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WeCook Meal Delivery Review 2024

Fresh, ready-to-eat meals with customizable sizes

Ioana Andrei

In a Nutshell

WeCook offers nutritious ready-made meals. With a rotating 14-item menu, you can pick your faves or let WeCook choose based on your preferences. If you’re ordering as a busy couple or small family, its 30-or-fewer weekly meals with customizable sizes might suit you. While some competitors offer more varied menus and dietary options, WeCook’s zero-prep meals are more convenient. Plus, I found its subscriptions reasonably priced and easy to set up.


  • Convenient, zero-prep-required meals
  • Preference-based auto-selected meals
  • Customizable meal size


  • Fewer menu choices than alternative providers
  • Limited vegetarian options

WeCook at a Glance

Editorial Score


WeCook's meals range from $10.75 to $14.55 for standard meals, and premium meals can cost between $12.25 and $19.55.

Dietary Options

Variety of meals that include options for different meat servings (100g or 200g) and the ability to customize side dishes, However, their vegetarian options are limited.


Customers can skip weeks or unsubscribe at any time, making it highly accommodating for different schedules and needs.


WeCook offers a broad range of over 500 recipes. Despite some repetition in meal patterns, the company generally maintains a good variety.


Each meal is delivered in its own plastic container within a big green box surrounded by ice packs, which are designed to be non-toxic and drain-safe but they can improve on sustainable packaging.

WeCook WeCook Visit Site


WeCook at a Glance

WeCook is a Canadian meal delivery provider that does the cooking for you. It has served over 150,000 customers and delivers around four million meals a year. Every week, you pick your favourites off the menu, which rotates from a list of about 500 recipes. Meals are pre-portioned and nutritious, and require zero prep time.

What is WeCook?

WeCook is a meal prep and delivery service serving Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick. It delivers up to 30 WeCook meals a week, and you can choose between small and regular sizes, which suits families with kids. Ingredients are fresh and locally sourced, so you get both convenience and quality. 

All WeCook meals are ready-to-eat (though you may want to heat them up first) and competitively priced. So it’s also a solid option for busy singles or couples keen to spend less time cooking or grocery shopping.

With a rotating menu and customizable side dishes, WeCook won’t disappoint foodies keen to try new cuisines.

WeCook Meal Plans

WeCook offers four plans based on how many weekly meals you order:

  • 6 to 8 meals
  • 9 to 13 meals
  • 14 to 21 meals
  • 22 to 30 meals

You pick a plan, then select the type and number of meals you want. If you forget to choose your meals, WeCook auto-selects them based on your food preferences. When meals include side dishes like vegetables or rice, you can usually choose from either.

The lowest plan could provide a week’s worth of dinners for a single person, while higher tiers could provide daily dinners for a couple or small family. A couple might also go for the top-tier plan to enjoy both lunch and dinner for the week.

For an extra cost, you can select WeCook’s Signature meals, which feature higher-quality meat cuts or more sophisticated recipes. Additionally, you can order individually priced sealed meats, snacks, oatmeal packs, smoothies, juices, and ground coffee.

Plus, you can choose between regular and small portion sizes. However, your choice applies to the whole order. You can’t pick, say, two regular meals and two small ones in one week’s order.

WeCook dietary options and programs

WeCook doesn’t offer diet-specific menus like keto, low-carb, or vegan. However, you might find options on its menus that suit your needs. For instance, it offers a couple of vegetarian options a week, and there’s usually a mix of meat, fish, and seafood meals.

You can also check each meal’s ingredients, allergens, and nutritional values on the WeCook website. This helps you figure out if they match your dietary needs.

How WeCook Works

The WeCook recipe database has over 500 options that rotate weekly. Recipes also adapt to include seasonal ingredients, so you get some variety if you subscribe throughout the year. You get to pick your delivery dates and pause your subscription on weeks when you have other plans. 

Sealed using modified atmosphere packaging, your meals are oxygen-free before you open them, meaning they stay fresh for longer. Most WeCook meals can chill in the fridge for up to a week and in the freezer for up to a year.

How to Get Started With WeCook 

I set up my first WeCook order and found it very straightforward.

You first enter your email and postal code to check if WeCook delivers in your area. Currently, you can only order in Quebec, New Brunswick, and Ontario.

You then pick your delivery date. I got a choice of about 15 dates over three or so weeks. Next, select your meal size (small or regular) and preferred plan. Optionally, tap your food preferences—options include fish, pasta, beef, salads, and vegetarian—and side dish choice (any type or low-carb). WeCook uses these preferences to auto-select meals.

Finally, pick your favourites from 14 yummy menu options. Helpfully, you see a badge confirming if a meal matches your food preference. There are also icons indicating if a meal costs extra, has gluten, or is grilled or spicy. You can customize side dishes and add grocery items or snacks. After that, you enter your delivery details and pay.

WeCook Customer Service

You can contact the WeCook team by phone, email, and live chat. Phone lines and live chat are open Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m ET. I connected to a live chat agent in seconds and got an email reply within 30 minutes. You can also submit a support ticket on the website. 

I was also impressed with the number of website FAQs, covering topics like meal preparation, ingredient sourcing, delivery, subscription changes, and mobile app features.

How to Cancel or Pause a WeCook Subscription

You can cancel or pause your WeCook subscription at any time—though you need to do it with plenty of notice before your order is processed for delivery. You can pause up to 12 consecutive weeks at a time.

To cancel or pause, you must log in, click "My Settings", then select "Suspend my subscription." You then choose between pausing or unsubscribing. If pausing, you pick the weeks you want to skip. Helpfully, WeCook sends you an email reminder the week before your paused subscription is about to renew.

Is There a WeCook App?

Yes, you can download the WeCook app on Android and iOS. It has full functionality, allowing you to select weekly meals, customize side dishes and meal sizes, change your food preferences, and order snacks and groceries. You can also pause or cancel your subscription on the app.

While it’s not widely reviewed, the app averages 4.3/5 on the Google Play Store and 4.9/5 on the App Store. Many app users praised its ease of use, while some preferred the desktop website for navigating menus.

WeCook Pricing

How Much Does WeCook Cost?

WeCook prices its four plans according to the number of weekly meals you order. The more meals, the lower the price per meal. Also, small-sized meals are cheaper than regular-sized meals. Your weekly bill is the number of meals multiplied by the price per meal on your plan. 

Signature meals incur an additional per-meal cost, usually $0.95 - $4.55. Snacks, sealed foods, and groceries are individually priced—their costs vary, but here are some items to illustrate:

  • Garlic butter shrimps (1000G): $39.95
  • Four caramel and pecan protein bars: $14.95
  • Coconut and blueberries oatmeal: $8.95
  • Four strawberry and banana smoothies (300 mL): $20.95

Regular meals

Price per meal
Price per week
Shipping costs
6 to 8 meals 
$89.70 to $119.60
9 to 13 meals 
$125.55 to $181.35
14 to 21 meals
$185.50 to $278.25
22 to 30 meals
$269.50 to $367.50

Small meals

Price per meal
Price per week
Shipping costs
6 to 8 meals 
$83.70 to $111.60
9 to 13 meals 
$116.55 to $168.35
14 to 21 meals
$171.50 to $257.25
22 to 30 meals
$247.50 to $337.50

The first couple of tiers suit single professionals or couples keen to try new cuisines a few nights a week. Ordering 14 to 21 weekly meals is handy for busy couples or small families interested in saving time. You might pick the highest-tier plan (up to 30 weekly meals) for a larger family—or if you want to store some backup meals in the freezer.

WeCook is a bit more expensive than cook-from-scratch meal delivery competitors like HelloFresh and Chefs Plate. But this could be worth your while if you want to skip the prep time. Factor, which also provides ready-to-eat meals, has a similar price range to WeCook. 

Optional add-ons

Here’s what you could add to your standard WeCook meal plan.

  • Sealed foods like roasted salmon, grilled tofu, and beef steak.
  • Snacks such as oatmeal cookies, chocolate energy balls, and peanut butter chocolate protein cups (yum.)
  • Grocery items including juices, protein supplements, coffee (beans and ground), and oatmeal packs.
  • Signature menu items such as the teriyaki grilled steak or the chicken cordon bleu bowl.

WeCook Alternatives

How Does WeCook Compare to Other Meal Delivery Services? 

Chefs Plate
Price per week
$83.70 - $367.50
$77.94 - $199.80
$47.96 - $179.80
$89.94 - $215.82
Dietary Needs
Pescatarian, vegetarian, meat
High-protein, pescatarian, vegetarian, meat, low-carb, low-calorie
Vegetarian, meat
Low-calorie, keto, protein
No. of Meal Plans
Prep Required
None (ready-made)
20-45 min.
15-40 min.
None (ready-made)

WeCook vs HelloFresh

Both Hellofresh and WeCook deliver pre-portioned food. While you must cook HelloFresh meals yourself, the menu is more varied. It includes +100 options (versus WeCook’s 14) and lots of diet-friendly categories like vegetarian and low-carb. You might go for WeCook, though, if you want to order more weekly meals (30 vs. 20), and more distinct recipes (14 vs. five).

WeCook vs Chefs Plate

WeCook and Chefs Plate both provide nutritious weekly meals. Their menus are similarly varied—mainly meat-based with some vegetarian choices—but Chefs Plate’s meals are cheaper overall (starting at $8.99/meal versus WeCook’s $11.25.) That said, you must cook your Chefs Plate meals, so you might prefer WeCook for its convenient ready-made dinners.

WeCook vs Factor

Both Factor and WeCook offer fresh, ready-to-eat meals requiring zero prep. Factor, however, has more weekly meal options (26 versus WeCook’s 14), though you can order 18 meals tops (versus WeCook’s 30), which may not suit larger families. While the providers’ price-per-meal is similar, WeCook lets you customize meal size and offers more food preferences than Factor.

WeCook WeCook Visit Site

Bottom Line (Is WeCook Worth It?)

WeCook is a worthy meal delivery choice. With fresh ingredients, no prep, and personalized auto-selected meals, you get both convenience and quality. I especially appreciated the customizable meal size and high weekly meal ceiling (30 per order), which most competitors don’t offer.

Vegetarians and other diet-specific eaters—like keto or low-carb ones—may not benefit from WeCook’s meat-centered menus. However, WeCook is worth your money if you want a nutritious, prep-free alternative for your small family and don’t mind the limited dietary options.

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