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In a Nutshell

Medical Guardian keeps track of your important medical information and the right contacts in case of a medical emergency, which makes it perfect for those with a disability or condition which can strike without warning. This solution also includes temperature monitoring, fall detection and on-the-go mobile GPS options, making it a great choice for seniors wanting to live alone, independently.


  • New fall detection technology
  • 36-hour battery life on mobile


  • Lost or damaged equipment incurs a fee
  • No smoke/fire/carbon monoxide (CO) detection

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Monitoring Services

Medical Guardian is proud to offer emergency and non-emergency support, so that whether you need emergency services, a neighbors help or simply someone to get in touch with a family member for you, there are friendly and helpful representatives on the other end of the line. Its medical monitoring center is certified by UL, CSAA Five diamond, FM and the Dept of Defense. In particular, the UL certification means the company is subject to rigorous testing to ensure that it responds speedily and efficiently to get you the help you need. The CSAA Five Diamond certification recognizes a degree of excellence in customer service and training.

Staff members are available 24/7/365 and are able to dispatch emergency services and contact designated family members and friends. With US based support, you won’t have any trouble with language barriers.

Product Features

Medical Guardian has both at home and on the go options, depending on what you need. One great extra is its Risk Assessment which you can complete on the website, and gives you a better idea of what kind of system will work for you—especially if you have a specific illness or disability. Trained personnel will have access to medical information and the right contacts to get in touch with in an emergency making this a perfect system for those who fear an emergency medical situation as well as senior citizens or those who live alone.

Stand out features of the home systems include temperature display and a 30+ hour backup battery life. The mobile solutions feature GPS technology allowing for an unlimited range, and the premium system has fall detection technology built in. All solutions come with a lifetime warranty and are completely waterproof.

Extras such as a lockbox, smoke and fire detection, daily check ins or CO monitoring are not included with Medical Guardian, making them more suitable for those in fear of a medical emergency than senior citizens.

Installation Process

Installation is as simple as plugging in your phone or any electrical item. The landline Classic Guardian will need to be plugged into a phone socket as well as a wall outlet, while the Home Guardian only needs an electrical outlet. Once you’ve done this, simply press the help button to test the device. The Mobile Guardian will come set up, and with wristbands or necklaces already synced. You can also wear the help button on a belt if you prefer. When you press the button, you will be immediately connected to a trained operative through a two-way radio.

The pendant or wristband is entirely waterproof and portable, so you can access help whenever you need. You can also request extra pendants for more family members under the same roof at no additional monthly charge.

Plans & Pricing

Classic Guardian - At Home
Starting at $29.95/month
Home Guardian - At Home
Starting at $34.95/month
Family Guardian - At Home and On-the-Go
Starting at $79.95/month
Mobile Guardian - On-the-Go
Starting at $39.95/month
Active Guardian - On-the-Go
Starting at $49.95/month

*Last updated May, 2018

Medical Guardian has a few options for medical alert systems, and markets them all based on what you’re looking for. The low cost option is the Classic Guardian, which is a land-line based system. It costs $29.95 per month, and comes with a 32hour backup battery and an incredible 1,300 foot range, making it suitable for large properties and gardens. 

Home Guardian is the most popular solution at $34.95 per month, and it does not rely on a landline connection. It has a shorter range, but still big enough for most houses and gardens at 600 feet, and features a temperature display—a useful great extra if you are concerned about your loved ones being unable to stay on top of regulating their thermostat. 

Mobile Guardian is GPS enabled and costs $39.95 per month, and Premium Guardian is the most expensive at $49.95 per month. It comes with fall detection technology, is GPS enabled and has unlimited range as well as a 36-hour battery life, which makes it best for senior citizens. All the equipment is free, incurs no installation fees, and has a lifetime warranty, but a lost or damaged equipment fee of up to $350 will be charged on return.

Medical Guardian Medical Guardian Visit Site

Help & Support

Self-setup is hassle free with Medical Guardian. Your equipment can be shipped either standard in 10 working days, or quicker on request (for an additional fee) and comes with simple instructions for set up. There are plenty of video tutorials on the website about every step of the installation and setup, as well as an FAQ section where you can find answers to your more general questions. Live chat is available on the website, as well as direct phone numbers and email to get in touch.

Bottom Line

While it does not have a lot of the extras you would expect for senior citizens such as smoke and fire monitoring or fall detection as standard, Medical Guardian is a safe solution if you’re nervous about you or a loved one getting caught alone in a medical emergency. Industry leading support along with great risk assessment make Medical Guardian the likely solution for your needs. StaffJun. 18, 2019
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