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Wise Company Survival Food Kits Review 2024

Sarah Pritzker

In a Nutshell

Because disaster can happen to anyone anytime, Wise Company is there to help you out. With survival food and supply kits, Wise Company has got your back come what may. These freeze-dried and dehydrated packets are made to last the long-term, up to 25 years or more, in fact. When it comes to variety, there's nothing that beats the selection from Wise Company.


  • Tremendous money-back guarantee
  • Huge variety of food and supply kits
  • eeze-dried and dehydrated tech for best quality


  • Live chat isn’t 24/7
  • Some items are out of stock

Wise Food Storage Wise Food Storage Visit Site

Customers will also enjoy a hefty money-back guarantee on all camping and survival products.

Wise Company at a Glance

Money-back guarantee

90 days

Price per serving

From $29.99 per pack

Meal options

Breakfasts, meats, fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, gluten-free, organic

Rewards program

Yes, 5 points per dollar spent

What’s Unique About Wise Company?

Wise Company really covers the spectrum when it comes to survival food kits, camping gear, and hiking equipment. You name it, Wise Company has got it. We’re talking everything from survival food kits chock full of nutrients to emergency backpacks, pet kits, and outdoor gear like cooking supplies and heating elements. So, when it comes to variety, Wise Company really has all your bases covered. Here are a few more reasons why we think Wise Company rates:

  • Rewards program

Wise Company has a generous rewards program. In our book, any company that offers a rewards program is already a step above the rest. After all, they don’t need to do that. So, it’s just generosity at its best. And Wise Company certainly does its rewards program well. You’ll get points for taking actions like sharing with your friends, signing up, and more. When you purchase survival kits, you’ll also earn rewards points that can be spent on freebies and discounts whenever you shop.

  • Bulk kits

You've got to laugh at these survival food kit sites that offer 3-day survival kits. C'mon, what apocalypse was ever resolved in 3 days?! With Wise Company, you never run into that problem. In fact, the motto is the bigger, the better. Wise Company offers tremendous bulk kits that'll help you survive any eventuality. How big are we talking? Well, Wise Company offers a long-term emergency food supply bundle that contains 4,320 servings. That's a lot of freeze-dried entrees! So, no matter how long it takes to rebuild civilization, Wise Company will make sure you're eating well until the pieces start falling back into place.

  • Double power

Most survival meal kits are either freeze-dried or dehydrated, depending on the type of food, the company, and the clientele. But Wise Company does you one better by implementing both technologies into its recipes. This gives you the best of both worlds. You get the freshness of freeze-drying, which works better for vegetables, fruits, and meats. At the same time, you get the longevity of dehydration on items that work better with this technology. The combination provides consumers with meals that are more flavorful and true to their original shape, color, and texture. Additionally, you retain more nutrients, take up less space, and get a lighter package to deal with.

  • Money-back guarantee

What’s more, Wise Company has a tremendous money-back guarantee. There are places that offer a few days or even a 30-day refund policy, but Wise Company goes above and beyond all of those. You’ll get 90 days to return your orders, no questions asked, for a complete refund.

How It Works

Ordering from Wise Company is completely intuitive. If you've ever ordered anything online, you've got this. You'll browse through the website (this might take you the most time of all since there's such a tremendous variety of products). Once you've decided on the bundles, individual meal items, or gear you want, just add them to your cart. Then, you'll pay for your purchase and eagerly await its arrival. All packages are shipped using FedEx or LTL carriers, so you get your food pretty fast. Delivery can take anywhere from 10-28 days, depending on the season, location, and delivery service.

And now, for the rewards program. Wise Company has a great rewards program that lets you earn points whenever you spend. It’s pretty simple. Here’s how it works:

  • 5 points for every dollar spent

  • 200 points for creating an account

  • 15,000 points when you refer a friend

To redeem your rewards points, just log into your account and redeem accordingly:

  • 5,000 points for a $50 voucher

  • 10,000 points for a $100 voucher

  • 20,000 points for a $200 voucher

Meal Options

Wise Company has one of the largest varieties of survival food kits on the market. You’ll find everything from strawberry granola crunch, brown sugar and maple multi-grain cereals, and apple cinnamon cereal breakfast options to fruit snacks and meat entrees. Here’s a quick look at some of the flavorful options available from Wise Company:

Fruit snacks

  • Strawberries

  • Bananas

  • Peaches

  • Apples

  • Mango

  • Strawberries and yogurt

  • Blueberries and yogurt


  • Roasted chicken

  • Southwest style chicken

  • Teriyaki chicken

  • Stroganoff beef

  • Cheesy beef

  • Roasted beef

Side dishes

  • Rice

  • Corn

  • Peas

  • Broccoli

  • Green beans

And beyond that, Wise Company caters to a wide range of dietary needs as well. You can get items that are gluten-free, and even organic food kits are available. There are options like powdered whey milk, eggs, vegetable variety, fruit variety, and the gluten-free entree pack.

The organic options include tasty dishes like:

  • Pineapple chipotle chili

  • Pasta primavera

  • White cheddar broccoli soup

  • Oatmeal

All ingredients in these meal kits are totally organic for the healthiest and most nutritious options possible.

Wise Company survival meal kits are excellent for emergency situations, but they can also be used on a day-to-day basis for regular nutrition consumption. And many Wise Company buyers stock up on these puppies for camping trips, hunting parties, backpacking tours, and other outdoorsy excursions.


Wise Company has reasonable pricing on its survival food kits, and the prices become even easier to stomach when you buy them in bulk. You’ll get a pretty wide range because Wise Company provides so many different sizing options. You can buy survival kits for just a week or a few days (perfect for a camping weekend), or you can stock up for armageddon and load your pantry with 4,320 servings each. Understandably, pricing is going to vary considerably for these items. Here’s a peek at some of Wise Company options:

Pack of 6
120 Servings
1080 Servings








Meats, sides, and drinks combo




Entrees only

$189.99 for 60 servings



Starter kits




Outdoor food

From $41.99-$$55.99




$89.99 for 52 servings



Help & Support

You can reach out to a Wise Company customer service agent in any number of ways, including email and phone support. Wise Company even has live chat support, a big plus that most survival stores don’t offer.


3676 California Ave, B106

Salt Lake City, UT 84104


SALES: 800-820-1329

CUSTOMER SERVICE: 800-393-2570


Working Days/Hours:

Mon - Fri / 8am - 6pm MT

Bottom Line

Wise Company is a solid company with a great product for anyone looking for survival food kits. Whether you’re planning a fun camping trip with friends, want to hike Mt. Rushmore, or are feeling antsy about the current state of political affairs, Wise Company is the place to be for all your survival needs.

Wise Food Storage Wise Food Storage Visit Site

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