

Here are the top 4 considerations when picking a medical alert system:

1. Where are the monitoring center locations?

Monitor center locations are often overlooked, but this should be your first concern. US-based support enables faster response. Also, more monitoring centers are better, as this will ensure your call is handled faster.

Mobile Help is a leading medical alert system provider that is especially suited for active seniors across the US. With multiple monitoring centers nationwide, If one center goes down for technical reasons, another can take over seamlessly.

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2. Product features

The basic function of a medical alert system is that you can push a button and be immediately connected to someone who can assess the medical situation and get you help.

All the best systems will offer portable help buttons you can carry around the house, usually on a pendant or a wristband. The device itself will offer two-way voice communication.

MedicalAlert offers sleek product options that make you feel more like you're wearing an accessory than a medical requirement.

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3. How easy is installation?

Most medical alert systems can be fitted by the user.

Signup can also be as simple as ordering your equipment and filling in an online form. But it may need you to fill in some paperwork with your medical details and emergency contacts and send it back to the company. With some providers this process is more complex than with others.

One Call Alert offers one of the easiest set-up processes. Another major plus is that they offer advanced fall detection technology. If a fall is identified and you’re unresponsive, emergency services will be dispatched immediately.

One Call Alert One Call Alert Visit Site

4. Help and support quality

Medical alert systems are not the most complicated technology, and there is usually enough information on the company website to give you an overview of what they offer. But you need to make sure the provider offers 24/7 support in case there is a problem with your system.

Make sure this support is offered in your language, if English isn’t your preferred option.

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